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  1. This ban has nothing to do with that.. you are permanently banned (we won't unban you) so that we can help russian MTA forks get rid of a persistent cheater/serial changer. The ban reason FORKS CHEATER / SERIAL CHANGER // THIS IS THE END leaves little to the imagination Please stop sending appeals, it really is the end. @nextf21
  2. You were banned in February 2021 for cheat development activities, and that's not a mistake (we have things that say the contrary). If you really want to play again you should stop lying and be honest, the next time you can appeal (in 2 months) @Aleph Dias
  3. It's not bugs.. the glibc errors are because MTA server no longer supports some very outdated Linux distributions. The solution is simple, update Linux. Using old versions is a bad practise, and can even present security risks. There is no reason to, say, use Ubuntu 16.04 (no longer supported). Any server owner or hoster that wants to be able to use new versions of MTA in the future, has to update their Linux distribution. If you don't know how to, ask any friend that has experience with Linux. * Referred to this: @4evergaming Ubuntu 16.04 was released in 2016 and went out of LTS support in 2021. Just upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 to solve the problem. * For anyone that cares.. after the OVH fire incident we had to rebuild our Linux build agents, losing support for some ancient Linux distro versions. It's not worth the effort to bring it back and maintain it. We also phased out older platforms like Windows XP in a similar manner.. there always comes a point where we need to encourage users to update their system rather than maintaining compatibility with legacy systems (which can complicate adding new features and improvements)
  4. Dutchman101

    AC #4 FIlelocker

    The problem is caused by this file on your PC: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\FileLock.sys It's part of some software that is a violation, the point is to figure out which so you can disable it.
  5. Hello, We recently discovered a vulnerability within MTA Server, as a result of which an attacker could crash your server. The issue has been fixed and we urge all server owners and hosters to update immediately. Getting the update Linux: https://linux.multitheftauto.com/ Windows x64: https://nightly.multitheftauto.com/?mtasa_x64-1.5-rc-latest If your server is hosted locally (out of your MTA installation folder), reinstall with the full installer from https://mtasa.com/ for the x86 server
  6. Your appeal was already denied in the past (https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/132396-ban-appeal/) and we have told you many times that the decision is final and cannot be changed. Also, you made quite a big story now with fantasy added into it (to deny the core of what you did) but it still won't change that the truth has already been determined, and that malicious people are being removed from MTA in order to protect others.. no matter the initial victim of your activities. The entire thing you got yourself into has nothing to do with "server ban vs global ban", we need to protect the entirety of MTA against some types of people, and this cannot be served without a full ban from our services No, as we have also said before, you don't. Now you can also stop evading forum bans, nothing is gonna change.
  7. @Dol The ban is removed, because you reinstalled Windows to successfully get rid of that spoofer's effects. If you won't be a gamecheater in the future and thus dont feel the need to use spoofers that mess up things in your PC, you wont risk similar problems.
  8. Here is the answer that applies to your case: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/130916-logged-in-for-the-first-time-in-mta-error-cd47-comes-out/?do=findComment&comment=997234 Also, it was confirmed that unlike you said, your current OS installation is still affected by the damage being described. So you didn't really do a clean install, or you still actively use spoofers and did it afterwards
  9. Yes, it was made temporary with a better reason displayed, one that should warn you not to repeat and to continue being a normal player, or face a permanent ban in the future. So as long you were for real in your text about not doing it again, you're fine, and otherwise you'll know what can happen
  10. yes.. a false positive caused hundreds of players on russian MTA forks to be banned. It's fixed now, and all wrongful bans have been removed.. apologies for any inconvenience
  11. I just uploaded a ped morphing resource that makes all players fat, you can check it out as example @long_gone https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=18647
  12. You engaged in malicious activity against servers (such as use your team to deface them with spam and advertisements) besides showing, through evading all our measures as a result of it, that you don't care about MTA staff decisions such as server blacklists as a result of your bad activity that was intended to benefit your server. Even after a temporary global ban as warning, you continued, as really you just didn't care.. in such cases we gotta show where the limits are. Even last month you were evading both the global ban and server list bans, until you slipped up and got re-banned. This additionally confirms you're not really sorry, only for being caught.. that now you see an appeal as a pure neccesity to continue the abuse where you left off. Behavior that is similar to yours is a big problem on MTA these days, and a result of immaturity. However, the intensity of yours is the extreme side of the spectrum, and therefore it's in the interest of MTA to take such people out of the game for a good while. We do not currently have plans to unban you. @krakow1998
  13. Don't lie, we're aware about your activities since a few years already and know better.. you are a malicious cheat developer. Ban appeal denied
  14. You won't be unbanned, you have a long list of past bans.. after 1 of your past bans you appealed (with another account), and the answer to it still didn't make you learn anything and change. Instead, you continued to engage in such activities, and were permanently banned as core DD abuser. The language used in my reply to your first appeal was strongly indicating "Last chance to be a normal player". Since getting your final ban, you've been working to evade it.. also doesn't work in your favour. Ban appeal denied @Berk3131
  15. Don't lie, we know a lot about your activities. As the ban reason indicates, you got a chance to correct yourself and stop those activities, but you chose to keep trying with spoofers and more. So now you are permanently banned.. this ban cannot be appealed anymore. @Maquin
  16. Turn off the spoofer (in the case of this one, we know it makes permanent system changes - you won't be safe in any game until you reinstall Windows). Your serial is corrected back to the real one, 0C9355610B4EBFE036BCE5A4E9C2A783 so the ban is removed, but next time we won't be able to help again. @SebySs241
  17. You'll get a last chance to be a normal DD player instead of an abuser. If you use a single lagswitch in the future, you will get a permanent ban without any new chances.. @wizard0
  18. The script security principle that others explained to you (never trust the client) apply at all times. But a working Lua injector is extremely unlikely and rare, just as there isn't one at the moment. And the reason im saying this is because it indicates that in your case, this situation at hand, there is a scripting bug somewhere in your code. Something that lets players 'boost' (stat pad) their money or enter the amount they want through some manipulation.. that should move your focus towards reviewing all of your resources which can potentially set player's money, or other generalized vulnerabilities such as resources that act as a 'non real' Lua injector on player's demand.. such as a resource that has a file in its directory that can be loaded with loadstring, where the contents can be added into. That's a very stupid mistake that nullifies the scripting security level of a server, but it does happen regularly, also as a backdoor - always be careful who you trust to send you resources to use. Also keep an eye on admin and admin runcode logs, to see if your admins/scripters aren't setting their own (or a friended player's) money somehow. @TiTawN
  19. You were involved in illegal activity of a serious nature, that is very harmful to the victims you made (which are all from the same team that you don't like, on DayZ servers). Previously, while questioning you, i already told you that we won't unban you at any point. Ban appeal denied. MTA wants to protect its users from malicious people like you, that aren't welcome on our platform. In addition, the user above isn't the only person saying that kind of thing, polish MTA staff have heard that from other corners as well.. while the things we determined that you did (DOX in a very nasty way) is the sole reason for this ban and for it to be permanent, but as if that weren't enough I wouldn't be surprised if you did way more malicious & bad stuff as well @kavper
  20. Ban appeal denied, this ban will never be removed (as we told you before) @Nosferatu
  21. No, you didn't "play with cheats in official MTA" as you just said, but we don't want players like you in the game. 1) You are a cheater on russian forks. No one likes cheaters, no matter what or where. We are clearly doing russian forks (they have weak anticheat) a favour by banning you 2) Your bad activities extended to official MTA as well (you play both forks and official MTA), as you did regular serial changing to evade many server bans/for other illicit purposes. We stopped your serial changing method and made a solid ban, that's what you get from such activities Clearly you are not a normal player, ban appeal denied, it can't be appealed again @Victor228
  22. You will get a last chance, and of course you know what happens if you ever repeat such activities as you were involved in. Your testers from https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/131495-my-request-to-the-authorities/ and https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/129988-ill-be-completely-honest/ are also unbanned, as it's the same case and they can never have done something more severe than the developer, which was you. You can tell them as they are your friends, and i will tag them: @emiraydogan/ @3131 @Dribble2much1
  23. You will get a final chance to be a normal player.. if you repeat any of the activity, there will be a permanent ban without any new chances. @unbanpls
  24. Dutchman101


    Delete the contents of this folder: C:\Program Files\Cheat Engine 7.2 @ZeusHazretleri
  25. In your original appeal the answer was that your global ban lasts at least 1.5 months, so you are able to appeal again. Appeal accepted, if you engage in any sort of malicious activity on MTA in the future, you will get a permanent ban without any new chances @sycrone
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