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  1. since mirc is mainly a communication (chat) tool - but with the ability to run scripts and connect to other things too - the first thing should be fairly obvious by now requirements a running mta server mirc installed mirc script - like mta:ma for san andreas- that allows you to connect to the server then you start the mirc script if you have the right settings in the server configuration file and in the mta:ma script - connect oh ... you might want to start at the part where you read the readme / faq / installation guide / etc
  2. and yes - if you changed the installation path of san andreas/liberty/vice city (depending on which mta your trying to run) , you need to configure the right path where the original game executable is in
  3. this cannot be done with rcon admins and if you want it with the mirc script admin . you should look into changing level 2 - because level 1 means any player in mirc script (thats what scooby means) , level 2 and higher means admin
  4. well ... i suggest trying to find where the problem is exactly before trying to fix it can you tell what hardware you use, what modem, whats the connection speed etcetc, is it at home or a proper hosted server .. what are the server settings (for instance - trying to serve 32 people on a budget consumer broadband connection wont work) do you have other things running and what (obviously downloading on p2p software while hosting a serve is a bad idea) is it when the server is empty or full or always .. etc if its not any of the obvious things then there are other things to check first .. do you have lag spikes in other programs once in a while too ? .. are you on a wired connection .. or wireless *eek!* etcetc .. basically what my post boils down to : give more information ps. if your running a small server on your home connection ,and you have this trouble all the time even with a wired connection always .. even on simple downloads even if you just have one computer connected and you even tested it with the shortest cables possible (yes , place your modem and computer next to where your cable enters tho house for a few days ) it could be that there is some strange interference on your adsl connection - (me works for a helpdesk of a internet provider, i have seen it the odd couple of times during my carier) . and if your quite sure after following some of these tips that its the connection you can always call the helpdesk and request a MIP test (a.k.a. request a test of the connection)
  5. CoZ


    the source says to load it twice - if i open the source and read the html code .. so its just lucky that pressing home bugs loading so much that only one gets played please recheck your html source mate
  6. you mean other way around that the script runs something and pastes a text in console if its done ? like .. /echo Ping Check: Checked
  7. CoZ


    same x2 (i mean .. its cool and its echoed) *edit : *looks at source .. sees the code for playing the music twice .. removes one .. saves locally .. opens .. no echo ..
  8. ok .. ignore that .. and i apologize - it was last reply in a similar topic , not opening post where i did see your name still , a bit more information wont hurt sa or vc/lc which scripts are you running already ? but assuming you dont know much of those answers since you say you need everything lets take it this way you obviously need some sort of mta server you need mirc, and you found that part out as well you dont need a special mirc server .. connect to any server , create a channel and use that works really well but it might be more appropriate to use irc.gtanet.com and /join #yourchannelname there then it depends on what you mean by echo if you mean the same as everyone else would interpret it - it would be . duplicating things from inside mta to a irc channel where people can read it, maybe even post into the game as well well .. that part isn't too hard - in the most basic version its just this script on *:SIGNAL:mta.text:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) $+ : $3- } this duplicates everything a player says into the channel you do however need the mta.mrc script for it to work and obviously mirc and a mta server running on the same computer (change #channel in the script to the correct name off course) however you might want to have other things as well stuff like on *:SIGNAL:mta.death:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) Died } on *:SIGNAL:mta.endrace:{ /msg #channel $mta.race($1,$2) finished $2 } on *:SIGNAL:mta.startrace:{ /msg #channel $mta.race($1,$2) Started $2 } on *:SIGNAL:mta.freeze:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) Frozen } on *:SIGNAL:mta.join:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) Joined } on *:SIGNAL:mta.mute:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) Muted } on *:SIGNAL:mta.nick:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) changed nick } on *:SIGNAL:mta.part:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) Left } talking back is something else tho i found out only other people connected to the channel can do that, you wont be able to talk back from the same computer+mirc+channel the script runs in to serve other people (obviously thats no problem because on the same computer your running the server and or the mta mirc admin which you can both use for that - let alone the normal remote admin tool) i fixed it this way since i dont want any random jack*** to come into the channel and start shouting to the ingame people as "admin says " a irc channel can be protected/configured in several ways. one way is to have people as normal user and 'administrators' as so called irc operators.. or OP's for short basically .. if anyone is a operator and talks in the channel - in this way - everything he says gets copied to mta and i made a few commands too i also had trouble with the $1 .. invalid server id bit .. i just used the fixed value 1 since i only use it for 1 mta server that is connected on the first tab in mta:ma on 1:text:*:#channel:{ if ( $nick isop #channel ) { <--- check if person is operator if ( !commands isin $1 ) { /msg #channel !kick, !(un)freeze, !(un)mute, !restart <--- command to get command list } elseif ( !kick isin $1 ) { <--- several commands mta.kick 1 $2 } elseif ( !freeze isin $1 ) { mta.freeze 1 $2 } elseif ( !unfreeze isin $1 ) { mta.unfreeze 1 $2 } elseif ( !mute isin $1 ) { mta.mute 1 $2 } elseif ( !unmute isin $1 ) { mta.unmute 1 $2 } elseif ( !restart isin $1 ) { <--- sometimes the script i use crashed and this gave way to mta.text 1 Reconnecting MTA:mA. <--- the admins to reset the script when i wasnt home mta.disconnect 1 mta.connect 1 .timer 1 1 mta.text 1 Reconnected } else mta.text 1 $nick $+ : $1- <--- if no command used : copy text said by operator to game } } --- oh .. and the ingame chat will show admin: nick: text .. not admin: text - i made this in this way because i got tired of guessing which admin said what - but feel free to remove " $nick $+ : " i've found another one by via this post and i have something dodgy i once made here
  9. in my server i have two maps that include a lot of rare map items one is called Rare Objects and one is called Objects map so .. i suggest loading one of those and see if you can spot it that way if you cannot find those maps on center, feel free to pm me or join the [nl][coz] server and do a mapvote
  10. maybe its a idea to also include the solution again so if other people search the forum with the same question .... but good to see you solved it tho
  11. CoZ

    MTA:SA is only racing?

    Woah woah, the maps can be really fun. Try making your own maps if you don't like the ones you're seeing so far (if thats the problem). And yea, dont worry, they are working on deathmatch only 6000+ maps .. so .. bound to be something you'll love (most (other than mine) servers have a sensible amount of good maps tho , about 50 - 200) .. i have 6079 atm mta:sa currently is a mix of trackmania and destruction derby there are a few categories people make maps in tho - but there are also combinations like destruction derby / dogfights, plain race (multiple vehicles or just car/ just motor/.. boat/.. flying etc maps),, custom race maps, lap race maps, but also a lot of really really cool special things like rollercoaster like maps, puzzle/teamwork maps , hunter-race maps / cop&robbers, .. , really really really tough flying race maps (under bridges, through tunnels and between chimneys etc).. etcetcetcetcetcetcetc
  12. CoZ

    MTA Echo

    in mta:mirc admin you have several tabs so you can connect to more than one server so a line like this on *:SIGNAL:mta.text:{ /msg #channel $mta.nick($1,$2) $+ : $3- } contains $1 ... $1 usually stands for server id in mirc mta script but in a general mirc scripting perspective its just a random name for a random data storage adress $ in mirc usually stands for a value or a function to do something with the values take $mta.nick($1,$2) for example the $1 means server id ( probably this holds the value 1 the first server tab in the mirc admin) - in this context the $2 means player id - in this context the $mta.nick($1,$2) sort of does this.. it give the function mta.nick (in the mta.mrc ) the values of $1 and $2 and store it in the container $mta.nick the function converts the serverid_playerid -> get nickname of player x on server y hope this helps
  13. not if you post the same topic twice
  14. i know i might be asking for a lot .. but can anyone help me make this update thing working. it would be brilliant if the server gets each mapname at the beginning of a race so the records are stored always .. instead of about 1 - 5% of the times
  15. item "S&et password", 12, 6 item "&About...", 22, 21 ? k ? .. now what? edit .. in a hunch i tried 119 of text "Name:", 119, 244 18 27 8, tab 100 right and 53 of item "[ ] &Text Nickname", 53, 10 but .. im pretty lost here oh ..and it didnt work im not to sure what the whole line 31 does .. but if you say password i suspect its a connection string im willing to set it manually with the username password hardcoded to try but im not too sure how it will look like so far i've sticked to changing numbers and ading mta.text to identify what parts it did and didnt do
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