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  1. Hello, I am offering you all my resources and scripts from uzas.lt MTA:SA server which I had online long time ago. Server in the past had 50+ players online and was the best in Lithuania those days. I have all .lua files on my laptop and if you are interested - contact me via e-mail: [email protected]. I can also help you with scripting, solve some problems by my powers. I accept payments via PayPal or bank, or Steam by sending inventory items. To let you know, I also created a lot of items in DayZ game mode but made it only in my server. You can't protect your files by codding/protecting them with compilers. I know 2 ways of protecting your client side files from players like me who may steal your files and try to add to their servers or do other things for the benefit. I uploaded some photos bellow: https://imgur.com/a/YGjoxMz https://imgur.com/a/JcyUBkT https://imgur.com/a/LcAnrML https://imgur.com/a/Zvq1L75 https://imgur.com/a/tVrmFzi Here are some items bellow (I also tried to make a clothing system that you could wear CJ clothes, choose your character - create how u want it to look like): AT4-CS M136 M2A1 M61 Vulcan CZ 550 M24 DMR KVSK AS50 M14 AIM M40 M82A1 SVD SVD CAMO Lee Enfield L8 Series M4A3 ACOG HK 416 D MK 48 Mod 0 HK HK417 Steyr AUG A1 MG36 PKP 6P41 G36C (GP) FN SCAR FN FAMAS-G2 M249 SA-58V ACOG (GP) M16A4 IMI Galil HK XM8 HK XM22 PKM RPK AKS-74 PSO AKS-74 Cobra AKM AK-47 AK-107 AK-107 GL AA-12 XM1014 Benelli M1 Super 90 Remington 870 Serbu Super-Shorty HK UMP-45 HK MP5A2 KRISS Vector INGRAM MAC-10 Skorpion SA Vz. 61 IMI Desert Eagle Webley MK I M9 SD Glock 17 Makarov PM M1911 A1 STIHL MS880 Fire Extinguisher Spray Can Katana Hatchet Nail Bat Barbed Bat Baseball Bat Shovel Crowbar Machete Combat Knife Hunting Knife Nite Stick Pool Cue Cane Brass Knuckles C4 Satchel Charge 5-69 COMP B Grenade COMP B AR-75-625 Grenade M18 Smoke Grenade Molotov Cocktail Parachute Binoculars AT4-CS Rocket M136 Rocket M2A1 Gas M61 Vulcan Belt CZ 550 Mag M24 Mag DMR Mag KVSK Mag AS50 Mag M14 AIM Mag M40 Mag M82A1 Mag SVD Mag SVD CAMO Mag Lee Enfield L8 Series Mag M4A3 ACOG Mag HK 416 D Mag MK 48 Mod 0 Mag HK HK417 Mag Steyr AUG A1 Mag MG36 Mag PKP 6P41 Mag G36C (GP) Mag FN SCAR Mag FN FAMAS-G2 Mag M249 Belt SA-58V ACOG (GP) Mag M16A4 Mag IMI Galil Mag HK XM8 Mag HK XM22 Mag PKM Mag RPK Mag AKS-74 PSO Mag AKS-74 Cobra Mag AKM Mag AK-47 Mag AK-107 Mag AK-107 GL Mag AA-12 Pellet XM1014 Pellet Benelli M1 Super 90 Slug Remington 870 Slug Serbu Super-Shorty Slug HK UMP-45 Mag HK MP5A2 Mag KRISS Vector Mag INGRAM MAC-10 Mag Skorpion SA Vz. 61 Mag IMI Desert Eagle Mag Webley MK I Mag M9 SD Mag Glock 17 Mag Makarov PM Mag M1911 A1 Mag CO2 Bottle Toxic Bottle Bandage Pack Heat Pack Cold Pack Painkiller Box Plasters Pack Steri Strips Box Antibiotics Box Antiseptic Pack Morphine Kit Nerotonin-2 Kit Nerotonin 8B Pack Blood Bag Medic Kit Water Bottle Coca Cola Can Red Bull Can Pepsi Can Monster Ultra Blue Can Monster Ultra Red Can Volt Can Fanta Orange Can Mtn DEW Can Milk Box Sacrite Can Smasht Grape Can Franka Orange Can Jack Daniel Whiskey Bottle Mikhail Made Lemonade Can Rabbitman Can Cooked Meat Raw Meat Banana Apple Potato Pizza Box Burger Box Heinz Baked Beans Can Cheese Sauce Pasta Can Portola Sardines Can Cream Of Chicken Soup Can Corifeo Country Eggs Box Star Kist Chunk Light Tuna Can Del Monte Sliced Pineapple Can Del Monte Whole Beans Can Campbells Frank Beans Can Curgons Chicken Noodle Soup Can Demon Groves Green Beans Can Donty Hooves Real Meals Beef Stew Can GRIFF Black Beans Can Orlok Mixed Fruit Can Wood Pile Road Flare Land Mine Wire Fence Bush Tent Bag Tire Rotor Radiator Generator Engine Tank Parts Scrap Metal Full Gas Canister Empty Road Flare Empty Gas Canister Empty Water Bottle Empty Coca Cola Can Empty Red Bull Can Empty Pepsi Can Empty Monster Ultra Blue Can Empty Monster Ultra Red Can Empty Volt Can Empty Fanta Orange Can Empty Mtn DEW Can Empty Milk Box Empty Sacrite Can Empty Smasht Grape Can Empty Franka Orange Can Empty Jack Daniel Whiskey Bottle Empty Mikhail Made Lemonade Can Empty Rabbitman Can Empty Pizza Box Empty Burger Box Empty Heinz Baked Beans Can Empty Cheese Sauce Pasta Can Empty Portola Sardines Can Empty Cream Of Chicken Soup Can Empty Corifeo Country Eggs Box Empty Star Kist Chunk Light Tuna Can Empty Del Monte Sliced Pineapple Can Empty Del Monte Whole Beans Can Empty Campbells Frank Beans Can Empty Curgons Chicken Noodle Soup Can Empty Demon Groves Green Beans Can Empty Donty Hooves Real Meals Beef Stew Can Empty GRIFF Black Beans Can Empty Orlok Mixed Fruit Can Empty Tin Can Empty Bandage Pack Empty Heat Pack Empty Cold Pack Empty Painkiller Box Empty Plasters Pack Empty Steri Strips Box Empty Antibiotics Box Empty Antiseptic Pack Empty Morphine Kit Empty Nerotonin-2 Kit Empty Nerotonin 8B Pack Empty Blood Bag Empty Medic Kit Smoked Cigarettes Holey Tubes Empty Lemonade Cans Empty Soda Cans Disordered News Papers Scruffy Burgers Boxes Urinated Caffee Cans Urinated Burgers Urinated Books Scratched Books Torn Diaries Outdated Journals Sopped Journals Dirty Books Watch GPS Compass Box Of Matches Map Toolbox Altimeter Radio Device FPS Device BNCAS Device WNAIS Device EOTech 512 HWS Device Infra-Red Vision Goggles Night Vision Goggles Day Vision Goggles Camouflage Clothing (Summer) Camouflage Clothing (Autumn) Camouflage Clothing (Winter) Civilian Clothing (Summer) Civilian Clothing (Autumn) Civilian Clothing (Winter) Survivor Clothing (Brown) Survivor Clothing (Grey) Survivor Clothing (Black) Cowboy Hat Christmas Hat Cap Toca Beret Pig Mask Hockey Mask M10M NBC Gas Mask EOD M45 Gas Mask Special OPS-Core Helmet (Summer) Special OPS-Core Helmet (Winter) Construction Helmet Motorcycle Helmet Military Helmet Kevlar Vest Medical Backpack Student Backpack Leather Backpack Courier Backpack Smersh Backpack Ragrio Backpack Krosa Backpack Assault Backpack Bech Backpack Halioh Backpack Wagh Backpack Hunting Backpack Tozerah Backpack Light Backpack Fedzio Backpack Anarchy Backpack Gamespot Backpack Improvised Backpack Taloon Backpack Nafren Backpack Alice Backpack Russian Backpack Camp Backpack Vintage Backpack Vega Backpack Souren Backpack Angozo Backpack Lechen Backpack Yzoski Backpack Zorfan Backpack Kenian Backpack Military Backpack Emkavec Backpack Czech Backpack British Backpack Coyote Backpack Finnish Backpack
  2. You have a cancer frf. What I did? I just canceled the deal because the value of the script was not like 5 or 10 euros. I told you to search for another people who may script it. Your post has no effect on MTA:SA forum ban because I have not broke any rules here. I spent hours of time to create that resource, I won't share it to anyone.
  3. Weather system. Walking styles system. Holding weapons styles system. Admin panel. HD radar system. Beating heart system. Vehicles options systems. Grass, Trees, Dirt, Roads and other stuff mod system. Moving objects with commands systems (bases like with doors, gates, etc.). ACL system. Items shop system. Bloody screen system. Dirty screen system. Fireplace + Raw Meat system. Blueprints (crafting) system. MORE. I can make everything to and from DAYZ.
  4. I'd like to work for you. Add me. E-mail: [email protected] Skype: herokileris
  5. I can try to do some jobs for you for a money, just let me know what do you need. E-mail: [email protected] Skype: herokileris
  6. Server files protection system. Animations systems when dropping/picking up items, getting in coma and out of the coma, etc, using any kind of items. Coma system. Crashes system (Tankcrashes, Helicrashes...). Each crash has unique things. No bugs like explosions when coming near the crash or flying. Hundreds of dayz models/textures/skins (.dff, .txd, .col). Sleep system (using Tents). Dead bodies more options system. (Burn/Bury/etc...) Equip/Unequip weapon systems in the inventory. Information and icon of the selected item system in the inventory. Fireworks system. Grenade launcher for weapons system. You can change the firing mode by pressing a key. Vehicles/peds and other search system in the Map and GPS. + GPS system. Compass system. Day Vision Goggles system (black/white view like in the military when you wear those cool goggles to see the enemies, similar to the heat system in the real life). EOTech 512 HWS Device system. FPS Device system. Altimeter system. Lights system (you can imitate the objects (like cars) that the white light are turned on or orange/yellow lights are turner on or blinking). You can use it in anywhere you like. Vehicles control systems (you can turn on/off the lights or like blink with it, turn on left or right light, close/open doors, trunk, etc., lock/unlock). Speedometer system (speed and the needle, the numbers are correct). Extinguish fireplace, set fire to the tent, etc. systems. Real sky system. Real life time system. Crushed and Broken bones systems. Shooting max distance system. Anti stealth kill system. Anti-Ban system. Anti-Cheat system. Information panel system. Login panel system (added sounds, buttons, input boxes, repeat password, moving camera, options, etc.).
  7. Attention I have created this topic to tell you everyone that I am going to freelance in MTA:SA. As you don't know I am working with MTA:SA since 2013 and I have a lot of experience. If you are interested in any of MTA:SA (like DayZ) resouces, scripts or other things, just tell me what you want and I will sell it to you. Also I can teach you how to make some kind of scripts/resources/models/etc. by yourself, how to add it to the server. I can be your server scripter/mapper/hacker/etc., just hire me. Don't be shy You can contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or skype (herokileris), or here in the forum (this topic or pm). For example, some of the scripts I have made and I can sell you: Vip - (in DayZ) gets more blood, restorations when eating, using medics, drinking... Also gets more stats after each spawning in the map. Animals in the map spawning and has an inventory in which they drop randomly Raw Meat after death. Respawn timer works perfectly. Zombies changed their status from walking or running, how they walk like randomly in the game, they scream, moan, bite your neck, infect you. Also I have a lot of DAYZ zombie models and sounds. Weapons system - each weapon has own model and shooting sound, inventory space slots, the name, the spawning chances, damage, ammo use, crosshire (including and snipers). Hold your breath system - when you aim, your crosshire moves, you can hold your breath and stop moving crosshire by holding a key like for example: for a 5 seconds. There are sounds added also for it. Sounds for you and others when you use medics, food, drinks, etc. like in the real life depending on the distance. Armour, hats, helmets, masks, caps and other clothing systems. MORE AND MORE. Group system. Scoreboard system. Give/Set items system. Map bugs fixer. Radiators, engines, tires, rotors, scrap metals, tank parts, etc. system for vehicles. AND MORE. I have all .lua files.
  8. 28WL


    I don't need you help. I have made it by myself.
  9. 28WL


    For example: There is a GridList with rows and columns. Name Quantity Slots Fuits Banana 2 6 Apple 3 3 Vegetables Carrot 1 6 Cucumber 2 4 And I select the Apple. How I can check if I selected the "Apple" and how I create an image like "images/apple.png" somewhere on the screen?
  10. I have changed the models in MTA:SA Map Editor by starting from console my resource which I have moved to "sever" location in my PC. There are no problems. I am going to continue my mapping.
  11. I need a program to change models in the whole GTA:SA. I have all models (.dff, .txd, .col) and I know how to change (mod) models in my server but I don't know how to change everything in MTA:SA Map Editor that I could map with different (modded) models. I'll try to start a resource if I will be able to do it. Your help is useless... I'll tell you if I did it.
  12. How to change GTA:SA models in MTA:SA Map Editor? I mean, how I could change like some kind of default objects to dayz look like objects, .dff, .txd, .col?
  13. I have made it by myself. No help needed, script is working perfectly.
  14. For fuck sake, I'll do it by myself.
  15. For fuck sake, I'll do it by myself.
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