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  1. Thats a lot of objects. I think you nearly reached the object limit. But it looks really fun, and I'd like to try it sometime!
  2. Oh... hey Grish! I see your making lots of maps. Looks intresting. It combines the crushing, racing and flying, which is good cause it gives it variety. The problem is, I won't be able to get to play MTA until I get my GFX card back from it melting using warranty - which they say is on 24 April. Thats why I sudenly stopped playing. I'm more involved in the forums for now. Anyways, keep up the good work with your maps!
  3. Yeah, saves a lot of time shouting out that lock on doesn't work. The first time I tried it in MTA, attacking a ground driver, they told me I was a shit flyer because I used lock on and it dosent work. When I found out that lock on didn't work, later they said that I owned them.
  4. I think this is a coding problem of MTA v1.1 and v1.1.1 where you get disconnected in your own LAN server. The MTA Team might have to fix this problem up. Ever since v1.1 came out, lots of bugs were found that gotta be fixed.
  5. I have no idea what the problem is. This is only on your own server right, if so, try other maps on your server and see if this happens. Try your map on other servers too.
  6. I just play MTA for fun and I don't care what kind of stuff I do in it like crashing into buildings. Just as long the game is fun, I'll play it. But I'm not an American, I'm Australian, so I don't really know what these maps REALLY feel like for Americans. I just know they find them really offensive, because they've experienced it. People who have an experience of this would find them offensive, people who don't, doesn't really care as much. So if some family member died in the 9/11, or you or some related is a survivor of it, you would find it really offensive wouldn't you? Give these people a break.
  7. I don't know whats causing this problem. Try re making your map.
  8. Yeah, you should check out the sticky stuff, they can solve your problem by some v2.0 to v1.0 patch, a backwards patch.
  9. Yeah, not many people read EULAs, but more people should really see whats in them, before modding, memory hacking, or cracking and so on, to see if it is illegal.
  10. You gotta take off those mods, or install another copy of GTA to play MTA
  11. Tell me what kind of error this is, cause it seems that if you play over an amount of time but not immediatly or very short, you get disconnected, but I don't know for what reason.
  12. I think I should just leave this topic alone, ill stay with MTA SA.
  13. You can'y just set ability flags of a coach... The coach doesn't even have the ability for us to go inside and have a look around. You might be thinking of the SA mission. This thing needs to be coded into MTA you see.
  14. Intresting map. I'll check it out when I have a chance to.
  15. What is the speed of your internet? Is other people on your network using the internet as you play MTA? Your internet might not be able to keep up with MTA. Try joining servers with less players and a good ping.
  16. With that hack, so many people can fit in that plane. It can take a whole crew or team of like more than 15 people to a place. When that plane gets destroyed, that guy who killed it would get more than 15 kills! Thats a hell a lot of kills. How about we make the planes slowly fall down like the AI guys in singleplayer when they are shot. The pilot would also have no control while its falling like this. Do this so that everyone has a chance to eject, unless the pilot is flying so close to the ground.
  17. So all the good people left leaving the rest behind? So thats why most of them in there are like that. Not enough good people there to learn from.
  18. You know, you can have 2 copies of GTA SA on your computer. Install MTA to your newly installed GTA SA and leave the old, modded one for single player. It sure takes a lot of hard drive space, but if you want to keep your mods, thats what you gotta do. So you have a clean copy for MTA and a modded copy for singleplayer.
  19. It appears that the kicking from server is when nothing happens, which means the computers stopped communicating properly or at all, then you get kicked for lagging. There is something wrong with your network. If you know how, then try seting up the network again. Remove connections, then reconnect the computers. Only do this if you know how. This might fix your problem. Does any other game have this problem or a similar problem when your playing on a LAN? If it does, draw a diagram of your network as a picture and upload it. Then I'll see exactly how your network is set up. I don't think this problem has to do with MTA, but I think its your network causing problems. (http://www.imageshack.com is a good place to store your pictures)
  20. When is siruz gonna reply? We need a reply from you to help you.
  21. Everyones playing MTA SA now and nobody, exept for noobs and cheaters play MTA VC. This is the reason MTA VC died, because of noobs and cheaters who just talk trash and just say "hahah owned" every time they kill. There aren't much cheaters in MTA SA. You just need to wait for the DM mod to come out, then things will really start to heat up. The MTA team is really working on MTA SA. I can't wait for the DM mod.
  22. Tell me exactly what the screen looks like after the crash. Sudden Pause with radio and car sounds still going - The usuall v1.1 crash that should be fixed in v1.1.1 If this never happened before... Sudden Pause with the screen looking like crazy and and loud sounds that repeat every fraction of a second - Half melted video card. It happened to me. The video card becomes very unstable. Test your video card on another machine or another video card on your machine. If the computer does have problems, replace video card. Anyways, if unistall, reinstall doesn't work then also delete the GTA User Files in your My Documents folder. It should be fixed.
  23. I knew what was wrong with the map ISLAND. Sometimes, making your code nice and neat causes the map not to load. On the older Island map, they made the code neat, but it corrupted it, and can still be read in the map editor and not while playing MTA. On the newer one, if you look at Isalnd now, the code is normal - messy. Try not to make the files neat after you save it. I think thats your problem, cause I like to edit the maps in notepad too.
  24. KillFrenzy


    The map parts won't be invisible in a race, but it will be on the map editor and testing it using the map editor - a problem to fix in future releases. I like the look of your map. Tell some people to upload it too their servers and test the map.
  25. ohh... my bad Let MTA do the work and let them decide whether or not they want this implemented.
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