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Found 5 results

  1. Please, I need help When logging into any server This problem occurs I need a solution ASAP, Please respond quickly
  2. حد يفهمني كيف اسوي هاذي ؟ انا جالس اصمم سكور بورد الحين
  3. Look this https://ibb.co/cfRLam I have problem with dpCore from Drift Paradise ;x Database.lua --- Основной модуль для работы с базой данных -- @module dpCore.Database -- @author Wherry Database = {} local dbConnection --- Выполняет подключение к базе данных. -- Для подключения используются параметры из DatabaseConfig -- @treturn bool удалось ли подключиться к БД function Database.connect() if isElement(dbConnection) then outputDebugString("WARNING: Database.connect: connection already exists") return false end local host = DatabaseUtils.prepareDatabaseOptionsString { host = DatabaseConfig.host, port = DatabaseConfig.port, dbname = DatabaseConfig.dbName } local options = DatabaseUtils.prepareDatabaseOptionsString(DatabaseConfig.options) dbConnection = Connection( DatabaseConfig.dbType, host, DatabaseConfig.username, DatabaseConfig.password, options ) if not dbConnection then outputDebugString("ERROR: Database.connect: failed to connect") root:setData("dbConnected", false) return false end root:setData("dbConnected", true) return true end --- Возвращает MTA-элемент подключения к БД -- @treturn element подключение function Database.getConnection() if not isElement(dbConnection) then dbConnection = nil end return dbConnection end --- Отключается от базы данных -- @treturn bool удалось ли отключиться от база данных function Database.disconnect() if not isElement(dbConnection) then outputDebugString("WARNING: Database.disconnect: no connection") return false end dbConnection:destroy() dbConnection = nil return true end
  4. Hello. Since I got a new PC, my draw distance is bad, even though its on 100%. Any solutions? And don't you dare call me a lowpostie.
  5. ahmed202

    i need help here

    First i dont know waht can i do i try fixed the game but i cant start it if i start the MTA gave me this msg http://imgur.com/a/I3QyE and if i press ok gave me that to http://imgur.com/a/2BVu3 and if perss ok again send me to the forum to download the patch http://imgur.com/a/Sv2Xr now the patch cant setup in rockstart folder and cant setup in MTA folder and cant setup in GTA SA folder waht can i do now to fix game (MTA) please help me
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