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  1. On the point of cheating you could stop people cheating by making the client send a check-sum of the executable (mta.exe or whatever) and then compare it with the latest realese version.
  2. CroxyBoy


    erm....... the drag race STARTS near the sea, not finishes I ment the airstrip drag race (da yelllow one)
  3. I think i speak for a lot of people when i say that i would still download GTA3:WO even if you realeased a VC multiplayer first. Caz the idea that you could fly from one city to another is f*cking sweet
  4. hey stop complaining i only get 18kbps
  5. Oh yeah thats a "good" idea
  6. CroxyBoy


    http://www.sharereactor.com <--- Always good!
  7. CroxyBoy


    hmmm do you think its a good idea of putting the end of a drag race so close to the sea?? the contestants wont be able to stop and end up in the sea! LOL
  8. Hate to dissagree but they keep on giving realese dates and then breaking them
  9. I can code C++ and am familar with MFC (it is crap) if you need me mail me ---> [email protected]
  10. If its not synced could you make it so its allways in one position (doesent move) preferebly down.
  11. XP only crashes when something is wrong (drivers, Bios) where as 98/95/me just crash randomly sometimes, when they have been on to long (bad memory management) or when it is least convient for you. I swithed to XP 3 months ago and insted of havin 10 crashes aday i get one a month
  12. CroxyBoy

    php help

    hmmm i dont think that "DELETE ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is a valid sql statement
  13. Yup, i use that its very hard to fly without it
  14. I don't see what that has to do with anything?!?!?!
  15. Read the other posts before you post. This has been posted about ten times now
  16. ID would never bend to Microsofts will!!
  17. don't worry wait till friday for the new realease.
  18. Maybe to kick you the admin has to catch you and shoot you !! but the admin would be invunrible and have infinite ammo. Campers fleeee... MUHAAWWHAAAWW
  19. Yeah i knew it was fake, it was on the BBC news site aparantly because of this fake the korean stock market almost crash about 3bn dollars was lost if you dont beileve me read this. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/2916135.stm
  20. OMG Read this ! http://cgrom.com/news/law/gatesmurder/index.shtml
  21. I got 3dsmax but i haven't a clue on how to use it
  22. CroxyBoy

    php help

    PHP is a server-side scripting language
  23. I'ts probably like gamespy they want you to pay for it but you don't have too. I haven't downloaded it yet but does it have adverts??
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