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Found 6 results

  1. WELCOME TO SINCITY LET ME PRESENT YOU, OUR LITTLE PROJECT Wait a moment, what is even SinCity? SinCity Multi Theft Auto is a server that is build on a community based roleplay which is available on GTA San Andreas. It's modern surface helps to navigate through easily. For the better experience, we made unique models, that gives the gameplay a new mood. We have been working on this project for years now. We appeard first in 2015, we had an enthusiastic hungarian community, but sadly, we had to have a break in 2017. But now, we are back, and more than ready to create the server of your dreams! How it builds up? Our way of developing is listening to your ideas, and making it become real. We want to create the server, that everybody can enjoy, while having unique systems, which are high quality, detailed, but also requires low pc performance. I will tell you more about the systems . We want to keep the basic style of gta, but still make it modern. As in managing, and also just as appering we made the designs simple, transparent, but still modern and good looking. And don't be afraid, we also made sure that we can protect your data, that's why we use several security systems. There are also versatile and spectular implementations, just to make sure you won't be bored. Speaking of models, they fit in perfectly with the enviroment, and gives you many opportunities, and a chance to develop. They are in SA -style so there aren't laggs. Our designs are modern, and the best is, some of them are customizable,so you can still enjoy your own style. There is over 40 design possibility. We made sure the designs also brings you eye comfort and we have a color deficieny mode too. And for sure, we were strict about creating an enjoyable and varied game experience, for our players. If i haven't got you intrested enough, i will make some statements, why you should join us. Why you should join us? Firstly we have an enthusiastic and commited team, who are also maximalist, so we can give you the best experience possible. Speaking of game experience, it is dynamicly evolving. We make sure you feel involved, as we have a community based development. Also SinCity has a place for everyone, whether it's just chatting, or gaming, or even developing. For support, we have English and Hungarian support team, and we are always glad to help! We also had achieved one more step to our final milestone, being an international server, as you can select your language in our platforms. Join us and help us create your craziest dreams! We can make fantastic things together! Social platforms Website:https://scg-heave.hu/en/ Forum:https://forum.scg-heave.hu Discord: LINK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sincitygta Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@sincitymta Tiktok: https://tiktok.com/@sincity_official
  2. Hello and welcome to this ad. We're creating an Selfmade Cops 'n' Robbers Gamemode(Server). We're looking for alpha, beta testers and also for Staff Members. We're also open for all Suggestion! Just write your Suggestions in our Discord IP: mtasa:// If you're interested in this Project, feel free to join our Discord. https://discord.gg/FV9cKSj8M2
  3. 1.6 has now been released! Original post: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.6 is ready for testing! Our next major build is coming along nicely, so we are keen to let you guys into the action ASAP. Main highlights Two of the main exclusive highlights of this release is the script support for custom IMG containers, and ability to set model flags. Big thanks to @TheNormalnij for his efforts on making these happen! There are also numerous other changes such as updated translations and main menu texts, new GTA skins, improved sync, improved GTA camera screenshot quality and many other bug fixes and improvements which you can find on our Wiki page. By having you join us to test 1.6 we can make sure we catch any new bugs and fix them before the full release. Backwards compatibility 1.6 is not compatible with the older MTA:SA versions (including the most recent release - MTA:SA 1.5.9). This means that you need to connect to a 1.6 server if you wish to test the 1.6 client. There were a bunch of technical reasons for this incompatibility and they were all necessary for us to continue improving the mod. Currently 1.6 includes 12 backwards incompatible changes which you should be aware of. There may be more incompatible changes to be added during this testing phase. Please check out our preliminary release notes on our Wiki page. Public test servers We are hosting a number of official 1.6 public test servers during the 1.6 testing phase for you to try out. Welcome! After the testing phase is over, our public test servers will be shut down. Full release schedule We are planning a full release of 1.6 around May–June if testing phase goes well. To guarantee a smooth transition for your server, we recommend that you try out and upgrade your scripts on this new testing version before the full release. There will be a new announcement once 1.6 is fully released. Keeping your 1.6 up-to-date Once you've installed 1.6, MTA will automatically prompt you to update to a newer version whenever there is an update available, including once we release 1.6 in full - so no need to download and reinstall 1.6 again. What happens to 1.5? 1.5 installations will be kept intact even after the 1.6 release, to let players and server owners switch over to the new version whenever they feel they are ready. However, new features and changes will only be available on 1.6. Note, that you can have both 1.5 and 1.6 installed at the same time on your computer to allow you to switch between if you want. MTA will prompt you to switch to the correct version if the server doesn't support your current version. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MTA:SA 1.6 BETA If you spot a bug in MTA, please report it here, or if you spot a bug in of our default resources, please report it here instead. See you in game! --MTA Team
  4. We are developing team making racing server we need cars designers and members for testing beta server if you are interest dm me on Discord : YYH55#8888
  5. GameNode.Pro About Us GameNode.Pro is a fresh start up hosting business that provides hosting services like game hosting and more to come. We provide cheaper deals for you. Server locations • Quebec, Canada • France Most important links: • Terms of Service (ToS): gamenode.pro/terms-and-conditions • Privacy Policy: gamenode.pro/privacy • Ticket System: client.gamenode.pro/submitticket.php • Support Email: [email protected] Social Links: • Twitter: @gamenode_pro • Community Discord Server: discord.gg/SBMzATJ • Community Forum: discuss.gamenode.pro Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Server Hosting Public Beta Ended. Any questions? Feel free to ask it here.
  6. HUMAN WORLD PRO FREEROAM: SERVER PASSWORD = humanworld Scatterbrain: Someone asked me earlier... seeing as most missions are just for fun, I'd say my place is ROLEPLAY. NO RULES for regular players. You'd think that wouldn't work but we simply over power the cops, and neutralize the hackers with funny scripts. If i get enough donations I'll put the server's files on MTA community. Plenty of strangers and freaks to meet here, even if the server is empty, I've created strangers at several ? symbols everywhere including: Sweet, GTA SA myth series people. and plenty serial killers and fraudulent workers to mess with including cops., I've added jobs, and un-balenced them, and plenty more. I un-balanced the jobs because who wants to work? We are here for FUN not working for in-game cash. (We are new and just starting, so pardon me if the server has no one online!) Watch out for parked cop cars, Player cops can attach their vehicle to yours, then speed-cam ticket you. We have bases for Groups Turfing, selling drugs via a marker around ur player, We have Aliens, alien missions, ufo's and alien events. We have added a Jesus ped that can make you fly, and plenty more! The strangers and freaks include but are not limited to: The grim reaper, ISIS attacks, Racist country hicks, Cannibals, Insurance fruaders, Mountain freaks, store robbers, drug dealers, Off duty Cops, and aliens with gravity guns. Each ? is a different random event. Take the tutorial at the beach to get FREE starting money!!! My youtube account RAW VIDEO: NOTE: this video was before the major updates. This was last year. Last BIG update March/1/2017 when I uploaded all my offline mods to the server. and the Latest update was: April/14/2017 From now on I'll upload mods to MTA community, or my website humanworld.enjin.com(When it's online.), so that I may give back to the community! I use my website because it's easier to upload all my files at once, and just let you go through them. EXCLUSIVE CHEAT CODE ONLY FOR MTA FORUMS: /hang10forfree = free flying surf board. Please do not hand out cheat codes to other players. It is very rude, and ruins the game. NORMAL players must pay $25k at the beach for a surf board. TO FIND THE SERVER: Search for "HUMAN WORLD" in the in-game master server list. IF there's a password, it's 'humanworld' say Shamont sent you! before you reply to this topic... just know.... I don't care!
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