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  1. Yeah it is strange when its on a LAN. Just make sure the firewall isn't blocking MTA on all the computers, especially the server. You might have to add the server app to the firewall too. It shouldn't lag one bit when its on a LAN unless someone gets low FPS. If its actually a wireless network, then make sure you get good quality connections. EDIT: Yeah, but when you play on the internet, your computer finds the shortest way to each computer, which is on your network, unless you are playing on a server on the internet, outside your LAN, because then, all computers find their way to the server through the internet.
  2. Let MTA decide this. If you hack it, you might not be able to join a server because they declare you as a cheater. Anyway, if you do hack it, it may work in singleplayer, but in MTA, no one will be able to enter your jumbo jet because their GTA files say that the jumbo only has one seat.
  3. I'm not sure. In singleplayer, I cant get anybody on a jumbo jet maybe because GTA SA set the seats on a jumbo jet to 1, but I can get someone onto a dodo which has 2 seats. I don't think more than one person would fit on a jumbo jet.
  4. Try reinstalling GTA SA and then MTA. It would remove every mod you added to it. See if you can join then because I think the sever has detected a cheat or mod, calling you a cheater.
  5. Its already known, i think everybody has it. They added scolling but they didn't test it.
  6. KillFrenzy

    almost won

    Your ping affects the time you finish. If you had a slightly better ping, you would of one. The ping does a lot when the times are this close. Toad shouldn't of won that, his ping is better, increasing his chances of winning at the finish line. Maybe you finished 0.001 second later than him
  7. Heh... Chain reaction. One explodes, then all of them explodes. I'm always careful down at the rustler hanger. Get the rustler one by one and facing the right direction. You bundle up and get it all at once and your gone.
  8. Actually, because of the new animation sync on the car in v1.1 and v1.1.1, it might also sync itself while he is not in the car, something the animation sync wasn't meant to be designed for, but the syncing might still active while we are on foot. So we can see the animation sync on foot. I havent tested this, but I want somebody to try it and find out.
  9. Try reinstalling GTA and MTA. If that doesn't work, remove the GTA San Andraes folder in yuor my documents. See if it works now.
  10. I don't think you should decrease sound hardware acceleration. Only reduce it if you are having sound problems. It may help, you can try if you want.
  11. Try getting rid of the mods, if that doesn't work, uninstall MTA, then GTA, then reinstall all of it without modding (other than the no-cd if you like).
  12. I only get these problems in v1.0 when I press alt-tab before it gets to the menu - that means while the videos are playing and that boot up screen after the videos. In v1.1.1, maybe its the firewall trying to minimize it before it gets to the menu, still having that problem from v1.0 (They should of fixed that but I think they didn't let us minimize at all) Try adding MTA and GTA SA to the firewall first, then start MTA up. [i cant delete my post in this forum, someone delete this, LadFromWales85 edited his post i think to add all that info and fix the problem, making this post pointless]
  13. I have 3 computers at home, a powerful one, 3Ghz which I use to play MTA, and the rest are weaker computers, when I play on the weaker computers, the same problems happen. It happens on all games that make the computer struggle. Im not sure about your computer, but it seems powerful enough to play MTA. Maybe you should try lowering the graphics and especially the resolution, because usaully a higher resolution increases the chance of this on my weaker computers. I think it may be that the CPU or the GFX cannot keep up with the system, causing it to be unstable. Just try lowering graphics and see if it works.
  14. Lets see what happens with one screen. I don't think it would crash when you have one screen.
  15. lol, how did he get out of the car? Actually, people have goten out of their bike sometimes from a tank doing splash damage to the guy on a bike. But the other people shouldn't see him out of the car, instead, he should see someone on a bike who keeps falling over. Try it in freeroam. When shooting the guy on the bike, do not shoot directly at him, shoot near him so splash damage gets him but does not kill him. The guy on the bike would be able to walk around but it is not synced, therefore we shouldn't be able to see him on foot. But this screenshot you made, you can see him, but that shouldn't be possible. MTA should allow people to create replays and save them like in single player. They should be able to view it later, like say a replay thing on the main menu. It would open all the replays they made, show peoples names while replaying, and be able to look at what every person is doing. These files in single player are quite small, so they can be easily downloaded.
  16. By looking at the screenies, this map looks good
  17. Maybe the unlimited M4 is too much. Why not go on the heli and not get unlimited M4 but you get to use the weapons you currently had. They should make people hang on the rails of the helis like it was in one of the SA missions, so they can be more easily be shot down with bullets and give people on foot a chance.
  18. It asks you for your mta logon, but I had problems with it, so I just skipped that. Why can't you skip it if it's getting really annoying.
  19. All this lag problems you have are from your computer. Upgrade or get a better computer.
  20. Fraps never did crash my computer before, so I think it may be your dual screen thats the problem. Try testing it with only one screen and tell me if it works or not.
  21. Sorry about all this MTA Team but I just found out that my graphic card was half melted and therefore unstable in all games. I never realized this until it got worse and that I reinstalled windoews xp. It is now under warranty and would take 3 weeks for them to return it, so no MTA till then. Im using one of my other computers but they arent powerful enough to play MTA.
  22. Sorry, its my first time posting a topic.
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