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  1. Looks like MTA v1.1.1 doesn't do anything to fix up my game crashes. EDIT: Just to let you know, here is my system ASUS P5WD2 Motherboard 1 GB DDR533 RAM (2x 512MB Samsung) Geforce 6600 GT GFX Card Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz 160 GB Samsung SATA Hard Drive GIGABYTE DVD Reader GIGABYTE DVD Burner Windows XP Professional SP2 That should be enough to sort out problems, and yes I've got the latest drivers. No crashes ever occured in MTA v1.0 that did in v1.1 and v1.1.1.
  2. I just found MTA v1.1.1. I'll go check that out too, and if it works, thank you MTA Team!
  3. When I just got v1.1, it didn't crash at all, after playing for a while, MTA always screws up in 10 seconds even in the browser window. So I think a fresh install might do the same, works for a while, the later, crash in 10 seconds all the time.
  4. WTF, MTA 1.1 completly screwed up my MTA. MTA v1.0 used to work very well, without crashes. When I uninstalled v1.1, and installed v1.0, v1.0 actually got screwed up too, it kept locking up, so its messing with my system. System restore kinda screwed my sysem up so I reversed its changes. The MTA Team better fix up my system or I can never play MTA again. I don't know what the hell MTA v1.1 has done to my computer. EDIT: I've even tried reinstalling GTA SA, then installing MTA SA v1.0. The MTA Team should of really tested this MTA v1.1. It's always crashing and corrupts the previous v1.0 somehow when I reinstalled it.
  5. Yeah, and it always lag more and I always have a higher ping in v1.1. I think I should uninstall v1.1 and stick with v1.0
  6. Which version do you think is better? 1.1 for its features 1.0 because there are less lockups? I think v1.1 locks up too much, a lot of people are having problems, so is it worth it to stay with v1.0 until they fix v1.1
  7. I've disabled the frame rate limiter in singleplayer and get 50-60 fps and in MTA I always get 25 fps. But I think 25 fps is enough to stunt and all. I have no problems with 25 fps. It looks smooth enough to play and race, but they should still disable the frame rate limiter anyway for the people who get annoyed with this.
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