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  1. Hello community! Its been over 10 years since I logged in to this forum, but I still believe there are people around, who can remember me and these maps made by me over 13 years ago. So today I decided to hand over my map package free for grabs, as the original link has been dead for several years already. This is the original release: And here you have the link to my official re-upload: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qE34BU-d8K1e_is7jLr_Yq7Ll9yHkiY5 Have fun! PS. If you have some memories about those good old times, feel free to write something here!
  2. Hello everybody, I just don't get it why everyone is flaming gamenet because of this "Taalasmaa" guy? Don't you people understand the point of gamenet? It is made to provide free hosting for talented scripters, who are not interested to pay money to keep up their hobby. And yes, this Taalasmaa is part of our community, but has nothing to do with this script, neither with Phat Looser. I would suggest you people to figure things out before flaming about things you don't even know a shit about. And yes, Taalasmaa's anticheat was bullshit and had nothing to do with gamenet. End of the story. SanZoR has spoken.
  3. Happy block ftw Im sure I will be rememberred of this, indeed!
  4. Hello folks, Im here, again Im sure you people missed me a lot, so i decided to do a nice little favor for all of you to come back to this wonderful community And yes, my english grammatics has been improved a bit since then, and I hope we can forgot the past and start again from the scratch So, here I am, sup peepz?!
  5. SanZoR


    Fool. Just face that we are NOT going to give the maps to you, neither the script. So, please, stop trolling our forums and trying to get the stuff from us. It is pointless, and a waste of your time. You wont succeed.
  6. Hehe, i got few, but i am not willing to share them Feel free to test them in the second most popular MTA server.
  7. Lol... Anyway, even it its there for a reason (testing something with large amount of players?) i think it should not be that server. It has a horrible ping even to Finland (~150ms) which is lame. Russian lines sucks anyway ^^ Btw, my server is now the second most popular mta server
  8. Hello, This has now happened a couple of times. The only server visible in the server's list is some kinda Ping+++ Russkie server, called Elite Games or so... Why the hell this is happening? Thanks for your answer, San
  9. The owner of the gamemode is Hankey. (AFAIK) Yes it is, but Hankey is now the scripter of GameNet.fi community. So, the server is also part of the community
  10. Ok, Mr.Hankey filled the lack of scripter!
  11. Cops and Robbers would be nice. Destruction Derby is under developement atm. Also, we have Climbing, Deathmatch, King Of The Hill and "Find & Kill" modes already. The deal will include admin status in all of our servers.
  12. SanZoR

    KWK Drug Lab

    Im my opinion, KWK server is not that popular, cause it simply cant be. This is cause its hosted on home connection, so basically it cant handle loads of players (Over 10) For example, i could host your server for free of cost, with all the accesses you need. No, honestly, i suggest you to go with my offer or buy a dedicated server from Canada (If thats where you want it to be Anyway, you are the best, keep it up! - With all the respect, San
  13. Hello, I am SanZoR, the owner & leader of GameNet.fi Community. We have several servers up already, Freeroam, Custom Modes and Destruction Derby is coming soon. The second server i mentioned is one of the most popular MTA servers at the moment. But i have a problem. I dont have anything new stuff, and im not a very good scripter either, so its almost impossible to make up a great and popular gamemode. So, i decided to submit this scripter request to this forum. I do have a powerful dedicated server with a very fast internet connection (1GBit). You will recieve a testing server for your scripts with FTP and SSH accesses, and everything what you think you need. The testing server is to develop a new gamemode / script / map. My new community needs a scripter, and if you are a good one with plenty of free time in your hands, dont hesistate to contact me. We really need you! Thank you for reading this. - SanZoR & GameNet.fi Team
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