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  1. No, you couldn't play single player with 2 players. Only you could Lan up 2 machines and play it that way, although it would get really boring driving around. I suggest you look at SA-MP for a deathmatch mod until MTA has released theres, then there'l really be no point in playing sa-mp after that.
  2. Not to amazed by this sadly seems a bit pointless. Although.. having a team death match with teams randonly changing everything 30secs would be crazy! ofcource FF would be enabled.
  3. I was just wondering whether it was a deliberate action on MTA's part where GTA loads once so moving from the map editer to servers is instantainious? Just curious.
  4. Sorry i know its not a 'script' question, but what music was that?
  5. Now, first off, i love cutting people up, ramming them into trees, and genuelly being an ass, however with the 'RC Bandit' theres no clipping, so its just pure race, and no nasty buissiness. Could there be an option to turn clipping off, so its just the drivers skill, not luck that will win it for them?
  6. bloodeye


    If you dont participate then you dont deserve to get chosen!
  7. That video looks amazing!! So were the sharks user controlled? It said CPU? And those barrens?
  8. What happened to it? I go away for a month and my favourite servers gone! Can someone, if anyones knows tell me why its gone, will it come back?
  9. I've started playing through GTA SA again and played a mission called 'Puncture Wounds', in which you have three sets of stingers and LMB release them. I was wondering why these arn't available as a powerup? Cant be sure if popped tyres are synced yet? But maybe in a later version of race.
  10. Just dont ask me to tell you how, anyhow MTA froze I Ctrl+Alt+Delete and managed to get the task manager above MTA!! and thereofore didn't have to restart my machine, few!
  11. Ive also noticed a Video option in there, is that working? SO can you change video setting without quiting MTA now?
  12. wouldn't that breat the PC eventually? I hate doing that infear that it'l mess up
  13. Im just waiting for the GTAIV hot coffee mod
  14. Quick questions, but i was wondering whether these would be possible. I don’t script (don’t have time to learn) but someone should be able to. Race questions, maybe applicable with DM. 1) Locking the camera view to 'cinema' for all vehicles, so the Race Death Match becomes a kind of micro machines thing. Would it also be possible to lock the 'cinema' view so it doesn’t zoom in? And stays in the long distance view? 2) Would it be possible to have CSS style audio heard, so like if you get first kill, the commentator narrates 'First Blood' etc
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