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  1. Can you post your server config file and router settings? Also, this is how port forwarding works... You Computer (Local/Static IP: --------> (Router IP: Router (Internet IP: Unknown)----------> Internet I got that local IP because that is the IP of your computer on your LAN, from the topic in GTAforums. You probably got confused with your local IP address. is your actual local IP, not Your internet IP can be found at http://www.whatismyip.com That is the IP address you need to tell us, since that is the IP we(internet people) connect to. This is how port forwarding works. The internet people connect to your router, in which the router forwards the connection to a computer within the your LAN. Your LAN may have several computers, or just one computer alone. So you must specify your LAN IP, which is your computer. Anyways.. This should be the most relevant link in portforward.com http://www.portforward.com/english/rout ... A_R1.0.htm Enter as your static IP. The Server IP address should also be Remember to port forward both TCP and UDP. When you are connecting to your own server, you must connect to
  2. I'm pretty sure a Dev or QA said somewhere that it was the anti-cheat in MTA:Race caused it to not work in Vista and said they were like 99% sure. Don't count my word on it though. This is from memory. Erm.. MTA:Deathmatch isn't released yet.
  3. If every client uploaded at 1.5KB/s and the server sends that data to all other players, with 32 players in the game, each person would be downloading at 1.5*32 = 48KB/s. That requires each client to have a minimum of a 512k connection. Crazy hey? Whats worse? If the server were to send that data to all the clients in the game, with each client downloading at 48KB/s, the server would need to upload a stunning speed of 1536KB/s. That would need a 15Mbit upload minimum. This is all theory and calculations, but may be more accurate than the ones predicted above (which were probably straight from the head). Using these predictions, I can make a new list of upload speed recommendations. Please note that I divide the connection speed in bits by 10 to get bytes because I take account into data throughput. With an upload speed of 1.5KB/s per client, I can make my own formula of the speed required in KB/s. You can also replace the 1.5 with 15 to get Kbit throughput. The formula for KB/s that I made is: (Upload Speed in Kbits) = 1.5 * (Amount of Players)^2 (Amount of Players) = SquareRoot((Upload Speed in KBits) / 1.5) 128k = 3 players 256k = 4 players 512k = 5 players 768k = 7 players 1024k = 8 players 1.5MBit = 10 players 2MBit = 11 players 2.5Mbit = 13 players 3Mbit = 14 players 4Mbit = 16 players 6Mbit = 20 players 8Mbit = 23 players 12Mbit = 28 players 16Mbit = 32 players There are serveral things to take into account with using this forumula: These are all predictions, and may not be entirely accurate. A higher upload speed than indicated for the maximum players may also help reduce lag. As above, THESE ARE ALL UPLOAD SPEEDS. The server does not need much download speed compared to the upload speed, so the download speed doesn't really matter. This is assuming that every player comes from the internet, not local or LAN. You may be able to add 1 player to all of the predictions, that is if the server does not send the data back to the sender. This only applies to MTA:SA:Race. The upcoming MTA:SA:DM may have better netcode to help the servers. Hope this gives a good estimation of the maximum players for your new servers.
  4. This topic is meant to be just fun... wekk to me. 1/1/2008. Happy new year if it's not on Christmas
  5. KillFrenzy

    Still lurking

    You'll be amazed with the new features on it... seeing that you missed the updates for 2 years. You should take some time to catch up with everything, and look at the archives .
  6. For the placing, you can use that map in the website i posted before. Next to the positions, you'll see "Show map" on the right of it. Try that. Less pieces means less objects, but it does not make your helix longer or shorter.
  7. You cannot connect to your own server using the server list when it is port forwarded. Trying to connect using the server list is in fact trying to connect to your router, since it is your external IP address. Try quick connecting to As far as the server list, I don't know what is going on with unscanned if they were forwarded properly.
  8. I find that the easiest place to use these tools are here: http://bnoise.bn.funpic.org/upload/mta/ RE: Where do we paste that stuff? Well, you browse to your map somewhere in the MTA folder. It's file extension should be a map file Eg. "skydive.map". Open that file with wordpad. Then you paste that load of text at the end, just before the "". Save it. (You might want to make a backup first) Now you open your map in MTA. There you go, your loop (or helix) just appears. It is there if you have done it properly, it's just that you need to find it. The elements list is the most helpful here .
  9. Well, you could try this. If you are on a network, don't let anyone else use the internet. If you are downloading, stop downloading. Close any applications in the background that may affect the ping, sometimes an antivirus or antispyware stuff can raise your ping. If you are capped, wait till next month to play or play on servers with 4 or less players. Thats all I can think of.
  10. Well, it doesn't really matter... when this is released then if those people who lost interest find out, they will surely play it. Thats only if they find out. Everyone from other mods are gonna move here too. Once MTA releases, other mods are gonna suck. The MTA Team has worked too hard on it so and I know its gonna be nice. MTA surely has more experience than makers of the other mods and I'm sure they know what they're doing. I like it how they are giving updates weekly now.
  11. Well, you can log out as well. Just press the windows button and press the button 'L' twice. You will log out and MTA will be forced to close. Make sure you don't have important unsaved stuff in the background. It's better than forcing your computer to shut down. You can also download CrashKiller.
  12. You just stated exactly what MTA has. Congratulations. You missed his point, in MTA teams don't necessarily have different skins, and its possible you could see not just your team, but everyone on the radar, maybe even with the same colored blips. Well, you an at least try to choose skins for a certain team, like every cop skin in one team and every terrorist lookalikes in the other team. That way you can have different skins for the same team - one team one skin type.
  13. Good idea, even when I'm the only air guy there, its not too hard to avoid them, just takes a long big barrel roll or a tight turn. I'd like to get this working.
  14. I think that free aim should be enabled, only while holding the right mouse button to aim, and that the driver cannot actually drive while free aimming just to balance it out a little more. The side drive by is way more powerful than the free aim especially with people with mp5's which deal a lot of damage, so free aim shouldnt be much of a problem. The only to counter this where there is no hiding place is to steal their car if your close enough and drive by them as a punishment for drive bying. The only weapons that should be allowed for drivebying are pistols, ingrams, and smg's.
  15. That would make it more world of warcraft like, where you have to work your way up. I dont like someone starts at low level and keeps getting beaten cause of his characters crappy skill. Everyone should be equal in skill all the time. And dont make it full, it does make dual weapons overpowering, and rifles bad for value.
  16. Tell us what your problem is first, and what you were doing just before it happens. No one can fix your problem if you don't describe it.
  17. If you don't have MTA v1.1.1, get it. If you have MTA v1.1.1, try reinstalling it.
  18. It cannot always run at top speeds like a better computer. You see, I said that your laptop soes not meet requirements, but it may still run smooth. When a whole bunch of action comes, it would lag, but almost will not lag if you had a PC meeting the requirements. AND I did read the entire topic before posting. What I said had nothing to do with the video drivers. Your computer is running with minimal graphics anyway, so it shouldn't lag much.
  19. Maybe the process didn't end properly. A temporary fix is to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete then end the GTA process. Maybe you should try reinstalling in case something is corrupted, making it not quit properly. If that doesn't work, instead of restarting, try loging off then back on again.
  20. Minimum Hardware Requirements: 1GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor 256 MB of RAM 8 speed DVD-ROM Drive 3.6 GB of free Hard Disk space for a minimal install 64 MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers ("GeForce3" or better) DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card Keyboard Mouse Recommended Hardware Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP processor (or better) 384(+) MB of RAM 16 speed DVD-ROM drive 4.7 GB of free Hard Disk space for a full install 128(+) MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers ("GeForce4" or better) DirectX 9 compatible Surround Sound Card Game pad with twin axis analogue controls (USB or Joystick Port) Keyboard Mouse This is taken from the GTA SA Readme. So your laptop does not meet rockstars graphics card recommendations. You should always look at the reccomended rather than the minimum - because the minimum is only for you to at least play the game and the recommended is for smooth play.
  21. Never seen that before, anybody here has this problem? I don't know what is wrong. I'll try to help anyways - If you don't have this, get MTA v1.1.1 - Try updating your video drivers Anybody who has this problem, note if you have one of his system specs in your computer. Then you can see what your problem is.
  22. Lol, bad overclock? I never overclock anything in my computer because it is not needed. It is already fast enough. Grish, I'll see ya after I sort out my card problems
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