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  1. I'll definitely use it if you release. You have my full support!
  2. Mas como eu exporto essa Gang para o scoreboard? Tentei assim mas não funcionou exports["scoreboard"]:scoreboardAddColumn ( "server:customTeams", root, 20, "server:customTeams", 1 )
  3. Como você é moderador na lingua portuguesa posso falar em português com você, obrigado pela atenção, irei estudar o código que você me mandou e direi depois se consegui ou não, obrigado DNL. Boa Tarde!
  4. Adiidas

    GTA 5 MTA

    But what about GTA IV?
  5. This is the panel used to send to the server. My language is English but if you had any questions in what I said ask me.
  6. Hello, I want to ask you for help. I'm trying to create a gang system but I do not want to use mta's default createTeam. I wanted to use an elementData, but I do not know how to do it. Tell me how to do in elementData. I have one with the default createTeam that is working, I wanted to change this by elementData. function createGang(name, tag, gr, gg, gb) if getTeamFromName(name) then triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FF0000Uma gang com esse nome já existe", source, 255, 255, 255, true) return else if name == "" or name == " " or tag == "" or tag == " " then triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FF0000Você deve completar todos os campos pedidos para criar uma gang.", source, 255, 255, 255, true) else gangCreate = createTeam(name) setPlayerTeam(source, getTeamFromName(name)) setTeamColor(gangCreate, gr, gg, gb) gang = getPlayerTeam(source) setElementData(source, "GangPTT", lider) if not getElementData(gang, "GangPlayer1") then setElementData(gang, "GangPlayer1", getPlayerName(source)) end local r, g, b = getTeamColor (gang) local hex = string.format("#%.2X%.2X%.2X", r, g, b) triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FFFFFFVocê criou a gang #666666[ "..hex..getTeamName(gang).." #666666]#FFFFFF e agora é lider dela.", source, 255, 255, 255, true) end end end addEvent("createGang", true) addEventHandler("createGang", getRootElement(), createGang)
  7. Thank you all. They helped me a lot in using the table.remove, I did not know how to apply inside my script my friend (Banex) helped me
  8. Would you help me? How's the code? I do not know how to work with table.remove Thank you in advance
  9. Hello, I am creating a PIN system on my server and wanted to ask you for help in my code. When I send the client to the server a trigger wanted to validate if the pin sent from the client to the server is an element of my table if yes setElementData will work and the Pin used will be unable to use again but in my script when it uses a pin all The others are disabled, can you help me? Note: I'm Brazilian, I'm sorry for English. local pins15k = {"UAIFKAJDKEFC15K", "KYJFKAJDEFKC15K", "BESFKSLLKEFC15K"} function PinEdit(Pin) if validatePin(Pin) then if getElementData(source, "Diamond") then setElementData(source, "Diamond", getElementData(source, "Diamond")+10000) else setElementData(source, "Diamond", 10000) end for k, v in ipairs(pins15k) do outputChatBox("["..k.."] = "..v) end else outputChatBox("Pin invalido", source) outputChatBox(tostring(pins15k)) end end addEvent("PinEdit", true) addEventHandler("PinEdit", getRootElement(), PinEdit) function validatePin(pin) local result = false for k, v in ipairs(pins15k) do if (pin == v) then pins15k[k] = nil result = true break end end return result end
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