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Found 7 results

  1. I want to create a lua for an infernus shader / FX, can someone help me or guide me to do it?, It is usually called "Dynamic Vehicle Overlay". i have the FX, just need to add the commands. I know it adds: dxSetShaderValue (Shader, tex, Texture) But i don't understand.
  2. Hola, queria saber si alguien me puede facilitar la informacion de como crear una textura y ponersela a un objeto usando shaders. Seria de micho ayuda. Tambien me serviria alguna miniguia de fx que anduve jugando con eso y solo logre cambiar los float de los colores. Gracias de antemano!
  3. Hi, I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice or some information about shaders and how they work, and also if its possible, with .png, create some textures for the game and dont remplacing any of them at all. It really would be very useful to me, because on my own I only could make some shaders that change the colors of the screen at that's all. Thank you!
  4. Is there a way to morph a part of an object with a shader like pedmorph? So I don't want to morph the whole model, just a part of it. (Like a ped's head, or something)
  5. I just want to make shadows in MTA, like in this video: (at 2:33) There is a dynamic light shader with shadows, but it has so many bugs.
  6. How can i just apply the same shader to the same texture twice? I want to make a car vinyl system, but the last shader i've created overwrites the others. Any idea?
  7. Hi! I just searched for lighting effects, and i found a shader for XNA. Its an Ambient and Diffuse lighting shader with Shadow Maps: #define GENERATE_NORMALS #include "mta-helper.fx" //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // File: BasicRender.fx // // Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Global variables //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ float4 g_MaterialAmbientColor = {0.05f, 0.05f, 0.05f, 0.05f}; // Material's ambient color float4 g_MaterialDiffuseColor = {0.75f, 0.75f, 0.75f, 0.75f}; // Material's diffuse color float3 g_LightPos = {1000, 2000, 1000}; // Position of light float3 g_LightDir = {0, 0, 0}; // Direction of light (temp) float4x4 g_mLightView; // View matrix of light float4x4 g_mLightProj; // Projection matrix of light float4 g_LightDiffuse = {0.75f, 0.75f, 0.75f, 0.75f}; // Light's diffuse color float4 g_LightAmbient = {0.05f, 0.05f, 0.05f, 0.05f}; // Light's ambient color texture g_MeshTexture; // Color texture for mesh texture g_ShadowMapTexture; // Shadow map texture for lighting float4x4 g_mWorld; // World matrix for object float3 g_CameraPos; // Camera position for scene View float4x4 g_mCameraView; // Camera's view matrix float4x4 g_mCameraProj; // Projection matrix //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Texture samplers //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sampler MeshTextureSampler = sampler_state { Texture = (gTexture0); MipFilter = LINEAR; MinFilter = LINEAR; MagFilter = LINEAR; }; sampler ShadowMapSampler = sampler_state { Texture = <g_ShadowMapTexture>; MinFilter = POINT; MagFilter = POINT; MipFilter = POINT; AddressU = Clamp; AddressV = Clamp; }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Vertex shader output structure //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ struct VS_OUTPUT { float4 Position : POSITION0; // vertex position float2 TextureUV : TEXCOORD0; // vertex texture coords float3 vNormal : TEXCOORD1; float4 vPos : TEXCOORD2; }; struct PS_INPUT { float2 TextureUV : TEXCOORD0; // vertex texture coords float3 vNormal : TEXCOORD1; float4 vPos : TEXCOORD2; }; struct VS_SHADOW_OUTPUT { float4 Position : POSITION; float Depth : TEXCOORD0; }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Utility function(s) //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ float4x4 CreateLookAt(float3 gView, float3 gProjection, float3 up) { float3 zaxis = normalize(gView - gProjection); float3 xaxis = normalize(cross(up, zaxis)); float3 yaxis = cross(zaxis, xaxis); float4x4 view = { xaxis.x, yaxis.x, zaxis.x, 0, xaxis.y, yaxis.y, zaxis.y, 0, xaxis.z, yaxis.z, zaxis.z, 0, -dot(xaxis, gView), -dot(yaxis, gView), -dot(zaxis, gView), 1 }; return view; } float4 GetPositionFromLight(float4 position) { float4x4 WorldViewProjection = mul(mul(gWorld, gLightDiffuse), gLightDirection); return mul(position, WorldViewProjection); } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // This shader computes rudimentary transform and lighting. // The XNA VertexDeclaration of our models is PositionNormalTexture. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VS_OUTPUT RenderShadowsVS( float3 position : POSITION, float3 normal : NORMAL, float2 vTexCoord0 : TEXCOORD0 ) { VS_OUTPUT Output; //generate the world-view-projection matrix float4x4 wvp = mul(mul(gWorld, gView), gProjection); //transform the input position to the output Output.Position = mul(float4(position, 1.0), wvp); //transform the normal to world space Output.vNormal = mul(normal, gWorld); //do not transform the position needed for the //shadow map determination Output.vPos = float4(position,1.0); //pass the texture coordinate as-is Output.TextureUV = vTexCoord0; //return the output structure return Output; } VS_SHADOW_OUTPUT RenderShadowMapVS(float4 vPos: POSITION) { VS_SHADOW_OUTPUT Out; Out.Position = GetPositionFromLight(vPos); // Depth is Z/W. This is returned by the pixel shader. // Subtracting from 1 gives us more precision in floating point. Out.Depth.x = 1-(Out.Position.z/Out.Position.w); return Out; } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Pixel shader output structure //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ struct PS_OUTPUT { float4 RGBColor : COLOR0; // Pixel color }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // This shader outputs the pixel's color by modulating the texture's // color with diffuse material color //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PS_OUTPUT RenderShadowsPS( PS_INPUT In ) { PS_OUTPUT Output; // Standard lighting equation float4 vTotalLightDiffuse = float4(0.1f,0.1f,0.1f,0.1f); float3 lightDir = normalize(g_LightPos+In.vPos); // direction of light vTotalLightDiffuse += g_LightDiffuse * max(0,dot(In.vNormal, lightDir)); vTotalLightDiffuse.a = 0.5f; // Now, consult the ShadowMap to see if we're in shadow float4 lightingPosition = GetPositionFromLight(In.vPos);// Get our position on the shadow map // Get the shadow map depth value for this pixel float2 ShadowTexC = 0.5 * lightingPosition.xy / lightingPosition.w + float2( 0.5, 0.5 ); ShadowTexC.y = 1.0f - ShadowTexC.y; float shadowdepth = tex2D(ShadowMapSampler, ShadowTexC).r; // Check our value against the depth value float ourdepth = 1 + (lightingPosition.z / lightingPosition.w); // Check the shadowdepth against the depth of this pixel // a fudge factor is added to account for floating-point error if (shadowdepth-0.03 > ourdepth) { // we're in shadow, cut the light vTotalLightDiffuse = float4(0,0,0,1); }; Output.RGBColor = tex2D(MeshTextureSampler, In.TextureUV) * (vTotalLightDiffuse + g_LightAmbient); return Output; } PS_OUTPUT DiffuseOnlyPS(VS_OUTPUT In) : COLOR { PS_OUTPUT Output; //calculate per-pixel diffuse float3 directionToLight = normalize(g_LightPos - In.vPos); float diffuseIntensity = saturate( dot(directionToLight, In.vNormal)); float4 diffuse = g_LightDiffuse * diffuseIntensity; float4 color = diffuse + g_LightAmbient; color.a = 0.0; Output.RGBColor = tex2D(MeshTextureSampler, In.TextureUV) * color; return Output; } PS_OUTPUT TextureOnlyPS(float2 TextureUV : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR { PS_OUTPUT Output; Output.RGBColor = tex2D(MeshTextureSampler, TextureUV); return Output; } float4 RenderShadowMapPS( VS_SHADOW_OUTPUT In ) : COLOR { // The depth is Z divided by W. We return // this value entirely in a 32-bit red channel // using SurfaceFormat.Single. This preserves the // floating-point data for finer detail. return float4(In.Depth.x,0,0,1); } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Renders scene to render target //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ technique TextureRender { pass P0 { VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 RenderShadowsVS(); PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 TextureOnlyPS(); } pass P1 { VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 RenderShadowsVS(); PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 RenderShadowsPS(); } pass P2 { // These render states are necessary to get a shadow map. // You should consider resetting CullMode and AlphaBlendEnable // before you render your main scene. CullMode = CW; ZEnable = TRUE; ZWriteEnable = TRUE; AlphaBlendEnable = TRUE; VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 RenderShadowMapVS(); PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 RenderShadowMapPS(); } } This is not the original .fx file, i configured it for MTA. The diffuse and the ambient light works correctly, but not generating shadows. Any Idea?
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