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  1. We have a site with a page dedicated to links, I wanted to put other clans on here, but I cant seem to find an clan links. So any clan who wants to bne linked at the spoonage site which is http://www.spoonage.tk then reply to this post and I'll see its done. Take a look at our site btw its quite good
  2. Well if the leader quit why doesnt someone just take over if its such a good idea.... Or simply we have all gang stunts on each of our sites to let ppl make videos. For instance all spoonage stunts at http://www.spoonage.tk or wtvr, you dont really need a gang to collect a load of stunts. As for arranging stunt ideas... that could be done within gangs.... i feel a new idea of competition comin on. Who can come up with the best gamg stunt hehe. Has to include at least three cars!!! Or something along those lines... Any other ideas?
  3. Pulse

    New talk

    tbh I think its a bit stupid askin the creaters to waste their time on voice comuunication in game, whats the point when you got things such as roger wilco and teamspeak? Stop comin up with useless ideas!
  4. To be honest i think you will find that alot of the gangs have already made their own skins, cars and websites. And as far as servers go we will have one soon aswell, the difference is while your still planning all yours, we have most of em done. So ppl, you want to join a gang? join a real one...
  5. Yea sorry about that. I have had alot of work to do and have been busy, but I'm back with my spoons with a vengeance! hehe
  6. I cant seem to enter spoonage onto the ladder or tourney... site doesnt work
  7. Pulse

    *// ENTER THE MATRIX \\*

    i didnt know about the 50+ posts thing . But newayz my gang is still gonna rock. All you feeble little ppl think you can beat me... ME and my spoons!!! you have no chance against us metal scoopers.
  8. Your all gonna cry... New website (well not new but thought id advertise it) http://www.geocities.com/gang_spoonage/Index.html If other gangs want links to their site plz contact me or Ale
  9. If mafia didnt work then how do u play as teams?
  10. If you want to join a gang then ask in #novie or #spoonage. We might have a tryout on a server somewhere to see if your any good. Or you can post a reply in here and I'll come check it every once in a while.
  11. Pulse

    A new level

    I want to be able to use customized skins, so different gangs can have their own skin just upload the skin to the server and then it can be used
  12. Just to announce my clan Members are: Enslaver Pulse W0tsit Darky Novie
  13. Your all gonna lose just watch, I'll kill you all personally
  14. Pulse

    Irc channels

    Just another channel.. #spoonage a new gang for mta And bill, they dont put up wiv you they just like that pic under ur name, I could watch it for hours lol
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