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  1. EngineLoadTXD is a client side function, not server side. You need to set the 'type' of the script to "client" in the meta.xml http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ineLoadTXD <meta> <info author="None" type="script" version="1.0" /> <script src="auto.lua" type="client" /> <file src="data/bullet.dff" /> <file src="data/bullet.txd" /> </meta>
  2. KillFrenzy

    Driveby Bug

    Yep thats right, except I didn't have the driveby resource running. Just spray all your ammo out of the slot 4 gun (TEC9, MAC10, or MP5) and you can no longer driveby with your other guns.
  3. KillFrenzy


    Odd, cause I find the weapon sync is real good, just aiming directly at them will hit them (with a little delay in health loss). Although I think I saw in that changelog that the no anims desync has been fixed.
  4. Because there is no v3.0 downgrader, you need to find a v1.0 (NOT v1.01) gta_sa.exe to play MTA. Your on your own in this one, since warez isn't allowed in this forum...
  5. KillFrenzy

    Driveby Bug

    I've found a bug with driveby's. You cannot driveby at all if you have no TEC9, MAC10, or MP5 (slot 4 weapons). You cannot driveby with any other weapon (like pistols) if you do not hold a slot 4 weapon. I'm sure of this and I've tested it. Oh, one other thing.. all skins make CJ sounds, so girl skins will make manly sounds
  6. KillFrenzy


    Yeah, I was using a skin other than CJ when that happened. Stats were left alone. I tried setting it back to CJ but that didn't help. Nice to see someone other than me have it
  7. KillFrenzy


    I had the most odd of graphical bugs of them all. Have a look at this! Now that is screwed up
  8. Well it would be easier to put it in a zip as a straight resource, but I guess we can use pastebin. It's really dodgy the changes aren't documented properly yet, however, the link is right here: http://mta.pastebin.com/m793cf257 You must make a meta.xml file and the lua file and zip it up yourself though. Have a look near the top of this wiki page if you need help.. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... troduction
  9. If your the client, in most servers a simple "/votemode" will fix it. It will popup a gamemode voting selection on the bottom right. It is because the server is new and hasn't started a gamemode yet.
  10. Hey I've got it working now. Although this can be a dodgy workaround and it is not designed to work with nuke. Btw, I've changed the ion button to "i" rather than "f" to avoid conflcit with entering a car. If you know how to work a server properly you'd know how to implement ion cannon resource EDIT: I've got problems attaching the file
  11. KillFrenzy

    Setting Stats

    Weapon stats are locked at the moment, so weapon skills won't work. The next release will have weapon stats defaulted to high. I'm only beggining lua for MTA but I think I know whats wrong. Forward the source to the player. The problem is in the event handler. Try this: addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), setFullStats( source ) ) The source gets the element that triggered the event. In this case, the source is the player triggering the event.
  12. I think blur should be moved to client side as a graphics setting. By the looks of it, it is to be implemented serverside. Dual screens ftw.
  13. We can script that musho, once weapon skills are customizable though.
  14. Oh I wanted to make dual weapons single handed but I still can't customize.. Well hope you get it sorted out
  15. KillFrenzy

    Lua Tutorials

    Because some of the functions/events/other stuff was changed since the tutorial was made
  16. You need to fade out to get rid of the black screen I think. Try putting this code in the player join event: fadeCamera ( source, true )
  17. I think that picture should be removed btw, linking to a hack site. Well.. btw, dual screen works perfectly with MTA:DM I'm sure something will be done in a future release about anti-cheat, because this is a dev preview.
  18. I was almost going to make my own topic on bugs and suggestions until I saw this Well.. what I was about to post is copy pasted here. OK, here are some bugs and suggestions I've collected over the past couple of days that could be useful to the team, related to gamemodes and the client/server itself. Suggestion - Movement Smoothing: Reduce the movement smoothing. It makes cars turn weirdly and player's slide a lot. Try and turn it down a bit please, cause it actually can make the sync worse. Suggestion - Anti-cheat: This is a dev preview so I'll forgive you easily on this, but I'm already seeing hackers. Suggestion - Hay: Make something happen once someone reaches the top. Like a time limit for the rest to reach the top, labeling the first guy up as the winner. Bug - Race Mode: I've only seen this happen on one map though. If you re-spawn on a checkpoint where you switch cars, you get your old car rather than the new car (rather than car that you switched to) Bug - Race Mode: Spectating doesn't work properly whenever I finished a race. Bug - Race Mode: When I jump into water and drown, my car floats up like theres no gravity. Bug (I think) - Crash Reporting: I can't login under the name I've registered with. Login at mtabeta.com works perfectly. So I can't report crashes. Unless it requires separate registration which is discouraging really. The weapon skills would of been a suggestion but I guess I saw it in the live changes. I'll post more if I can see any. Although I'd rather dual weild weapons not maxed out, but I can script it Hope this all helps.
  19. Ah OK thanks. I wonder why I didn't see that note before when I was on that page I'll wait till the next release then.
  20. It's a pretty simple script. It's supposed to set the weapon skills to maximum every time a player spawns. It works when I join. The problem is, as soon as a second player joins the server and maybe spawn, the skills are reset to minimum for all players. I don't know why. I'm doing this because we are all so used to the better stats. -- set weapon skills upon spawn function player_Spawn( posX, posY, posZ, spawnRotation, theTeam, theSkin, theInterior, theDimension ) setWeaponStatsMax ( source ) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), player_Spawn ) -- set weapon stats to maximum except for dual weild weapons function setWeaponStatsMax ( thePlayer ) setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 69, 999 ) --pistol setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 70, 999 ) --silenced pistol setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 71, 999 ) --desert eagle setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 72, 999 ) --pump shotgun setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 73, 999 ) --sawn off shotgun setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 74, 999 ) --spaz12 setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 75, 999 ) --micro uzi / mac10 setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 76, 999 ) --smg / mp5 setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 77, 999 ) --ak47 setPlayerStat ( thePlayer, 78, 999 ) --m4s end Also there is some graphical glitch with dual wielding guns.
  21. I think I heard somewhere that the weapons and handling cannot be modified, and is a feature for future releases..
  22. Saving the CLIENT.DLL with Notepad messes up some of it's 1's and 0's. Thats why it messes up the CLIENT.DLL. Anyways, why would the MTA Team need to edit the CLIENT.DLL file when they've got the sauce code? Anyways, they're busy with MTA:DM and I'm pretty sure there will be race within the DM client too.
  23. Are you sure a firewall isn't blocking MTA:SA or GTA:SA?
  24. Anti-Cheat is something built into MTA:Race to help prevent cheaters who use cheating programs. It uses low level detection stuff (probably), which Windows Vista may not allow, since it's security may consider the program hacking. Well, thats my theory of the most likely cause. Unfortunately, the anti-cheat is outdated and won't detect the cheaters anymore. Because it is built into MTA:Race, I'm guessing that it is built into the client.dll file for Race, and not the Map Editor, meaning you cannot just get rid of the anti-cheat to play in Vista. Nothing to worry, because Race can be scripted in MTA:DM, which works on Vista.
  25. Ahem.. sorry for the double post, I can't edit my one above. The formula is wrong. It's meant to be KB not Kbits. For KiloBytes: (Upload Speed in KB) = 1.5 * (Amount of Players)^2 (Amount of Players) = SquareRoot((Upload Speed in KB) / 1.5) For KiloBits: (Upload Speed in KBits) = 15 * (Amount of Players)^2 (Amount of Players) = SquareRoot((Upload Speed in KBits) / 15)
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