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  1. kryptos.. i believe hes right this was doomed to happen, and its going to grow more and more spam and its gonna get out of control.. i think it wil be more annoying than cheating Cheating can be stopped, but spam wont ever be possible to fully stop..
  2. Omg is it me or is the packet kiddies hormones spiking? There fucking everywhere lately MTA IRC being DDoS'd, this is crazy, its just too much lately. AOL IS GOOD FOR NOTHING!
  3. OK now you are scaring me. :\ I 3rd that. But its the truth, i repeatly moved keva into our channel and he jus runs off, and them priv msg's me saying giv him a second to pull his pants up... *BAD IMAGES* ::scared for life::
  4. You want to die a slow and horrible death.... Mics change my voice and make me sound like that :\ I got a real deep voice, and mics seem to change everyone with deep voice's real voice sound :\ In person youd notice i sound alooooooooot different. Me = anti redkneck.... cant stand them
  5. Umm 1000 Death?? Learn to count bro... Your in the 300's
  6. bleh ill kill myself my percentage was tooo low!!!! 21.30178% - Geek --; i reviewed it again and saw about 20boxes i shoulda checked x.x so mayb 27, i still want 70-80!!! i love being a geek
  7. Yes and its fun! Join Now!(Must Have mIRC Installed) I noticed alot of people play, so i thought id share my script with everyone. Alot of messages get sent in the chan, and not everyone deals with you, so i made a logger. put in ur remote section look thru the script, and replace all DrDre's with ur iRPG char name. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; iRPG Script ;; Made by [xNet]DrDre ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; on *:CONNECT: if ( $server == irc.multitheftauto.com ) { msg nickserv identify } alias irpg { /join #idling /msg IRPG LOGIN DrDre } on *:text:*DrDre*has challenged*won*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [DWIN] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 3[iRPG] $1- } on *:text:*DrDre*has challenged*lost*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [DLOS] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 4[iRPG] $1- } on *:text:*DrDre*has attained level*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [NLVL] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 8,1[iRPG] $1- } on *:text:*DrDre*team*won*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [TWIN] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 3[iRPG] $1- } on *:text:*DrDre*team*lost*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [TLOS] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 4[iRPG] $1- } on *:text:*team*DrDre*won*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [TLOS] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 4[iRPG] $1- } on *:text:*team*DrDre*lost*:#idling { write -a irpg.log [TWIN] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 3[iRPG] $1- } on *:notice:*You found*:* { write -a irpg.log [iTEM] $1- query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 9,1[iRPG] $1- } alias logs { run irpg.log query iRPGLogs echo iRPGLogs 7[iRPG] Viewing Logs } alias stats { run http://mtairpg.tv2knet.net/players.php?q=DrDre } Type /logs to see the logs, and /stats to view your current items and stats and /irpg to login
  8. Ijs was klined... and then i think Ijs klined Term... but there both are back now lol
  9. look, stop asking stupid questions people!!! irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/mta-servers Your obviosly not searching the site and forums good.
  10. [xNet]DrDre


    exactly, best idea for cops is cops and criminal mode, where the cops get points for arresting/killing people and others get points for surviving for so long after a cop is in chase or kiling the cop
  11. well as ive noticed, in single player u CAN jump on a car and ride with it, it was funny to get the army to come after me, use fly cheat to get in back of the truck, and turn them off, a free ride in the back and disable police, military drive by but when i tried to get in back on mta u slide out so it is possible to stand on cars... jus getting mta to understand ur on a car and update your XYZ depending on the cars position is all you got to do
  12. this isnt really a suggestion and ill say it like we say in IRC and as it says in the rules KEEP IT IN ENGLISH We dont need a espanol manual, learn english, and everyone is happy.
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