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  1. Thank you that works perfectly! Is it also possible to create added objects/vehicles/peds via a .map file like with scene2res?
  2. This is really amazing! Is there an example resource for added vehicles parked in one spot?
  3. mono1

    Map size limit

    Thanks, I wanted a seamless map but looks like I'll have to use that warp workaround for the time being, the closest feature request I found was the renderware world limit increase that is possible with fastman92's limit adjuster but who knows when that is coming to MTA.
  4. mono1

    Map size limit

    Is there a way to raise the default map limit of 8000x8000? I'm working on a project that needs at least twice that space, the player can move beyond these coordinates but placing objects doesn't works.
  5. This is very convenient, great release ?
  6. Is there a way to use the old converter page? The new one doesn't gives me the .map file in the resource
  7. This is amazing, I'll check it out!
  8. Anyone knows if it's possible to stream out of memory the extra dimension vehicle models when on dimension 0 and vice versa? scene2res does something like that with map models and memory usage doesn't piles up when switching dimensions.
  9. Thanks for the script, I didn't know about OnClientElementDimensionChange, it works too but unfortunately the big memory usage still remains, it's not very noticeable with one or two replaced vehicle models but with entire vehicle sets it still adds up every time every time the player goes from one dimension to the other.
  10. What I want to achieve: to have vehicle models replaced with custom ones when the player enters dimension 50, then get replaced by a different set of custom models when the player goes back to dimension 0 With the example script, the models get replaced just fine but the problem is that every time the player changes from dimension 0 to dimension 50 and vice versa there's several seconds of loading time and memory usage keeps piling up much more than it should. Is there a better approach to vehicle model replacement per dimension? Thanks in advance Example script: local last_dim = false; local function VC_models() TXD = engineLoadTXD ("stinger.txd") DFF = engineLoadDFF ("stinger.dff" ) engineImportTXD ( TXD, 477 ) engineReplaceModel ( DFF, 477 ) end local function New_models() TXD = engineLoadTXD ("zr350.txd") DFF = engineLoadDFF ("zr350.dff" ) engineImportTXD ( TXD, 477 ) engineReplaceModel ( DFF, 477 ) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local cur_dim = getElementDimension(localPlayer); if not (last_dim == cur_dim) then if (cur_dim == 50) then VC_models(); elseif (last_dim == 50) then New_models(); end last_dim = cur_dim; end end );
  11. Is the limit adjuster still happening? I want to use it for increasing the corona rendering limits and world limit, I have a map project that needs a world limit of 26000x26000
  12. you need to open the dff in your 3D modeling software, look at parts that are too high poly and optimize them
  13. great documentary, looks like it was a lot of work but worth it
  14. Wow, this is really impressive. With this and the other NPCs resource the cities in MTA look as alive and fun as in the single player mode! Is it possible to add traffic in new maps located in custom interiors/dimensions or the traffic only spawns and follows the game's built-in paths?
  15. Very nice, thanks for sharing this script ?
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