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  1. Hey, i got kicked for suspected trainer useage, but i did not have on on. All i had was music playing in the background. Whenever i try to join, i get dissconnected for suspected trainer use. Can anyone tell me what set that thing off? Thanks edit: hahah just checked the song playing and it was by cracker. lol. thats why. sorry for this, disregard this post.
  2. Thanks. Ransom, have you worked on it any more? P.s. heres a Fast mirror Actual Mod Preview Movie
  3. Hey, do you have any links for your mod? I would love to install it. I lost it from my host when i reformatted. Thanks
  4. I'll try the Modified drivers. I know laptops aren't the best, I have a desktop pc. Im just putting stuff on here for when i take my laptop somewhere and i get bored
  5. Guess those aren't the ones:
  6. Ok, I'm looking around on ati.com in the drivers section. I can't seem to find them :\
  7. Ohh, I See what you are sayin Somethign like This Thats just dirty
  8. Hey, I just installed Vice city on my laptop. I cannot see anything, it's all dark. When I Alt-tab out of the game, I can catch a glimpse of the menu, and thats it. When I start a new game (It's easy, top option all menus) I Still can't see the video. Specs are: 1gig ram ATI Mobility Radeon X300 128mb XP home Pentium M 1.6 ghz Any clue whats wrong?
  9. OrIoN


    wow, odd your computer is almost exactly the same except for cpu, i have a 2.8 ghz. I'll install it on both my pc's and tell you.
  10. OrIoN


    *steals s0beit's stolen card* GeFORCE 4 MX 4000 BABY lol, i seriously have that on this computer my other has a geforce 6800
  11. Here are 3 trainers and the ingame cheat list (the ones u type in) DOwnload here note: these are a first list, and dthere are multiple combinations for each cheat, so it may take longer for the actual word cheats to show up.
  12. lol tha tfirst guy who e-mailed you 3 times this on eand the gtaf prank was pretty good. Edit: Go now. you have 4 mins and 59seconds now
  13. yeah, 387 errors, 14 wornings here it is
  14. no, it was installed over a fresh copy
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