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Hey im starting the G-unit gang. My personal gang. Hit up this post if you want to be a part.

Im also apart of the OMG (official mta gang) as i have developed mta 0.3.

headfonez (aka 50 cent)

anyone who posts after gets the next number.. (51 cent... 52 cent.. and so on)

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count me in, what number am i? pm me... i'll rock anyone in gta multiplayer

been playin it since gta1

got 100% in gta3 for ps2 over 7 times, i can easily get 100% on ps2 in 10 hourz

on pc, probably about 8 hourz, i got 100% on pc over 30 timez, me and my buddiez alwayz contested

vice city, well im too busy modding gta3 and my ps2 busted up so i didnt get a chance to finish vice but now that itz out for pc im gonna go buy it and rock vice city...

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