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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there! thanks for visiting my post. Some of you helped me a lot a few months ago with a skin save list using database. Today, this post is to ask you if its possible to add skins to that list from another script, for example using a command from another external script. This is the code i'm using; Server side function myskins(thePlayer,commandName) if thePlayer then local acc = getPlayerAccount( thePlayer ) local acc_name = getAccountName( acc ) local q = dbQuery(connection,"SELECT username,skin FROM skins WHERE username=?",tostring(acc_name)) local rezult = dbPoll(q,-1) if #rezult > 0 then triggerClientEvent(thePlayer,"skin_inventory",thePlayer,rezult) end end end addCommandHandler("myskins",myskins,false,false) addEvent("ChangeSkin",true) change_skin = function(Player,skin) if source == Player and client == source then setElementModel(Player,skin) end end addEventHandler("ChangeSkin",getRootElement(),change_skin) Client side function centerWindow (center_window) local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local windowW, windowH = guiGetSize(center_window, false) local x, y = (screenW - windowW) /2,(screenH - windowH) /2 return guiSetPosition(center_window, x, y, false) end addEvent("skin_inventory",true) function skin_inventory_gui(rezult) skin_list = guiCreateWindow(329, 246, 465, 381, "MY SKINS", false) centerWindow(skin_list) guiWindowSetMovable(skin_list, false) guiWindowSetSizable(skin_list, false) skins = guiCreateGridList(9, 20, 376, 351, false, skin_list) guiGridListAddColumn(skins, "Description", 0.5) guiGridListAddColumn(skins, "Model/Skin Owned", 0.5) close = guiCreateButton(389, 20, 66, 21, "X", false, skin_list) set_skin = guiCreateButton(389, 40, 66, 21, "SET SKIN", false, skin_list) guiSetProperty(close, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") showCursor(true) for key, value in ipairs(rezult) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(skins) guiGridListSetItemText (skins, row, 1, "Skin Model ->", false, true) guiGridListSetItemText (skins, row, 2, value.skin, false, true) end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", close, closeinventory,false) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", set_skin, closeinventory,false) end addEventHandler("skin_inventory",root,skin_inventory_gui) closeinventory = function(button,state) if (button == "left") and (state == "up") then if source == set_skin then if (guiGridListGetSelectedItem (skins)) then local skin_to_change = guiGridListGetItemText (skins, guiGridListGetSelectedItem (skins), 2) triggerServerEvent("ChangeSkin",localPlayer,localPlayer,skin_to_change) outputChatBox("[SKIN SYSTEM] You have changed your skin",160,255,160) end end showCursor (false) guiSetVisible(skin_list,false) end end
  2. Hello everyone. I am creating a skins store, but I would like to know how I can save each skin I buy in a list, as items since there are many skins. Is there a way to create a save system for each skin? saving it by id? I don't know if I explain myself well.
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