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    GTA3:MTA Poll

    ok, here's the problem with option 2: the mta team isn't sure whether some functions will work properly as you move between islands. my main concern is that radar wont work. for instance, say you're on island 1 and a group of people are on island 2, what if you can't see the blips for the people on island 2? that would defeat the purpose of having multiple islands all together. also, i'm thinking what if the mta team goes through all the trouble of researching a developing option 2 and it ends up sucking in the end after they attempt to create it? then they're going to have to make the islands separate anyway - so it's a lot of time wasted. just like someone else said, option 2 sounds like a bug fest waiting to happen. option 1 all the way.
  2. Well, I hope you don't mean to say that 95% of your users are cheaters, because you might be offending a lot of people. Also, I wouldn't consider yourself in such an important position as the cops, because you might need to put a lot of people on trial first. I'm kidding. But I do understand what you're trying to say. As long as you're asking my opinion, I'll give it to you (I already have, actually, but I'll restate): I'd rather just leave the server that the cheater is on and join another one. OR, like I said, I prefer the idea of a server-ban and that's it. It's the master idea that I don't like. But like I said, do what you like. It's your mod, not mine. And if I don't like something you do to it, I just wont play it. It's that simple. But I do want to play it, so I hope you do what's fair. Thanks Blokker.
  3. Come on man, give me a break. You're too smart for a comment like that. But do what you like, I'm just trying to help. Good luck with it.
  4. So remind us all why you're planning on using a master ban list at all then? And what do you plan on doing for those who wrongly get banned? From the News post, it sounded like you all had some kind of personal conflict with a group of cheaters which somehow inspired you to come up with this master ban idea. I know you've been fed up with cheaters for a while, but I can't think of any reason why a group of *independent* Devs such as yourselves would stoop so low as to implement the *same* type of anti-cheating strategy as everyone else? I mean, you just told me how much it sucks when someone gets wrongfully banned, so I don't understand your thinking in this matter(???). I'll give you a fake scenario and you can see for yourself why this is a bad idea: Say some cheater wants to use his stupid rim mod or his mini-gun hack or whatever the hell he wants to use. He *rightfully* gets banned by an admin, gets pissed off and decides to take it out on everyone. So he changes his IP (or simply goes to a friend's house), sets up a server, and starts banning everyone who comes to his server left and right. If I'm the poor SOB that happens to go to his server, I'm going to be pissed off at him AND the MTA team. Maybe it's an unlikely scenario, but I can speak for half of the non-cheaters here when I say that if I get banned like that, I'm not going to support MTA any longer. I can also speak for a lot of people (not all) when I say that I'd rather just deal with the cheaters myself and LEAVE the offended server. I've done it before and I'll continue to do it. I don't support cheating whatsoever, but I DO want the right to play on a server without getting perma-banned by some lame ass.
  5. Ok...WTF? Why aren't you guys responding to Rocket_Guns' question? Are you trying to avoid it? If you don't REMEMBER, I'll re-ask it for him: WHAT IF SOME LAME BITCH DECIDES TO BAN YOU FOR NO REASON?!?! Come on, answer the damn question and quit beating around it! This "master ban" idea sounds horrible unless you Devs can give us a reason why the honest 75% of your users shouldn't be worried about this. And if you give a stupid answer like "Just contact us if you happen to get banned and we'll make sure you're off the list" - FORGET IT! That's bull too. You shouldn't expect that out of your users, and if that's the case, I'd rather just deal with the cheaters! I can always move to another server. In the original News post, you said that this master ban list would apply to ALL servers and not just the official ones, but I honestly think that maybe it *should* only apply to the official ones if you're so concerned about cheaters. Come on people! Let the MTA team know what a bad idea this is!
  6. i just tried this program and it is awesome! thanks Gadfly. i don't have the same key conflicts as True (here we go again with True's controls...hehe), but i had another suggestion: how about making the auto-F10 and the auto-reconnect/restart seperate toggle-able options? I LOVE the auto-F10, but I'm not sure if I'm going to like the auto-reconnect/restart (for various reasons). Maybe you could just have a simple on/off option for each feature? Just a suggestion, otherwise I love it. Keep up the good work! (why do i feel like this thread is going to get trashed along with Gadfly's program?)
  7. Well, I'm pretty disappointed in the MTA team. They totally deleted my whole thread/poll about enabling player tags by default. I really respect them and all, but this is just insulting. It's very frustrating to see so many BULLSHIT posts from people who don't think twice about the kinds of subjects they are posting about (ie. alleged cheating accusations, the same damn unhandled exception complaints, questions about moded files, etc...you know, the stuff that's IN THE MANUAL), while people like me are just trying to get an opinion on something in a very PASSIVE MANNER without any insults or bad language - AND IT GETS DELETED??!?! Well fine, whatever. Have it your way MTA team. I'm still supporting your project 100% even if you are very foolish about your forum decisions. For this, I wont be posting much here anymore. I don't see any reason to post on a forum where a perfectly valid idea is not acknowledged or taken into consideration. And by the way...HAVING PLAYER TAGS ON BY DEFAULT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING LAZY - SO LAY OFF IT. If you CAN'T possibly put them on be default because of programming limitations, please do your FANS a favor and say so. But any other excuse is really lame on your part and just shows that you're not willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your mod is FUN and ENJOYABLE. Which is the reason for a mod to be created. But like I said, in any case, I still support your project - but not all of your decisions. Good luck in the future, and please don't be so close minded. Thank you. BTW: For anyone wondering, last time I checked the poll was 98% in favor of having the player tags on by default (with over 30 votes). This has to mean something and SHOULD be taken into consideration. And MTA Team: Before you delete this post (and I know you will), I CHALLENGE you to write me back first explaining exactly what was wrong with my post (without using the word LAZY or USELESS in a sentence). See if you can do that. I'm sure its worth your precious time.
  8. mouse 4?...mouse5??? what the hell kinda mice do you guys have? I must be rockin' it old school style with my 2-button MS wheelmouse. Haha. Man, that must be cool to have those options tho...I guess I'm a bit limited. True: your mousewheel reload is pretty weird, but I knew a guy that used it for jump in order to "bunny hop" in the old versions of CS...before it was ruled out as cheating. Looked pretty funny too.
  9. [high-fives happyrock] That's the setup I use Except instead of E being forward, I use it to jump, and then my right mouse is used for foward. Lol. I know, it's weird, but I've been using that same setup since the days of DOOM II. Hehe. Ok, now we're totally off topic. Sorry...
  10. Haha, you better hope your computer doesn't blow up - otherwise, you're gonna be screwed. Especially with the girlfriend part EDIT: BTW, I thought I had a weird keyboard setup for FPS games...but yours takes the cake True
  11. Seriously...this has NOTHING to do with being lazy. It's just an inconvenience that can sometimes ruin gameplay. And besides the point, it's stupid that something that EVERYONE uses at ALL times is something that you have to press a button to access! It would be like playing counterstrike and pressing the "x" button before you start walking otherwise you couldn't walk at all. What would be the point? And don't tell me that you wouldn't hate that!
  12. I totally agree about this F10 thing. It should be on automatically and it seems like a relatively easy thing for the MTA team to do. I'm going to start a poll about this, so everyone please look for my thread and vote!
  13. oh yeah, and you know...that whole thing about making the player name tags/health bar on by default...that would be great too as something to include in the patch...hehe...sorry, i don't wanna take advantage of this situation - really just the team skins fix would be cool. thank you!!!
  14. in the meantime, i'll be prayin'
  15. Yeah, this is a more serious problem than the MTA team is acknowledging. It isn't even in the bug forum either! It's a real problem. For me, my radar blips don't work right at all. Once in a great while I will see someone with a purple blip, but from day one, the vast majority of them are always yellow. I've yet to see any color besides purple and yellow though. As far as getting players to type /kill in the console, FORGET IT. That will never work. Maybe in a perfect world, but not any time soon. I think the only way to solve it would be if you somehow got everyone to include the team name in their player name. But there's a couple of problems with that: 1. No one will listen to you. 2. You have to rename yourself everytime you want to change teams...which also means disconnecting and then reconnecting in order to do that. This isn't a minor issue. This is serious...it completely defeats the purpose of the MTA team even making teams...might as well revert back to FFA as far as I'm concerned...
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