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  1. Good idea. Have you thought of putting vehicles on the radar map? It is a pain to try to find vehicles, especially when some idiot moves helicopters to remote high points on a map so no-one can find them. Of course, you can add 100 more cars to the map (hint hint).
  2. It's obvious you haven't played very much MTA. The cheaters kill everyone who is not cheating. The cheating has reached a point where new AND experienced players won't play for long. The MTA crew might as well stop production because there is no incentive for true Grand Theft Auto players to play online. GTA and GTA VC were the best selling games ever. Why isn't their thousands of servers with thousands of players? Cheaters have decimated the multiplayer community. No one dies, no risk, no challenge means no fun. The cheaters have won.
  3. No spam. Pure honesty. After reading the forums, I can certainly see you love the game. Nice team. I bet the [KFC] team will rule the GTA VC online universe. IdeoPraxist hehe thanks idea have i ever played with u before? hehe and yer right kfc will one day.... We might have clashed a few times. Unfortunately, i'm too busy trying to stay alive with all the cheaters. I'm usually on the ECGNetwork Server ( if you want to find me. Otherwise, chat with Dizz at http://alex2k60.tripod.com/vicecitypoliceclan/ since this is the clan I hang out with these days. IdeoPraxist
  4. It would be cool to send a pack of police dogs to tear apart a criminal. A crook can have a pack of pit bulls and have them hunt down cops. Animals have some possibilities!
  5. There must be some good methods on the server side to monitor client activities. For example: Warp Cheat The server can check to see if the user is moving well beyond the fastest vehicle (x,y,z math check). If so, drop the information. The user won't move if the server dumps these hacked packets. No Death Cheat The geography of characters and 'dangerous' objects collision detection should regulate the health of players on the server side. I don't program client/server game systems, so i'm probably pulling puppies out of my ass with my novice ideas.
  6. No spam. Pure honesty. After reading the forums, I can certainly see you love the game. Nice team. I bet the [KFC] team will rule the GTA VC online universe. IdeoPraxist
  7. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the makers of MTA for providing an excellent mod to a great game. I can see the hard work you put into this game and I personally appreciate your effort. As you probably know, there are many idiots that don't appreciate your accomplishment. But I think there are lots of others that think MTA is the one of the best software projects to come along in a long time. FOR THOSE READING THIS POST, PLEASE REPLY BY SAYING THANKS TO THE MTA TEAM. I'm sure they could use the ego boost. IdeoPraxist
  8. The problem is these cheater create so much aggravation and destroy a great mod by trashing the honest players. Cheaters that run like superman, don't die and gun down honest players will destroy MTA (no joke). Couldn't their be a voting scheme (similar to Battlefield 1942) to kick players off the server and ban their IP? That way, if the cheater comes back again, then he can keep being kicked off until he runs out of IP addresses. I can't wait until MTA reaches 1.0. It will be so cool. IdeoPraxist PS: The MTA game is a little boring sometimes. Couldn't you implement a 'Conquest' map (similar to Battlefield 1942) where gangs conquer territories? Just a thought. I'd be so addicted to this game if there was a 'conquest' mode!
  9. Sorry, you might as well forget Windows 98. I could never get it to work on that OS. I went to Windows XP. Much better.
  10. You can use their software past the 21 day limit. You do NOT have to pay for a thing. Just keep hitting "try for 7 more days". OK great. Thanks. BTW, when do you expect to make another MTA release?
  11. Since this problem won't be fixed in a while, is there any way for the MTA makers to convince the 'All-Seeing Eye' (ASE) people to allow us to use their software past the 21 day limit? I have no desire shelling out $30 for the ASE software for MTA that has no guarentee of working. If MTA worked for me, then i'd get ASE. Just a thought - would Gamespy support MTA?
  12. No messages. Everthing looks ok except when GTA VC loads up, the chat area 'blurs' with scrolling messages (hard to describe). The game continues and then after 30 seconds or so, it says 'Disconnected from Server'.
  13. I am not saying it sucks, I am just disappointed that I can't play. If you want some specs: Win 98 SE, ADSL, 1.2GHZ machine. Game runs well when connected, but that could be because packets are getting trashed or an official game 'hook-up' doesn't take place. Still runs fine when disconnected. I tried over a dozen servers (seriously) and the problem is consistant. I tried many types of game servers (some say they have T3 line). I have played other online games (Unreal, Battlefield 1942) and don't have any problems. I don't know your procedures for troubleshooting, but if you have a test server, I can try to hook up and perhaps you can monitor me. I am sure the other people who posted could participate.
  14. I am in the same boat. It is strange, it reports I have a good ping rate before starting the game, then when I get in the game I pick a character and and my ping count is huge (F11). I rarely see other players and then i'm disconnected. The All Seeing Eye (ASE) tells me I have good bandwidth (Auto test bandwidth using their set-up wizard). Looks like MTA still needs lots of work.
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