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Hey, now I know there are some of you out that agrees with me on at least one of these things I'm thinking here.

1. People joining a server and doing nothing but killing other players gets really old after a while.

2. Sometimes, it would be so nice if people would just leave you alone and not kill you when all you wanted to do was to just cruise around or just hangout.

3. When there are groups of people doing battles, do they even have any strategies at all?

4. It would be pretty cool if there were someone in the city who would acts as a leader.

WELL.. What if we had a server where we actually use the city as an actual city rather than just a battle ground? What if each person in the city actually played a certain role? Yup, Role Playing. I really want to give this idea a shot, cuz as long as people are willing to, this can be fun and interesting. Here are some detailed information.

Occupation and their home

President - Vercetti Estate

Vice-President - Vercetti Estate

Secretary of the City - Vercetti Estate

Navy - Ship

Police - Any police stations. Wherever they are assigned by the highest ranking officers.

Body guards for the president and vice-president - Vercetti Estate

Driver for President and vice-president - Vercetti Estate

Club owner - Malibu

Strip Club owner - Pole Position

Film Director - InterGlobal Film Studio

Airlines - Airport (Each airline will have their own helicoptor)

Parking guy - where ever parking guy is needed for the valet

Ice Cream person - Cherry Popper (yes that person has the right to drive the ice cream truck)

Boxers/Kick Boxers - any unoccupied home, but will fight if a fight is hosted somewhere.

Rock stars - any unoccupied home (can hold concert in any location as long as permitted by the president)

Civilians - any unoccupied home

Bikers - any unoccupied home

Biker gang - wherever they are able to use as their property

Bike Dealer/Mechanic - Greasy Chopper/Bike Emporium

Car Dealer/Mechanic - Sun Shine Auto

Taxi Driver - Kauffman

Bad Guys - any unoccupied home

So pretty much anyone who doesn't live in a vercetti estate will live in any unoccupied house, but when they need to do their "work" they'd have to be at their work place.

Anytime a person wants to sponsor an event, they must go see the president and vice-president for a permission to use a certain location. President also makes the law, but he/she must discuss it with the vice-president. Vice-president becomes the President if the president gets assasinated. VP also can take over for the president during the time president is not available. If both president and VP are not available, Secretary will be in the charge of the city. If all 3 are not available at the time, police and body guards has to keep the city calm. If no authority are available, then city's pretty much screwed. lol.

As for an election, each term lasts for one week. After the term is over, anyone can run for the election. Prez can be re-elected as much as people let's them, cuz after all, it is everyone's city. People can run for either President, Vice President, or Secretary of the City. It's their job to keep people happy so they can vote on them. IF in a case where no one wants to run for an election, Vice President will be the president, Secretary will be the Vice President.

Body guards and police must wear their police uniform. Body guards will have higher status then the police (kinda like FBI). Body guards needs to do whatever necessary to protect the prez, VP and the secretary, but especially the President. To decide who becomes the body guards, 3 members of the House will hand pick who they think is best to protect them.

Police needs to make sure the city is moving smooth and safe. Patrolling is necessary. anytime they catch a suspect, the suspect must get in the back seat and be taken to the jail. If the suspect refuses to surrender, police can kill them as many times as they want until the badguy actually surrenders. Therefore that person will be on the wanted list until they are put into a jail.

If anyone are hurt, killed, or have their vehicles stolen, they can call the police by typing in 911 in the chat. Police must respond ASAP and help the victim(s).

When the badguys wants to surrender, all they have to do is to type in SURRENDER in the chat window. President will decide how long the badguy stays in the jail, but it must be fair length. (Max amount in the jail will be 1 week)

Dealer/Mechanic's job is to bring the vehicle to people who ask for them. However people can not purposely ask for vehicle and destroy them, and reorder them right away.

If people needs a transportation, but don't want to own their own, they can use the taxi service. As for the airport, no airline will go to your house and pick you up. You will have to find your way to get there.

Jail time - Stealing a vehicle - 2 hours in jail

causing an accident - 3 hours in jail

Killing a person - 3 days in jail

Killing a person in The House - 1 week in jail

Each day being on wanted list - 1 day added for each days on the original jail time for crime commited

If there are anyone out there that are interested in this idea, let me know, and I will put up some general rules to see if you are still interested. BTW, the server Vice Society will be password protected so we won't have to worry about some people coming in and ruining everything for us.

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Well, me and 4 or 5 other people usually play at our own roleplaying server. It isn't ALWAYS roleplay, sometimes we stunt, or do plots. The IP is

Come to #[RP] on irc.gamesnet.net if you have mIRC and join us sometime!

p.s. Beware, our roleplay isnt that complicated. It's basically choose a role and play it out.

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GREAT IDEA.... Swat, could be a team that goes and kills ppl that are breaking the law (drug busts... swat things) 8) ... I would love to see this idea go through... congrats... Also, for money, cops get money for busting ppl... Each choosen profession gets money for their role...

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woah...this idea needs definatly some time man...seems like u got it.



3.nah DM ppl r like animals:yellow blip:destroy! blue blip:hm...danger from roof/or a bird to shoot.gta players mostly dont like ANY strategies look at mta-vc-0.2 i've already 4got that its actually team-DM ...

4.needs 1000 hp's

2 b a cop will b the new way of cheating :? k,im gonna watch them corrupt cops. :x rebel 4 life

:x do u remember what the film studio was recording in SP?

u 4got stuntmen! :wink: i think 95% of all players wanna play the bad guys (90% noobs) so u gotta choose the BEST of em.

what r the navys doing? fishing? :lol: deliver new types of guns :wink:

lol the best assassination role is the secretary ahm...place 500 tanks around the vercetti estate and the prison :lol: daichan wrote: Killing a person in The House - 1 week in jail :shock: u got some work :!:

basically i like ur idea wanna test it once,and its true u really tought it out :shock: hope u've already got a modding team.

ps:u got the best answering system (needs less space than quoting)like:

u write: 1:which feature would u like most in furter mta releases?

ppl can answer like: 1:crc check as a server option.

if possible everybody should use this answering style.

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I'm really glad some of you would like to give this a shot. And it's true that I did think this out alot. I just got sick and tired of everyone in the server coming after me, when all i wanted to do was to cruise around with a bike. Anytime I asked people not to kill me, most of them came up with a reply like "well this is GTA you know..." or "No, that is the point of us being in here. To kill each other" Like I understand this is GTA, and I may be the odd one for saying this, but I just disagree with a fact that you always have to kill each other when you have a game that allows you to do many things aside from killing like drive cars, ride bikes, collect vehicles, collect houses, work for money, and etc. I just think that when you have something, you should take full advantage of everything it offers you (especially after paying 40 to 50 bucks on a game).

BTW, some of the occupations I have listed are just some examples. And just cuz there are 32 occupations listed here, it doesn't necessary mean that it's not enough for other people to play. I seriously doubt that all the players are actually going to sit in front of their pc all day every day to play this game. At same time in order for this to work, we would need some dedicated players, which also means that they'll stick with their job, and not constantly switching it just cuz they don't like it. So one day there could be 10 cops, and the next day there could be 5 cops. get my drift?

For the Navy people, I was thinking that they'll play the role of military almost like a swat. considering the v 0.2 doesn't offer any other military characters. during the time navys are not needed, they can always be trained by their leader.

I think I'm gonna build a page with a detailed info and rules for this server. It may take few days, but I'll make sure I don't leave anything out. And yes I really really do have this thing thought out to a point where as long as people are willing to do this, this will work. If you are really up for this idea, PM me and i'll give you the password to get in here.

PS - if in any case where some asshole decides to pretend that they are interested, and ruin everything when they come in, I'm going to change the password, even if i have to do it everyday.

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I know that very few people will be interested in doing this. That's why I'm making this into a password protected server so the only select few will be able to join.

There's thousands of people using MTA, so finding 20 or 30 who would participate shouldn't be too hard.

I'd suggest making your server public, but make sure it includes "role-playing" in the title and make the MOTD.txt explain what the server is about. That would help raise awareness about it faster. :wink:

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Problem: There are 22 "classes" listed.

Assuming a server became completely full (32 players), there would only be enough for 2 people in half the classes, one in the rest.

well... if this server will be dedicated and is gonna be a RP server, that will mean MORE players will need to play... ALSO not all professions need to be played....

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Well great idea, I'd lvoe some variation myself. Now i'm not a coder by anymeans, but i know the principles. Something like this, the underlying problem is exactly how everyone is graded payed by the application itself. Plus, this would add so much more bandwidth issues. Instead of guns, possition, direction, shooing, driving etc currently, you'd add money, position, what they should be doing, what they are doing, why it is right or wrong. Perhaps it'd work on lan, but i dunno about online...be a whole mess load of work if you're talking about an actual mod

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