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  1. i would really want it to be called 1.0 at 1st and the bugs get fixed in 1.1 and such... but whats done is done
  2. Burnzy00

    Java IRC

    Well i no lots of people that are nubs to it... so it would make it easier for them just to go on the website if u ask me... Cuz of the fucking chanserv and shit... They automatic nick would be like 'JavaUser???' in the php thing the ? is replaced with RANDOM #'s "good idea" if u ask me
  3. Please put the website/listen.pls to the radio or w/e NOT JUST THE NAME!
  4. Burnzy00

    Java IRC

    Hey guys... ive been getting lots of ideas in the past 2 weeks so im gonna say it b4 i forget it... I used to use, well i still do use it, Gamesurge.net as irc. They have a Java IRC so u dont got to have mIRC... all u gotta have is internet access... go to http://www.Gamesurge.net, click on Utilities and hit Chat... faster website is http://www.gamesurge.net/chat. Now once ur there u get conencted to gamesurge.net irc server... I no that there is an irc problem at the moment but once its fixed im sure it would be cool... At the bottem of the website is a url(http://www.pjirc.com for downloading your OWN java stuff... Im sure u guys will like it. I tried but im not really good with php coding and hate reading those long tutorial things...(im sure maybe Bill or the IRC dude who makes that irc admin script would be good at it) You gotta code the PHP stuff so get to work my dogs! its just an idea since most people dont want to make there cpu go slower cuz of like millions of MB of mIRC! So i think its a pretty good one of my ideas... (Shoutcast was even better thought) If u like my ideas... then go check out my Shoutcast post at... http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=7009
  5. Accualy... i had another post and sumone said it was INPOSSIBLE, NOTHING IS INPOSSIBLE! He said u cant convert shoutcast to mp3... well think again sucka! I found another website for more info right at this url: http://www.divxland.org/gta/shoutcastradio/. Also... Im asking for everyone to start posting RADIO Stations on this topic from now on... If u have trouble doing it... i cant help since i didnt create it , so go to the url above and ask/read there. Now... I would also ask if anyone was intrested in EITHER changing a radio station to Grand Theft Auto Radio Station OR Sponsor #radio one in irc.MultiTheftAuto.com and we would be glad to have ur name all over the channel...(gotta have good conenction, XP and connection of Cable/DSL/T2/T3/T1/O3 (i would like O3 ). Must have cpu on 23/7. 1 hour for restarts so u dont start lagging and shit... Prefer 1-3am(central time) since we all sleeping. Once we could possibly get a shoutcast server, i am looking for DJ's(must be 15 or older and have experience, and please we need at least 1 girl DJ for the guys) so come on in the channel. After all of that... whoever is doing the radio station will be given a script for irc (its a shoutcast radio script so people can request songs and stuff) OR if the shoutcast dude doesnt want to ruin his shit, we will be looking for a guy who has his cpu up 23/7. Mostly u can have it down at like 1-3 AM(central time) if u wish since were all sleeping... ^^Wow that was a long post...
  6. OMFG, i found the program. This dude named 'Andrex' just made this GTA ShoutCast Radio... It goes in the mp3 file thing and plays internet radio! All u gotta do is put the info u want in it, like the ip and stuff. If u wanta download it at, http://www.codenamevice.co.uk/includes/link.asp?action=download&ID=865. And more info on this at http://www.codenamevice.co.uk/show_file.asp?ID=865. I TOLD U IT COULD BE DONE!
  7. Umm... why would u want that, once u pick up a weapon of the same type it changes it... And unlike CS, once u run out of that weapon it disappears
  8. how coem there are people still posting in other post if this is the newer one...
  9. is there a readme... I dont no how to change ip and shit... do u have to use the index from 0.2 can u make it more clear, really wierd
  10. Burnzy00


    Well my friend ran a server on 20 mbit ethernet handoff and dual t1 internet. All the new stuff now makes everyone ping like 600 on the server when we reach 10peeps... WTF!
  11. well i want it done fast, and i need a designer, i wanted to make the AR that the Mexican starts with in DeathMatch on 0.3. Like there would be a play button and stop; all the buttons u need. Kinda like the skin Gun on http://www.winamp.com/skins
  12. Ive been looking closly for a while now... Ive seen u can create ur own skins for it, as i would like to set up a team to help me on making an MTA Skin! I have seen many already, I seen that RockStar had made there own as well. I say we fight on this and get the best one. If u have seen this i would like u to email me at [email protected] Or u can post back if u no how to make them. http://www.winamp.com/skins/ - to see skins. http://www.winamp.com/skins/create.php - learn how to create skins. Reply if u got design techniques and if u no anything about these... I would like it if anyone on the MTA:Team would support this idea.
  13. I have no idea what u just said, but if ur talking about drive by's, They Dont work Yet; Same as the hunter!
  14. no... Because Everytime sumone joins and see's that ANYTHING is different in the file. It would download it again. If the hackers keep doing it then they have to wait! MUA HAHA!!! Also... it could help getting newest version of mta. Like if u say had 0.2.2 and u went into a 0.3 server. It would update your files. Dont ask me how i thought of these, i just got really pist at this fucking hacker yesterday! And i want him to die cuz hes like 9!!! (Dumb Ass Nubs Using Hacking, Cant Beat People The True & Honest Way)
  15. I got this amazing idea! You make the files online so there are no more mods or hackers! -kinda like gunbound Everytime u click on MTA it takes the files off the internet. So people cant edit them there secure on the net.
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