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Well to do this i need a IP man . I can barely use my internet . And this will have to be fast .

RISO contact me on my e-mail :[email protected]

give me your ip and ill make a straigh connection it is going to take like 15 minutes . NOT HOURS


oh yeah and about the overheating thing . i have this thing on my computer that has like a puch of temometers near like the videocard , networkcard, motherboard, and power adapter . so this software on the pc measures and tells you the temperature

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Man i got a buch of e-mail of people saying that they spent hours downloading the video and finally when they went to watch it is was low quality . I just want you to remember that i video taped the T.V so that i could digitalize it . So im just trying to help . At least with the video you can heard and see people and MTA movies . and wiht the audio all you see is a black screen. So please keep that in mind before downloading or sending me a e-mail :? Thanks :):P

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U saved my network card :D

Sorry if your download reseted . IT was because my network card auto-restarted. And it restarted the computer with it too . BUT our saver RISO hosted the file somewere were the connection speed is fast and now you can download the whole video in under 7 minutes .

Again THANX RISO 8):D:wink:


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Funny how Chris said IJS, I-J-S... hehe, it is dutch and means ice, but when you pronounce it in dutch you actually say ice... so it sounds the same and means the same, just a different spelling... he could have said ice... on the other hand, that wouldnt be him...

just call him ice-vogel...!

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