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  1. Reinstall mta... Its simple
  2. should of had ur guy walk sideways at the end and fire... and then you see blood come down and screen shake... that wouldnt be hard to do..
  3. I love it, you did a good job You should got a 007 model for a car It didnt take me more than 2 mins to download it...
  4. nick126

    FAKE [Swat]!!!

    There is a punk going around as my teams name (because he got mad at us for winning) and making false players... they are [sWAT] Not [swat]
  5. $$mr.vercetti$$ guy runs around with mini-gun, when i play, he still cant get any kills
  6. LOL... m16 isnt in vice city... GO to any swat site and look under weapons.. m16 will be there...
  7. U GUYS DONT GET IT DO YOU??? SWAT has the M4, mp5, grenades, and pistol... MILITARY GETS!!!! M4! GRENADES! PISTOL! REGEN HEALTH!
  8. its a bug... u do perfect wheelies... trust me ive been playing for awhile and YES it IS a pcj
  9. mp5, m16, and pistol... sailor should get mp5 also and keep nades and not get armor tho... mexican stays the same... mod the other teams a lil too tho
  10. it is possible and no it wont but the mta team wouldnt be happy...
  11. its a mta bug... u do a wheeli with pcj and then u will get in a pos where u keep doing a wheeli perfect...
  12. ok... so if we cant have ANY mods... Why cant we just change the gta3.img a lil? its not a MOD... its just a file
  13. They SHOULD have m16... Swat uses MANY guns that the military uses...
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