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  1. Thank you for your help. I will read that book. Can you please give me some more hints/links, what should I learn about to do something like this? To make a new world, or what. I mean, I don't know much about Cols, streamers, and so on. I know what are these, but never learn about them.
  2. Hi! Is there any limit for size of a custom object? And if there is, what is it? And there is another question. What should happen, if I just delete everything, and create a full custom map? Is it even possible?
  3. Hi! I have a problem: addEventHandler("onClientVehicleCollision", root, function (collider,force, bodyPart, x, y, z, nx, ny, nz) if getElementType(collider) == "player" then if not isElementFrozen(source) then if collider ~= source then setElementFrozen(source, true) setTimer(setElementFrozen, 1000, 1, source, false) end end end end ) It's working, I can't push the car, but when I try to hit someone, I can't do it, because it call this function. How can I do that I can hit someone with the car, but a player can't push the car. I tried it with mass handling(it didn't work, the vehicle bugged under the ground).
  4. Hi! I use guieditor for my panels. I use a custom font for my text. In my monitor resolution, I setting the text size, it's perfect, but in other resolutions, it's very small, or too big. The "big" servers how to do, that in every resolutions the text is always one size?
  5. Artisz

    Laugh from :D

    OK, now it's working. Thank you!
  6. Artisz

    Laugh from :D

    Thank you, but what if I have two tables, one with the emoticons, the other with their meanings. How can I do that if there is an emoticon in the text, what is in the table to, then change it to the meaning? emoticons = { ":D", ":(" } meanings = { "laugh", "sad" }
  7. Artisz

    Laugh from :D

    Hi! How can I do it that if I have a sentence with a smile(:D) in the middle of it, then don't write the smile, but another word(*laugh).
  8. Oh, I don't know that Thank you, it's working now!
  9. Hi! I don't know, how is it possible: I try it with HTML, the video is in .webm format, and I have a bad fps drop, with link I can't do it, I don't know HTML well. I try it with createBrowser too, but with this, I can't do it that the gui or dxdraw be in front of the video, the browser.
  10. Thanks man, you are awesome!
  11. Hi! I want to create a fuel system. But I don't know how to calculate the cap's position. I know, that I can do it with getElementPosition, getElementRotation and Offset. But how?
  12. It looks like that it's working. Thank you!
  13. I have a label gridlist: for k, v in ipairs( getElementsByType( "vehicle" ) ) do local name = getVehicleName(v) lbl4[k] = {} ay4 = ay4 + 24 lbl4[k][1] = guiCreateLabel( 10, ay4, 150, 45, tostring(name), false, scrollpane4) end And I want that I click on the vehicle name, from the gridlist, get the vehicle, and it's elementdata addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", lbl4[k][1], function() local vehName = guiGetText(source) vehID = guiCreateLabel( 590, 200, 150, 45, "Vehicle ID:"..tostring(getElementData(vehName,"veh.dbID")), false, staticPanel) end) But It's of course, not working, because it don't give me the element, just it's name. How cen I get the element?
  14. Sorry I cant show you the code now, because I am in collage now. So. I have loop, where I have the vehicles. If it has an elementdata, what is: veh.faction = 1, then create a label with the string, what is the vehicle name(Inferno). It is like a gridlist. And I want to do that when I click on the gridlist's one label, show me some informations from the vehicle. I do it with the members. I use guiGetText, and getPlayerFromName, and I got the player, so I can get the clicked player's elementdata, etc. But with vehicles how can I do this. SorrySorry for my English.
  15. But it's just the name. I need the vehicle. So what I can write after the getVehicleName? getVehicleName(WHAT?)
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