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Is possible to create Script mIRC anti-Cheat?

Guest TemDono

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Hello. First I ask for excuses for my English. It would like to know if it does not have a form to create a Script Add-on for mIRC in which detects cheating of life, weapons without recharging, etc... In the truth I have an idea in mind on this. But first it would like an opinion more understood them in the possible subject for either arguing the subject.


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yup, but u can't really tell if someone is "cheating of life" cuz if they have a 8 or 900 hundred ping they are like basically invincible and it may seem as if they have the health cheat....the two known ways of detecting cheaters are chopper kills and stubby, shoot them once, make sure they are knocked down...than shoot them again on the follow up shot...if no damage than they r prolly cheating :shock:

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Ok. I understand... :(

But then does not exist form of the MTAMA to verify the percentage of life of player X? Therefore being possible, my idea would be: To verify the accurate moment where player Y goes off and makes right player X. By means of this action, to soon verify after that the state of life of it. In language human being, he would be thus: :roll:

Player X takes a shot;

If the state of life of it will be == 100%

mta.say $1 $mta.player($1,$2) , You are suspected to use Cheat....

mta.kick (or ban) $1 $2

It forgives for my bad English! Interest that I am simplifying to the maximum! But the idea is this. To compare conditions, after a suffered action. After this, a complex language would be perfected...

Thanks and I wait answers!

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Its much more difficult than that as you have to take into account the accuracy of the shot- if someone fires a gun and someone doesnt get hurt you cant just kick them for cheating- the other person might be rubbish as firing.... you just dont know....

Presently the only way I see that you can do it is if you take a byte by byte read of the mta.exe client file and then run a comparism of that with what it should look like server side. Any variation and a kick will take place.

The only way people cheat is by using a cracked client- take away that possibility and they'll have no chance- requires a lot of coding server side i guess which is why MTA team havent done this yet (other stuff to do)

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Mosts mods have nothing to do with the gtavc.exe File, most, I believe, change the weapon and car Tables. I'm not sure, but I would guess the health info and such is probaly stored in another table?

Either Way, EXE Crc Checking is not fun from from what I hear, and more often then not, it just adds more Quirks (ie punkbuster) then enhancements.

Mods Free MTA all the way. Pain in the Booty to run a "anti-mod" File, No :P 3mb CRC Check = Bad

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i suppose you can use this

alias mta.kill {

if (($mta.kills($1,$3) == 30) && ($mta.deaths($1,$3) == 0)) {

mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$3) you are suspected use cheats (reason: 30 kills and 0 deaths)

mta.kick $1 $3



This is when someone has 30 kills but no deaths these can be changed easily


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