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  1. We do not need another version of the tool. Please remove the link from your previous post.
  2. An MTA map is just a text file. You can open the map using notepad and cut and paste the code in.
  3. The Beyond has done a wonderful job with the online versions of the generators. I suggest you all check them out. The loops and helices are basically perfectly smooth because they are calculated using mathematical equations. Aerial You said you tried -0.5 and 11 for rotations? These appear to be attempts to enter the rotation in radians. I wrote the program to accept degrees as an input. If you want the loop to go in the same direction as the existing piece, find the pieces rotation in radians and multiply by (180/pi) to convert to degrees.
  4. The problem may be that the input fields behave like the input is text and not numbers. They should be set to allow 4 digits, not characters. Therefore you could enter, for example, 3000 or -3000 but not 30000. The program I originally wrote is in excel and does not limit the input length. Until we can improve the interface you may want to use the excel version. This one makes helices. http://www.rickets007.com/downloads/mta ... -short.zip This one makes loops http://www.rickets007.com/downloads/mta ... erator.zip
  5. Its in the latest video (tho he is on foot) Indeed, I saw that but I am specifically interested in teleporting a vehicle durring a race. I have a few specific ideas. It would be cool to have a checkpoint teleport you to the same coordinates but a different rotation. You could navigate any turn at full speed. Another ideas is to have a race that continually teleports you backwards so that you are always in close proximity to other racers. Or how about a rally car race that follow the dirt roads in San Andreas. As you get to the end of one dirt road it would teleport you to the next without having to dive between them. There are many things that could be done with this.
  6. I discovered a problem with the generator. When a negative value is entered for one of the parameters it is thrown out and the default value is used in its place. This is the correct behavior, except for the 'height' parameter for the helix generator and the 'offset' parameter for the loop generator. These values must be allowed to be negative because it is how you reverse the turn of the loop or helix.
  7. It would be cool if checkpoints could be set to teleport a player to a new location in the map when driven through.
  8. With the object selected, hold Ctrl, then the arrow keys, Home and End will control the rotation.
  9. I have always used a cracked(illegal) copy of San Andreas without any problems.
  10. Not nessisarily, If the MTA team went to the past, it would create an alternate time line. In this alternate timeline MTA SA would have been released by now but we are stuck in this time line where it has not been released yet. If you don't understand you should probably watch the Back to the Future movies.
  11. Sweet, I knew that I would get some use out of this trigonometry one day.
  12. Very nice. I think the output, however, should only include the code for the actual objects. Most of the time you will be pasting code into an existing map. There is no need to generate an entire map file for each helix. I am interested in seeing the code you wrote. Especially the part that preforms the calculations and the section of code that controlls the output. you can e-mail it to me at [email protected]
  13. Aeron, yes, at least initially. Meaning that assuming the objects has a rotation of (0,0,0) it will follow the right hand rule when rotated. There is, however, some odd behavior that I can not explain. Give an object a rotation of (0,0,1.57). The axis of the y rotation is now parallel to the z axis Now changing the the X or Y rotations have the same affect on the object. wtf!?!
  14. They should all follow the right hand rule. In other words, if you are at a positive coordinate on the axis of rotation and you are looking back at the origin, all positive rotations will be counter-clockwise.
  15. Alright, here is the tool that makes short helices. MTA Helix Generator I want to see some of the maps people are making with this tool.
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