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  1. It's not a firewall problem from what I can tell. It actually connects to the server but the screen stays black. Thanks anyway
  2. Ah cool, anyways: specs of the PC that it's buggering up on if it's any help. Pentium 4 (with 1.4ghz of whole processing power.. woo...) 512mb RAM Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 XP SP2 Works fine on't other computer, just not this one
  3. Same problem here, can see the GUI, can bring up the map of SA with F11 and whatnot but apart from that it's just black.
  4. It's good, but that evil character selection that takes you across the whole of the city is back.. and it's bloody evil and annoying
  5. i also prefer the M4, i think it's a nice evenly balanced weapon. But the stubby is great for killing laggers who run around like headless chickens, and i do get bored of it after about 10 minutes.
  6. so if it is 100% synched.. If i kicked a player in the head and my character said something like "Blame my mother, i do", would other nearby players hear that?
  7. I agree vice city is getting better, but it isn't all thanks to MTA.. There already is multiplayer as someone else said, but i think a server list would be great.
  8. did you edit a cracked gta-vc.exe or the original one? also i did it with 1.0
  9. ok, lemme rephrase that. Some of the modders are under the age of 16 and as far as i know can not be sued. Also, i like how you presume you're older then me.
  10. half the modders are probably 14-15 year olds that would probably land their parents in a ton of shit if they were caught.
  11. Ok, i read this on gtaforums.com and did this myself and it worked brilliantly, if you want the trails you have to do it yourself because i obviously can't release an editted gta-vc.exe without getting flamed/banned You can get VCMenuEditor from http://gta.gamigo.de/download.php?do=download&id=2464 screenies: *edit* you don't need a cracked MTA for this, so i presume this isn't classed as cheating.
  12. Pariz Paris2 Pariz3 All use health cheats and gang on other players..
  13. Me and some other guys made up a new game on stunt servers which involves jumping over a heli on a bike whilst the heli is in use, each time the brave/stupid player clears the heli, the heli goes higher and the player has to jump again untill he gets diced or knocked half way across the airport. Screenies:
  14. In MTA 0.4, you did bugger all the stunt mode (if anything you made it lag more). So, is there going to be any major improvement to stunt mode?
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