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  1. how about u try urself and stop whining ?
  2. i think its awesome that they've put time to make a cool mod like this...I wont bitch about thing not working properly, because 1. I cant make it better myself 2. They made it all by them selves 3. Rockstar sux cuz they havent implemented it and these guys rule cuz they made it so now i wont complain...instead ill look forward to the next release which will be much better than this...i must say...it were big steps from 0.1 -> 0.2 and from 0.2 -> 0.3 Good job Guys...keep that up
  3. why is the post count so imprortant ? I still havent figured that out...
  4. well it happened to me once...suddenly the car just flips high into the air....i did it @ the stadium.... did u btw know its says "COCKS" on the seats ? and about the skin thing... I guess that you see yourself as normal, but the others see you as a gang member...
  5. people worried about a possible leak of this shouldnt be...because 1. The file u get is only valid for THE day. 2. You only get the client, what is a client without a server ? I know this because i was in the betatest team yesterday...which didnt turn out so good
  6. I'd say if u guys need to do changes to the .exe files....then talk to rockstar about it ...tell them which changes that has to be made...then maybe they could implement them and release a patch my 2 cents
  7. u could also do it like..."IT" blows up at a random time...like the soaking ball games. u could also do it with a timer like he said...
  8. then wtf u doing here ?
  9. yup thats me...said that ealier in this thread... and btw Keva....rejected Roxx =D
  10. dont think so either....since they already have finished CTW....so this should be that hard.. in fact.. I wouldnt mind waiting a few more days and have this game mode in it
  11. actually i thought it was me ,Keva, Carstone, Blokker and IjsVogel
  12. so what....as long as it works....but i must admit...it would a lot better if it was all implemented on 1 page...
  13. yup....like in UT2k3..... Mta could use the whoopie and instead of driving it to own base u has to drive it to the opponents
  14. this sound like VIP in CS.. sound fair enough.....if it isnt too hard to code...
  15. shouldnt we get clear who are members of THIS clan ? at least by our IRC nicks.....
  16. i think the system look very nice
  17. yay...im Exterminator...the little irritating bugger aka Nitrozell in IRC seems like we arent clear yet who's going to be in the clan yet or is it just me ?
  18. hmm i think its legal enough its like other guys making an unofficial patch try talk to Rockstart about it. Who knows...maybe they'll let u guys go ahead with it... it cant be any worse than getting a no!
  19. lol @ your sig mig bil er ikke lik din bil det er en likbil
  20. yup thatr stuff is the work of the devil you make me laugh ha!
  21. Leak It Leak It Leak It Leak It Leak It Leak It Leak It !
  22. well there are two teams and there is a spot on the map which u have to control. The longer they control the more points they get.
  23. it is spelled all not al, there is a double "L" in it. and yes I also hope that u guys keep up the good work and ppl think twice before posting!
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