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What are you hoping to do with fastman92's limit adjuster?

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On 2017-4-20 at 14:22, Fist said:

I really hope this will be implemented. Then people could take mapping to the next level and create such awesome things to the MTA and so much more possibilities.

The limit adjuster in my opinion won't be implemented until MTA team agrees that they need to load the .dll at the start of GTA SA.

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On 5/10/2017 at 18:38, Einheit-101 said:

AFAIK the creator of this wasn't able to create a valid patch for MTA, he just delivered the code for a limit adjuster and the other MTA main developers refused to create that patch for him. So it died.

Well, what was the problem about doing that patch? I mean was there a specific error, or he didn't try at all to develop that patch?

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

I thought the offer expired, you sort of gave up and set terms / expressed wishes that were considered unreasonable by the MTA team. After which others (including @Saml1er) started working to lift GTA limits, of which the currently merged and pending changes may conflict with yours.

The people that worked on limits related stuff also said there are better ways of implementing the required changes than yours, and were fearing for instability (they were also rather afraid of using your code, as you can see for example in the closing comment of https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/pull/917)

I'm not saying your achievement will go down the drain, but what I mean to say is that you're definately going to have to talk to the MTA devs again surrounding the desirability before anything else, @fastman92. If you are sure that you used the latest MTA source (in which some of the stuff was already implemented, or solved, such as with dynamic model IDs for skins and such) and also prevented duplicates between what your limited adjuster can do versus those changes that are already in MTA, then it's more likely to work out.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Ok, that sounds great. I suggest you join the MTA discord and get in touch with the devs at #development


Edit (09 May 2021): just want to mention how this went down, so others that weren't present in #development chats in November 2020 are aware.. fastman92 had a new dialogue with MTA contributors & MTA team, and it again didn't work out to implement FLA to MTA due to his weird demands that border on the shady, or at the very least definately dont fit with MTA's opensource principles. He was hell-bent on keeping his FLA library closed source after adding it to MTA, fully secrective (even not allowing MTA team access to it) and being the only maintainer of this library within MTA. There was no way to talk sense into him about the plenty of reasons we would need it to be open-source and fully transparent on what we were adding, so the negotiations have been cancelled in an early stage again, with no further interest shown by MTA due to this weird behavior. Multiple devs have felt as if he was hiding something from us. There's much more to it, but i rather keep it simple.

Also, we didn't want to resort to spending manpower fully reversing his library (due to him as its developer not cooperating) just to know what we were adding to MTA, in order to keep our users safe from any threats or vulnerabilities. Having to do that is clearly ridicilous, there should simply be transparency.

TL;DR for the public: chance that FLA will ever be implemented is 0.01%, we will continue to lift limits by ourselves like we have steadily been doing for the past 2 years. When we announced a potential arrival of FLA on MTA (what this topic is about), we didn't yet realize what kind of a person/developer "fastman92" was, and how hard he would make it for us.

Btw, some arrogance from fastman92 was involved (regarding his achievements with FLA), and we can say however that we don't need FLA or fastman92 - we can do it by ourselves, and people can expect future MTA releases to lift a bunch of such limits.

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On 01/11/2020 at 11:50, fastman92 said:

It's done. Only the license may remain the problem at this point.

I have been working few last days on the MTA code to make it work with possibly changed ID limits and world map limits. And it works.


Other limits will likely require no changes to the MTA code.







	Starting fastman92 limit adjuster 5.7, non-public version, release mode, compilation time: Nov  1 2020 07:38:25 (UTC)
Website: http://fastman92.com
	Launch time: 1-11-2020 8:12:44 (UTC)
Launched during the day.
	Solution platform: WIN_X86
FASTMAN92_LIMIT_ADJUSTER_RELEASE_DIRECTORY is not defined. Documentation files will not be written.
Game detected: GTA SA 1.0 US HOODLUM 14383616 bytes
Game uses dynamic image base? No
Game preferred image base: 0x400000
Game current image base: 0x400000
	Number of FLA modules: 67
Delayed processing of limits? No
	Root base directory: 
Root directory: D:\MTA\Custom\Game
Initial directory: D:\MTA\Custom\Game
INI filename: fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini
At least one ID limit is changed. ID limits will be patched.
Count of file IDs is over 32767 and requires unsigned ID. Applying unsigned ID patches.
Count of file IDs is over 65532 and base ID of CStreamingInfo requires int32_t. Applying int32_t base ID patches.
Count of DFF/TXD IDs is over 65532 and requires int32_t. Applying int32_t DFF+TXD ID patches.
COL ID limit is over 256 and requires something more than uint8_t. Applying COL ID uint32_t patches.
IPL ID limit is over 256 and requires something more than uint8_t. Applying IPL ID uint32_t patches.
	New ID limits:
0 - 149999 (150000) - DFF models defined within IDE files
150000 - 299999 (150000) - TXD texture archives.
300000 - 449999 (150000) - COL collision archives.
450000 - 450299 (300) - IPL Binary IPL files.
450300 - 450363 (64) - DAT files limited to nodes*.dat
450364 - 450552 (189) - IFP animation archives.
450553 - 451052 (500) - RRR car recordings, carrec*.rrr files
451053 - 451134 (82) - SCM scripts
451135 - 451136 (2) - Loaded list
451137 - 451138 (2) - Requested list
451139 - count of all file IDs
CModelInfo::ms_modelInfoPtrs: 0x27E5020
CStreaming::ms_aInfoForModel: 0x5037020
CAnimManager::ms_aAnimBlocks: 0x1CDC898
CVehicleRecording::StreamingArray: 0x1CDE040
CTheScripts::StreamedScripts: 0xA47B60
Format of new savefiles will be different: patch for block of IPL flags is applied! Number of IPL flags will depend on current IPL ID limit.
Format of new savefiles will be different: patch for enhanced format of model flags block is applied!
Format of new savefiles will be different: patch for save game of variable length is applied!
Format of new savefiles will be different: patch for car generators with CCarGenerator_extended structure is applied!
Format of new savefiles will be different: patch for save game of variable length is applied!
Modified limit Car generators to: 500 Is CCarGenerator_extended structure used: 1
Renderware world map size set to 28000 x 28000
World map size set to 24000 x 24000
	World map info info:
World map size: 24000 x 24000
	World sectors:
type: buildings, dummies
count: 480 * 480 = 230400
sector area: 50 x 50
type: lod
count: 120 * 120 = 14400
sector area: 200 x 200
type: vehicles, peds, object
count: 16 * 16 = 256
Number of memory changes made: 5047


Что мы можем сделать сейчас?


Часть EULA:


3. Using this software together with other GTA3/GTA:VC modifications is prohibited by this EULA. This is not a cause for termination of the license but can result in further actions taken by the team or other licensees.


Интересно, как мы могли бы решить этот вопрос. По мере решения проблемы программирования, связанной с обеспечением совместимости кода MTA с новыми ограничениями.

We are very much looking forward to the release of 5.7 for MTA and it would be great!

Edited by makeevip
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On 29/11/2016 at 14:39, darkdreamingdan said:

So, why do you want to use a Limit Adjuster tool?

Some things I'm hoping to learn:

  • Are you trying to play MTA with a modified version of GTASA? Do you want the limit adjuster to play mods like GTA:Underground?
  • Are you trying to use Limit Adjusters with MTA's own Lua engine* functions? (e.g. engineLoadDFF)
  • Anything else?

Is the limit adjuster still happening? I want to use it for increasing the corona rendering limits and world limit,  I have a map project that needs a world limit of 26000x26000

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