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  1. Good Luck to everyone who will contribute to this in the future. Maybe we meet again for some submarine action!
  2. I just looked into it. The zoom should work again. I dont know what happened, i guess mta team did some update and broke my code.
  3. What do you mean, the zoom doesnt work? Zooming in or zoom in general?
  4. Simplest way is to ask him about his old rank and then use /xp to upgrade his new account. And maybe add ability points if he doenst get them from the /xp command.
  5. They have their login data stored in a XML file, but i need to look up its name... Some staff knows that. If the file is not available, their data is basically lost.
  6. Hard to add tracers to bullets that travel at infinite speed
  7. NOTE: SAAW-WW2 will be offline for a few hours due to maintenance. I have some problems configuring the new external download server but we will be right back. Download speed should increase tremendously as soon as this is finished.
  8. What does 1 mean? Also, WW2 is no longer in development. So its unlikely that i will develop awards.
  9. Holy thats probably the time that i needed to code all that stuff ?
  10. UPDATE: - Significantly increased performance of the two bigger sand bag objects - Decreased draw distance of barbed wire, tank traps and rommel's asparagus objects to increase performance - Fixed a bug that prevented certain graphics effects from loading when joining the server - Shops will now open only when a key is pressed while standing inside the shop marker - Added a key bind to F6 menu that makes it possible to configure the shop toggle key (Default: TAB)
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