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GoE? or is it GGM?

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What is wrong with you people?

This is one of the oldest Multiplayer mods out there, and has been discussed in this forum quite a bit. A great mod, and too bad Barna had to leave the community ... great things would have come from this one.

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I just wanted to bring some light in your dark life:

[GoE]Barna has been one of the first who developed the GTA3 multiplayer mod but as Cray said he has not continued his project.

GoE = Guardians of Eternity http://guardians.ch

ggm = [GoE] GTA3 Multiplayer and can be found here http://guardians.ch/ggm :!:

3 weeks ago I have been the ggm development team! Now we are 2 but the 2nd one is NOT "sm yamm" or what ever his name is. The ggm 0.5 version which you could have seen is a ggm-lie. When you find something which is called ggm but not located at http://guardians.ch/ggm then it is not from us.

I don't know where anyone has found a picture of ggm:vc but I know for sure that we [GoE] have never build a VC version.

Thanks for your time..

....there will may be a 0.5 version...but who knows...

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Iggy, didn't you know that? Kryptos and them are working on a GGM 0.4. It looks promising and might be worth trying out once its done (if it gets done)

i think you mean 0.5, 0.4 is allready out for a long time

Gah! Shut up! I know what I meant!

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when u take a look at the forums and at the screens from the new 0.5-scm for ggm, it looks promising, it might not beat MTA but it could be competition, certainly if Kryptos implements the hdd-serial number banning option.

I always followed every other MP-project for gta, and this one is the oldest and was the best at it's time. I really hope they can make 0.5 popular so there is at least an alternative for MTA :D (not that I have anything against mta, not at all, but in this situation it's better to have competition so u can choose, so we don't get any microsoft-like situations 8) )

competition is always good to push limits of both teams, but MTA is doing this already in the new core :D

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