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  1. Hello, world. Currently I'm working on a tool to create Super Mario 3 levels. You can check it out here, http://www.4shared.com/file/2987513/b006aeae/smb3_remake.html
  2. yea i made that. Um, im working on a new something...its going to be totallly, imean TOe TAll E fantaStick! untill that totallyfantastic thing, please visit: http://web.fccj.edu/~mlperry/tglonline.html for a brand new/old online client for the Nintendo Entertainment System using our favorite game, "The Guardian Legend". Its pretty cool. If you love online games, please check that out! --headfonez
  3. http://web.fccj.org/~mlperry/mta-intro.swf well this was back then
  4. well to be honest with you, upon further review...Ive come to realize that there are games exactlylike the one i just described.....but they have their limits when it comes to real-time action. For example (bare with me now, this does relate to the game suggestions topic) Age of Empires, a game ive just recently been introduced to, is a wonderful example of real-time strategy. However, there is no "Action". And when I say action, I'm talking about jumping out of the boat, onto land, and massacurrin everything in sight. No, this would not be difficult to script...ittl just be a challenge. And who doesnt like challenges. After all, everything i said is "do-able". I'm sure I can pop in the dev room and do this. Its an unharmful element of strategy for well us grown folks (im 21 now so im considered well uh nm). Uh........f
  5. the game mode can be found on this link http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=125909#125909 Its basically a Real TIme Strategy version of Capture the Flag
  6. for a more consice version of this game mode, please follow this link: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=125909#125909
  7. ------ The 3 Nations ----- Please read this post: Thank you The Three Nations a) there are three nations, "East Vice", "West Vice", and the central islands b) Eastians and Westians have social groups and goverments. the central islands do not. c) these social groups are the good guys {civilians} and the bad guys {robbers}, and the governments are led by the President, Secretary of Defense, and Police Leader {the Sherrif}. These are elected positions. Elections Elections occur 24 minutes after a new leader is in office. A new leader is in office by either an election replaces the old, or whoever was in charge is assasinated and his "Orb" is collected. The collector of that orb (which represents his position) becomes the new leader. Natives can only vote 1 person for these three positions. They may vote for themselves. They can only vote for people native to their land. To be a canidate for president, you must be a civilian (that is, a non-military or cop person) to be either the sec of defense or the sherrif, you must be in either the police force or the military to qualify for either position. Voting, as well all other commands, are preformed through text chat commands (i.e. \vote1 Henry would mean I have voted for Henry to be President, \vote2 Sasha would mean ive voted Sasha for Secretary of Defense etc..) Laws d) The President makes laws for the nation, the Secretary of Defense makes laws relating to military and territory, and the Sherrif makes laws pertaning to civil actions. e) Presidental laws include which nations/induviduals are banned from the country. Secretary of Defense laws include which zone in that nation in enter/exit only (this is useful for trapping bad guys), and Sherrif laws include how fast motorists can drive, as well as who has their driving priveledges revoked. (These are just some of the laws) f) In order to create a punishment for a law (i.e the death penalty, jail, ban, etc...) Money is required. Money money money muhhnay g) Money are actual packages initially located at National Banks and other goverment headquarters. They can be moved only by the President, or by a theif who steals it. h) The amount of money needed to make a punishment depends on the punishment, (i.e. the death penalty for a law requires 3 money packages to be in the bank, while the "go to jail" punishment may require only 2 money packages to be in the bank). i) No two govermental purposes can share 1 package. For instance, if there are 4 packages available and 3 packages are being used to ban a nation, there is only 1 package available for use. If the President needs to use more that 1 package for some other purpose, he should either a) ask/steal money from another source or b) quit funding a current law and use that resource for his new endeavor Car Stuff i) The Eastians and Westians have native cars, helis, boats, and planes which are depictable by color (or some other discriminating factor) k) If you are banned from a country, you still get in by driving or riding in that countries native car. Appointed Positions l) The President can appoint two Spies. The Spy is the only person who can appear to be a native of whatever country he is in. He can also see all flags on radar, as well as money. However, the Spy cannot drive a vehicle. and has poor weaponry. If Spy#2 is killed, then he leaves a "Spy Orb" allowing someone to pick it up and thereby becoming a national spy. The Spy#2 is known to all natives of his island. Spy#1 has secrecy, no one knows of his identity (except the Pres and whoever they tell). And if he dies, he still remains the Spy--there is no spy orb when he is murdered. So remains the spy until he quits or until the president reappoints someone else. m) The Secretary of Defense can appoint a National Flag Bearer The National Flag Bearer as well as the Sec of Defense himself are responsible for relocating their national Flag. No one else can pickup the National Flag and move it. However, theieves can steal it out of the hands of these two if they are in the process of transporting it. n) The Sherrif can appoint three FBI agents The FBI Agent has a tricky but simple job. Once they get close (or kill) someone, they bug them with a camera. This allows his national people to view whatever or who ever is bugged. People as well as money, Flag, and orbs (the Presidental Orb, the Sherif Orb, etc), can be spectated once bugged. Though it cost no goverment funding to bug something, it requires national money for others to spectate others (2 pkgs) o) Anyone can be a national driver You can choose to be a driver at startup, the driver can drive any car at any time. This means if the president wants to be escorted in his bullet-proof (damage-decreasing) exclusive all-doors-locked limo, a national driver can hop right in and drive it. Or he can take the securi car for a spin for theives who are spinning down the street with money packages. p) Upon joining a game, the joiner's cars are initially synched up with the current/latest positions of all the cars on the host. This will prevent unfair car jacking. The central islands q) the central islands (Prawn Island and Starfish Islands) are special because they are poor r) The central islands do not have a name. The dictator, which is who ever collects the central island presidental orb, becomes the President (dictator) s) The Dictator can name the country whatever he likes t) The Dictator makes all the laws instead of having his laws divided among goverments , unlike the "East and West Vice" goverments who share their laws. u) The central islands initially have a small number of money packages (2 pkgs) which of course limit their ability to enforce effective laws. v) If an induvitual is banned from his native country, and is not accepted in the other country, he is automatically a member of the central islands. w) someone can choose to be a central islander at start up So, What is it? x) The object of the game is to caputre all 3 flags and return them to your native's headquarters y) anyone can move an opposing team's flag z) Zzzzzz.... thats it! So there you have it. It's basicaly a 3 team capture the flag with hyper elements of goverment control. Cops and Robbers have their haven here as they try and steal money from the national banks. Dont want to fit in? Go to the poor center islands You can also have national competitions like racing or stunting, or competitions between islands. Wanna be likeable?, "run" for President, and by that i mean Run to kill the dude whos carrying the Presidental Orb. This is combining many elemnts into one game, without sacrificing any of the MTA action we crave. Any comments or suggestions? Post them here. --Headfonez
  8. the following is a game mode idea for mta. This is an excerpt from a chat that I've had with several developers as well as members of the MTA Community (namely Wojjie, Iggy248, Marcel, and myself) * Now talking in #ideas * Marcel has joined #ideas * Iggy248 has joined #ideas wha, wojj? m00 im all a tingle he must have never left the room anyway * Anz|away has joined #ideas then just tell us well lets hear it well it goes a little like this well you know how there are 3 islands... indeed yes 3 islands 3 flags ok, these islands represent nations each island has a flag the objective of the game is to capture the flag of each island interesting now about the three islands..... if you notice there is an island on the east, an island on the west, and a central island. correct the name of these islands are "East Vice" (the island to the east) and "West Vice" (the island to the west) the central islands (Prawn Island and Starfish Island) both make up the "central islands" but their is no name for the "central islands" untill it is named ill explain why later ok now like i said before there is "East Vice" and "West Vice" and the citizens of those nations are called "Eastians" (citizens of East Vice) and "Westians" (Citizens of West Vice) on start up, you select which "nationallity" youre are yeh now you have to capture both opposing flags in order to win so say youre from East Vice, you have to capture the Westian and central islands' flags yeh now heres where things go "Chapter 2" heh Government now the thing is this each nation has their own government.....except for the central islands East and West Vice all have a "President", a "Secretary of Defense", and "Sherrif" Is that sort of a handicap for the central island? think of East and West Vice as contemporary countries and the central island as a 3rd world country the only form of leadership for the central island is a dictatorship....1 leader How many players to a team? well you can have as many players on any team as you want or you can just play by yourself with 1 other person it doesnt matter because the main objective is of course to "capture the other two flags" ok now grab a drink? thirsty hungry... uh if yah are den go do that otherwise meh continue ok well, ill continue lol "Chapter 3" what the government does now as i said before, East and West vice has a President, a Sherrif, and a Secretary of Defense The president has to 'order' over everyone in his country, the Sherrif has to govern the cops, and the Sec of Defense is over the active Military these three positions are elected officials yeh and these elections occur after every game 24 hours, well which is of course 24 minutes to vote for someone you'd type for example \vote 1 Iggy248 mmmkay that would be voting iggy (you) for president yeh \vote 2 Marcel would be voting him for Sherrif, etc ne way there is another, simpler way to become president of course that is to shoot the guy who's currently the prez and collect his lol "presidental orb" that is left at his coordinates of death once your the new pres, you have 24 game hourse until your next election (that is if you dong get assasinated first) btw you can vote for yourself, but you cannot vote more than once and you mean once per position? yeah good catch eligebale people for the presidency are civilians....(non military and cop personnel) and eligle people for sec of state or sherrif include both military and cops for either positions now that takes care of elections yeh heres how it all works sigh .............. now the President, Sec of State, and Sherrif can make ceartin laws these laws are laws that are automatically enforced if their turned on Cant he laws only be enforced apon there corrisponding troups? yes they can. you can make a law for just military if youre the sec of defense or a law for just police if youre the sherrif an example of a law is for example, if the Sherrif wants the national speed limit to be 80km per hour... then anyone that drives faster than that is automatically punished *alirght if the penality is death (which is also determined by the leader who made the law) then they are automatically killed now before you get power tripping ... here is the clench the leaders can make any law they want but the punishment they deliver depends on how much money they have available when i say money, im not talking about the blue numbers at the top right "Money" is a literal package located at a bank or a ceartin spot right each nation starts out with say 5 packages the only people who can move the money are thieves and the president thieves can steal it like walk up to it but *and when they have it, they run around with it and the goverment no longer has that "package" of money k no money = no power to punish or enforce ceartain laws you see? yeh if you want to ban all Eastians, the westian president types \ban Eastians well \ban Eastians punish 3 But it would take away money? that would mean all Eastians that try to enter recieve punishment 3 which would likely be the death penalty no ok it doesnt take the money away it just uses that money for that particular law remove the law, and you have your money back so of course its all in how its distributed because the sherrif may need money for his laws so you can click that off for a while and let the sherrif use it to enforce his stuff it = the money you were using to enforce that law yeh got it? ok so theieves can steal the money ( you have to choose to be a thief) or the president can transfer his national money to another national bank yeh typing \money 3 West Vice that would transfer 3 packs to West Vice in their bank you know so bank security is important couldnt you consider being able to drive the security van and have the money in there when you transfer banks? well Or wont the banks be actually visable yeah well yes they will be visible ok (im thinkin about that idea you just said) you mean like a police officer or something transfers money? ok its considered heh yeh ok What is your job on the team? SCM coder? gameplay programmer yah yes uh ok uh since you listened thus far, im not gonna waste anymore of your time lol im just gonna type it out and let you read it Sure you dont have anything else you wanna say ok "Chapter 11" The Game yiant gotta respond man go surf some porn uh... no dont do that uh get a drink ah sometin yah "Chapter 11" The Game Eastians and Westians have their own nations cars there are Eastian Cars (lets say red) and Westian Cars (lets say green) now Do you plan to have all the cars they use one certain color? more than likely yes if the Eastian President has banned all Westians, the only way a Westian can enter the country w/out punishment is.. to drive a Eastian car in ok I was wondering how they would heh and there are 'foriegn' cars in each nation so it shouldnt be a big problem now there is no Central islands cars because they have no goverment Do you plan to give the central islands some handicaps due to there small size? if your nation bans you and the other nation does not grant you citizenship... youre automaticaly sent to live in the central islands. they have no handicapp becuase theoretically, the central islands are poor (they start out with 1 money pkg) and they are the habitaion of people who are not accepted in either country your considered to be liken unto an 'odd-ball' if you live in those central islands k or you can just choose to be a strait up person from there at start up selection now they also dont have elections they just have 1 president (dictator) theyll probably have to sneak in other countries using the 'foriegn' cars yeh and they have a few enforcable laws one important one is the banning law, which would be cool because then if both islands are banned from the center, theyll have to go around through heli or boat yeh because cause there's no central car and btw helis, boats all have nationality also so same rules apply to them you cant land in the country with out punishment if youre banned are you planning this for mta, or another gta mod? mta of course the central island does not have a name the dictator names it uh got to make a small business call well really its big ok aaahhh [completed the call] you still there (you refereing to anyone) Yes great -----------Chapter uh 6 i guesssz ----- now you know how to sneak in you now how to steal you know how tospend but do you know how to spy???? (my favorite part) of the game is the National Spy hur there can be a total of 2 National Spies per nation i just knocked my pc tower over ....im still here haha sorry heh lol heh uh wel anyway now see the spy is the guy who can see everything on radar from money to the flags yeh to every body in the game the spy is also the only guy who can enter a country and apear to be a native of that land so yeh so peeps wont suspect he can easily capture the flag cause he can see it on screen but he starts out with only a pistol with low ammo and can only ride in cars, cannot drive so him needs dem help *he so he needs the help of his 'team' now the president selects the spies ok \spy1 Marcel he becomes a national spy spy1 is different from spy2 because if you kill spy2 he leaves his orb and you can beceome the national spy (anyone of that country) but spy1 doesnt leave an orb ok he remains spy untill forever or unless the pres reappoints now thats it for the spy ----Chapter 7, that other important dude The president also wait k the Secretary of Defense him and 1 other person he appoints can move the nations flag like to a nother location but theieves can steal it but they dont see it [the flag] on radar unless someone is walking with it now Can the flag be placed at ANY location or at say....6 differnt stations that are have already been selected by you (headfonez) at differnt points of the island? yes anywhere the sec of defense can appoint 1 other person to be a flag mover, but he must be in the military if im the Sec of Defense, typing " \cflag Iggy248 " would allow you to carry the flag ok and that flag mover DOES NOT leave an position orb --------the FBI agent------ the FBI agent, which is appointed by the police does something simple if he gets close or (button press near range) he places a camera on you, youre bugged but yeah peeps of your island can now see where people are by spectating well the certain person whos bugged they can only spectate him right? yeah Also, you can put cameras on the money and the flag and the presidental orb, secretary of defense orb, and any other orb cool idea so whoever is president you can see it by spectating if its bugged whoever has the flag you can see it by spectating if its bugged etc but you have to get to it first and well if you bug once, its bugged forever so thats just for start up but for people to view it you need money say 1 or 2 packs ok you can have up to 3 FBI agents per country uh ..... 1 more pos ok national drivers anyone can be one these are people who can handle any car any time so you can drive the prez around in his bullet proof limo or cool drive the securi van for a high speed get away yeh bullet proof = a lot of armor but destrucatble yeh hrm with a confused look on my face, i do believe thats it now of course there are laws that i didnt explain and punishments i didnt explain but oh 1 importnt tech thing ok when a new player joins or restarts game all of the cars are synched according to where they are data of the car locs is saved in the host, and their transfered to the new joiner so unlike how only the ones that are occupied are syched currently? you cant join a game and start jacking cars that no one else saw yeah ok what do you think goood looks like you spent alot of time thinking things over correct? yeahheh so but yeah thanks -----Note: some of the chat was modified for clairty of concept and grammar purposes----- So what do you guys think? ITs basicaly a 3 team capture the flag with hyper elements of goverment control. Cops and Robbers have their haven here as they try and steal money from the national banks. Dont want to fit in? Be a stowaway on the central islands. Strategists and Masterminds can work their brains for developing strategies to capture the flag. You can also have national competitions like racing or stunting, or competitions between islands. Get voted into an office. Wanna be likeable?, "run" for President, and by that i mean Run to kill the dude whos carrying the Presidental Orb. This is combining many elemnts into one game, without sacrificing any of the MTA action we crave. Any comments or suggestions? Please Post! thanks for reading --Headfonez
  9. eai: did you glue this man using memory coding or the main.scm? I believe there is an opcode in main.scm to glue someone to a car, I'm not sure though. How did ya do it again?
  10. headfonez

    What we do

    The simple fact is, cheaters DO prosper in the gaming world. And alongside that, the cheating will never stop. Hackers won't die. Instead they multiply, distributing their latest hackedup trainers to every newbie and a*hole that can get their hands on it. Not all hackers are "bad". Look at our MTA team. We are nothing more than hackers with a freindly website and a slammin game. Yeah we brought you multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto, but still, we did it by the unofficial tweaking and modifying of the contents of a copyrighted video game. So yeah, not all hacking is bad. Seeing that hacking/cheating will never stop, we just ask the players to be aware of whats going on. I dont think you want to play a game where someone has a huge unfair advantage over everyone else through cheating. So what can ya do about it? A system will more than likely be in place, if not already, in future versions of mta to remove cheaters. Administrators of the server will have induvidual athourity to kick or ban anyone they feel are breaking rules, just as in an irc chat room. So if it is apparent that someone is cheating, just tell the administrator and let him/her deal with it. Thats the only humane way to stop cheaters. oh yeah, we aint getting paid so...
  11. what a funny post! what? a funny post? Thanks.
  12. It looks great. Please mention in the subtext that Grand Theft Auto 3 is a Rockstar Game, not an MTA game!
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