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  1. I havn't read this thread so sorry if i am suggesting something that has been said I suggest team game mode.. As it would be a hell of alot more fun then free for all.... sort of like gang wars ...
  2. Yeah thanks guys.... ( i was wondering why drive bys didn't work lol) I'm not having much troubles now.... the occasional freeze but if i wait for a bit then press , ctrl, alt, del it exits out then i just re join the server without having to restart my pc..... Top work MTA makers... i am going to make a donation as ive been having sh!t loads of fun over the last few days with it, you deserve every last penny!
  3. I just installed MTA:VC yesterday and am very pleased with it and have had alot of fun so far... bur every single game i have played has freezed....... just then was when i tried to do a drive by, last time when i tried to ride pilion etc etc..... but it doesn't unfreeze, the screen stays the same and the radio plays..... then i reset... does this only happen to me?
  4. Same thing happened to me.... I was banned for no reason, i joined a server in my own country and got a 50ping and was kicked straight away...
  5. Sutto

    Screen Shots

    Why is that funny?
  6. I already have that, you sent it to me in the early stages as a sort of beta test. but for GTA1, i still cant get it to work, i get a DLL error
  7. Sutto

    Co-op Mode

    This plan is very old. Many people think of this and wish for it.... Think of the lag and the missions would be poorly made unless the best of the best modders made it..... It would only work good over an official future GTA release. I read on IGN about GTAworld.... saying aa game called "GTA world" saying how good they are because they made a plan for the game, i thought about that before GTA2 was released. You know those game ideas areas in gaming mags? I sent a game idea for gta to go 3d and online so that every civial, pedestrian was a person online, it didn't get published, but a few issues later GTA3 was in the prevews section
  8. I dont want any further information on the serparation, i just want to know who are they? And is it going to affect the production of MTA?
  9. It is when it's the best game your computer can run.
  10. I seriously suggest that it is fully or near fully de bugged, before worrying about adding features, sure new features are good, but you debug some thing THEN add features, and debug again, then add features then debug. and so forth......
  11. Sutto


    I was thinking if some sort of program could be put into MTA:VC so that we could talk through a headset/mic when playing VC.....Of coarse the host would have the option of this being off or on. But for people who have a good mic this would make the mod alot more fun..... This always inhances online multiplayer interaction, e.g Xbox live.
  12. Sutto


    hahaha, nice one twink!
  13. Cheaters are not fun to play, and i dont see how they find playing is fun, they have no satisfaction of winning. I think you should block to IP adresses of cheaters.
  14. I see no fun in playing cheaters, and i dont see why they would find cheating fun
  15. What if he got the name first and 'YOU' are the copycat?
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