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ladder competition


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this first ladder comp is going to be classic. considering there are going to be like only 4 or 5 clans (i guess) its going to be cool. as long as the tounry is archived so we can see what happened in a year or so, and how there were only 4 or 5 clans =)

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Yea it would be cool if the two were all on the same site.

If I may offer some suggestions:

1. Spell out Leader, it would just look a lot nicer

2. Try to organize the info into tables a bit more (I know you used a script so that may be easier said then done) cause that might make it look a bit nicer, although it already looks pretty good.

3. When you select a team, you should be able to see all members of that team, so we can see who is in it, rather then just the leader.

4. There should be a way join a clan, or submit an application for one via the site.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts, I don't know if have the time to implement them, or if you can, but I just thought I would say them anyways. Its a very good start, especially given that MTA .3 hasn't been released yet ;)

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4. There should be a way join a clan, or submit an application for one via the site.

i do got scripts i wrote that can do that, but its not implemented with the ladder,

if someone could send me MGL Pro, then i could set it up, someone make this topic sticky so ppl know bout ladder

and blokker, main reason i set it up, is to help ur bandwidth and db size a bit, so itll save resources, i got unlimited, i dont mind helping out :D

and strife, i am a php expert, so if u rephrase what u said into a coders language, i might understand u and be able to do it lol.

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