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  1. does the time to defrag your hd depend on your cpu speed/hd capacity? or what? just wondering... i'd guess it's be cpu speed and hd capacity...
  2. the reason why cars blow up and re-appear is because of this situation: player 1 is shooting a moving vehicle, driven by player 2 player 2's vehicle is always moving ahead than what player 1 is seeing because its not in sync, lag, ping creates this, is player 1 ping is 50, player 2 ping is 75, there is a 125ms difference, player 1 is viewing player 2 125ms before where it actually stands player 1 is shooting the vehicle, but on the screen of player 2, he is 125ms ahead, he sees the bullets flying behind him because hes ahead, on player 1's screen the car is on fire and blows up, player 2 however is still driving because bullets missed him, and are flying behind him vehicle blows up, mta updates his position, re-creates the vehicle and player 1 realizes the car didnt really blow up its all in sync, lag creates this problem
  3. ETA = ESTIMATED time arrival its an estime, not exact you could say ETA - 1 - 3 months so we kno its not like 6 months, or the next couple of days
  4. I have an idea so people will stop asking for release dates... Make a small section that states ETA - 1 month or something like that... I'm sure the team has a goal on when to get the next release out, right? Just an idea, probably will get locked, but it'll stop people from asking, and stop people from gettin pissed off when they ask...
  5. wow i finally kno my answer anytime i join a server ppl automatically accuse me of cheating lol my name is bLo0dD, NOT BLooD
  6. i dunno much on how mta is programmed, but maybe u can program it into the kill shot, the last spot the character was shot, that limb could fly off edit: pretty sure its doable, cuz the animations are there for the limbs
  7. i believe its totally ok, the bottom line is that its realism, whens the last time u got hit by a car, flew 30 feet and survived? atleast sometimes u get run over u dont die, thats real too, ppl have been hit by cars and survive, which does happen in gta3, if u fly far enuf, u'll die, or get squished, or whatever, i think its realism, and its ok!! EDIT: it also teaches u to watch yo back!! after all, it is deathmatch, learn to dodge it!!
  8. i think 0.4.1 has a new bug, my time is never synced to the servers, in gta3, all turismo races are never synced, so i can never race, and weather isnt being changed... is there a solution? or is this a new bug?
  9. i remember back when vice city was just being started, everyone wondered what it would be called, and i still played gta1 once in a while, mp wit a friend for jokez, and i predicted that it'd be called vice city at that point, i knew that the next one would be san andreas look at gta1!! those are the cities i sat back and laughed while reading posts, news articles, ppl guessing what the name would be whole time im sittin here "it'll be san andreas" after SA, i predict a GTA 4
  10. I get them for almost half price, PM me and let me know if anyone's interested!
  11. I noticed in the pics on the news page that all skins are just the GTA3 guy, will we expect more skins for the GTA3 MTA in the release, or maybe future releases?
  12. I have a debate, I've been on cable, (ROGERS), for awhile now, and I'm thinking of switching to SYMPATICO HIGH SPEED ADSL, is it worth the change? Considering I use my internet for e-mail, online gaming (mta, cs, nfs:u) also networking, downloading, uploading... Whats your opinion?
  13. so nice for eachother whyu guys hatin on me cuz of wut i wrote im not sayin they're takin long im jus sayin give us some updates or something cuz based on the website, other ppl must think that it died out considered they're are not even screenshots for upcoming release, or even a feature lsit, or something to tell us what they have been working on i kno mta works really hard, i jus want to kno what they've been upto the last couple months, thats all all u ppl here on mta forums dont even read wut ppl say and flame ppl for no reason, you ppl need a life (not naming any names, NoReason) for others who understood wut i wuz trying to say, thx for having a life
  14. Cmon modders, i kno you guys work hard, but everytime i check this website (mtavc.com) i see nothing new, always the old stuff, lets get an update patch or play something different, its getting played out! hardly anyone is on ASE now! we need an update!
  15. found out the address of the guy who tried selling mta on ebay 56 Acre Lane Brixton SW2 anyone who livez there, beat the f*ck outta him, tryin to make money off the hard work that the mta team put into mtavc
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