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Found 8 results

  1. Toda vez que tento entrar no servidor do mta esse erro ocorre sendo que n tenho netlimiter instalado https://prnt.sc/KRo9qEPYW3Ft
  2. I can't connect to a server I've never been to. Disconnected CD48, "humor" I have fully reinstalled GTA, and MTA. https://imgur.com/RAm4VDc Thanks for help in advance!
  3. Hello Community, since i changed from my hdd to an ssd, i have the error CD48 on my main server to play on. Screen: https://prnt.sc/KXzWfkvoS-nr Reinstall of the Game or MTA changed nothing. Also the delete of the resources folder doesn't helped. May one of you know what i can do here. I Can connect to every other MTA Server, just the Vio-Reallife Server gives me this error.
  4. Hola comunidad no se si alguien mas a tenido este problema no me deja entrar a ningun servidor me da kick y me sale este error. Desconectado[CD48) You were kicked from the game (VF #4 NEWT LagSwitch) ya reinstale el MTA y el GTA San Andreas hace 3 dias no tenia ese problema mi internet es de 5MB me anda a 110 ms no tengo problemas de lag si alguien me puede ayudar se los agradeceria
  5. Badzuz

    Disconnected [CD48 ]

    Hello community I do not know if someone else had this problem does not let me enter any server gives me kick and I get this error. Disconnected [CD48] You were kicked from the game (VF # 4 NEWT LagSwitch) I already reinstalled the MTA and the GTA San Andreas 3 days ago I did not have that problem my internet is 5MB I walk to 110 ms I do not have problems of lag if someone can help me I would appreciate it.
  6. Hello, Today i was testing some scripts on a local server and suddenly i got kicked from the server with error code [CD48]. I thought maybe my pc is making some problem so i restarted it, but still it gave same error. I tried different online servers but unfortunately got the same error in all of them. The window which appears says that, "You have been kicked from the server SD #5 OANE. Please ensure no other program is modifying the game". I checked task manager to check if any program is interfering with the game, but found none. Kindly help me out on this one because i cant figure out the problem. Regards, Mubeen
  7. Hello. I have a problem with the game. When logging in to the server and when working in the Map Editor crashes with error File error reading gta3.img. From the beginning put MTA with the modified GTA SA -> Start to fly out with the same error. I put a clean GTA, installed MTA there and also changed the path to GTA SA during the installation. I go to play and the same mistake. On the Internet, I really did not find a solution to the problem. The title of the window with an error: Disconnect [CD48]. Help me please.
  8. ForTec

    Problem CD48

    I have a problem comes up error CD48,what to do?
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