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  1. Hello I have a problem How to make each player can create an account with just one serial?
  2. no! im not work with Admin ACL im working with ElementData example : setElementData(thePlayer,"staff,10) 10 is Server Owner plz fix my code with ElementData
  3. hi guys! what is my problem ? function getOnlineAdmins() local t = {} for k,v in ipairs ( getElementsByType("player") ) do while true do local acc = getElementData(v,"esmeAcc") if not acc then break end local isAdmin = getElementData(acc,"staff") if isAdmin == true then table.insert(t,v) end break end end return t end
  4. oh thanks now i know bindKey
  5. what is BindKey ? bindKey is client side or server side ? how to use this function ? plz help me!
  6. id now showing or id after Name worked successfuly !
  7. This code not only shows the id before the name, it does not even show an id
  8. worked but ID showing after Name how to show ID before Name ?
  9. worked but id dont showing on scoreboard !
  10. exports [ "scoreboard" ]:addScoreboardColumn ( "ID", getRootElement() ) function showID (player) for index, player in ipairs ( getElementsByType "player" ) do setElementData(player,"ID",getElementData(player,"id")) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(),showID)
  11. hi @Dimos7 i have a id system how to make a column on Scoreboard and show the ID's on that column ?
  12. i know this functions... i dont know gui functions ! plz give me
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