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  1. Hi! Does debugscript say anything? Make yourself an ACL admin and type debugscript 3 into the F8 console.
  2. Hali! Van bedugva kormány vagy joystick? Az szokta ezt csinálni.
  3. local example = "an example string" for i in string.gmatch(example, "%S+") do print(i) end -- output: -- an -- example -- string Annyi a dolgod, hogy a gmatch stringjét átírod. Szerintem ha a gmatch-nek "-"-t adsz meg értéknek, akkor jól fogja felbontani. Aztán tömmbe rakod.
  4. You can use getElementType for that. It returns a string that you can compare in an if. if getElementType(element) == "player" then -- Do something end This does something when the element is a player.
  5. Hali! Tudtommal ez azért lesz nehéz, mert a fegyverek nem úgy elérhető modelek mint a járművek mondjuk. Körbe nézek, hátha találok valamit a kérdésre azért.
  6. local gOutput = true; function writeStuff() if (gOutput) then outputChatBox("1"); else outputChatBox("2"); end gOutput = not gOutput; end addCommandHandler("stuff", writeStuff);
  7. local number = 1; function writeNumber() outputChatBox(number); number = number + 1; end addCommandHandler("number", writeNumber);
  8. function adminchat ( thePlayer, _, ... ) local message = table.concat ( { ... }, " " ) if ( isPlayerOnGroup ( thePlayer ) ) then for _, player in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do if ( isPlayerOnGroup ( player ) ) then outputChatBox ( "#7CC576[AdminChat] Tulajdonos #FFFFFF ".. getPlayerName ( thePlayer ) ..": ".. message, player, 255, 255, 255, true ) end end end end addCommandHandler ( "a", adminchat )
  9. Hy! If you look at the Wiki page of onPlayerLogin, It shows that this gives you the current and previous account as arguments, meaning you don't have to getPlayerAccount, because you already get It from the event. Command handler works because It provides you a player instead of an account, so you have to get the account.
  10. If you set relative to true, then you have to provide values from 0.0 to 1.0 (think of them as percentages 0-100 of the parent element). So the first element you draw is relative to the parent which is the screen, so the first element is relative to the screen. The second element as the child (part) of the first is relative to the first one. That's all. That applies to all CEGUI elements, including staticImage.
  11. guiCreateStaticImage makes a CEGUI element. dxDrawImage draws an image with the lifetime of a frame. You have to call dx functions on every frame.
  12. teaEncode encrypts data. base64 is easily decryptable by anyone.
  13. Hi! teaEncode and encodeString are the same. encodeString uses teaEncode. Base64 creates a uniqe character sequence out of data, which can be decoded to retrieve the data. It just makes files into characters and vice versa. Size does not change. It has to store the same amount of data, It's just a string now. 1st answer.
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