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  1. Sorry Nothing but you didnt read the date of that post did u, it was the last release. Yeah I'm kinda wondering which Monday you guys are talkin bout.
  2. Now that sounds like a different ladder comp, man I'd race any girl up a ladder, as long as shes wearin a mini skirt and I'm 2nd And who said men were pervs.
  3. 2nd666

    50 posts rule

    Whos real? I'm real Honestly u can check me out, I have all the papers to prove so Sorry, I'm gonna trun this into a spam thread and I'm not even part of BLASTA.
  4. 2nd666

    50 posts rule

    But theres gonna have to be enough gangs to fill all the servers that will start running, otherwise whats the point.
  5. 2nd666

    50 posts rule

    I agree with TwixX (mainly cos I dont post that much ) The number of posts gives no accurate measurement of anythin to be honest. Maby an IQ rating would be better lol . Edit: WOW oddly enough this is my 50th post
  6. Stopping them jackin cars is just a case of turning up the lawfullness to 100. I think peds would fill up the city a bit, and wouldnt look so damm deserted.
  7. Why is it that on your vote results its missing 1% !?! Just thought id be usefull for once .
  8. 2nd666

    Marco's Bistro

    But how r you goin to protect the whole area without the whole server being full of just the VCK gang? Its only possible really to cover a small bit of turf well, doesnt matter if there is some no man's land.
  9. 2nd666

    Marco's Bistro

    Hey thnx . Nah I think turf wont really matter in the game so much, ppl will be too busy killin the krap out of each other . Ive joined a gang but so far we hav no 'claim' of turf, we have to see how it goes.
  10. Good work guys! I'll be happy if we can fly choppers even if we cant use the weapons yet. Will there be a possibility of jumpin into a maverick as a passanger? cos that would be brilliant, we could transport gang members in speed n style.
  11. Has spider man turned into a go-go dancer?
  12. OOOOOOHHHH that would be amazin if we could use the hunter. Any idea of new weapons we will be able to use, or will it still be just an uzi type gun?
  13. The biggest prob with gang fights is the damm time zones . Maby were gonna have to start workin shifts lol . To be honest I like the idea of official gangs, gives them some recognition and respect, but I dont know what other ppl think of this.
  14. 2nd666

    Marco's Bistro

    BUT IM HAVING THE LIGHTHOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try getting a piece of my turf he he he he he he ehe he ha ha ha ha ha he he he he he hmmm mmm .
  15. Well in that case I will start a new extremist group called GAS (Gamers Against Searching) and launch a Jihad !!!! Or I might just go to bed after a hard day at work
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