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  1. Anyone get Triumph: The Insult Dog DVD with his greatest masterpieces from Late Night with Conan O. Brian? I loved the part with Star Wars, especially at the end when Spock came in.
  2. Then he shall suffer the same fate as the others!!!
  3. You know what...pearl harbor was worse than 9/11 but I don't see comemorative flags. Some 2,900 civilians died and a single building destroyed (2...whatever). But in pearl harbor we lost our pacific navy and the attack lasted several hours. 3000+ soldiers (yes...these people were actually usefull) died.
  4. Nope. Because the currently Windows XP does not support the bending of time.
  5. no cd-patch works perfectly for me. It's prolly cause he's using ME and 98.
  6. Combine

    RPG man

    Another thing, as I was trying to find this video, I found evidence that the Black Hawk nightvision video was actually killing innocent civilians.
  7. Combine

    RPG man

    Edit: EXTREMELY DISTURBING Other than that, i watched it 10 times over again. http://w3.kill-9.com/rpg-man.mpg or http://www.jack-cole.com/files/rpg-man.mpg
  8. What are you planning to do within the next several months before you release blue?
  9. MTA verifies that your files are the same as the servers, so cheating would be very hard.
  10. Nope. We're still completely ****ed in ass.
  11. If mods are made, and if they are good to your standards, will they be included in future versions of MTA Blue? An exmaple is Counter-Strike. it comes with several mods in the package, then can be installed if the user desires. Also, will you have an MTA Blue mod download section where you can easily find a large number of mods? That would be excellent for new users since they wont have to go out and search for mods.
  12. Combine

    Pentagon flash

    Not really. They obviously confiscated it. Edit: There was also no wreckage recovered at the WTC. Just a black box.
  13. Instead of a server side option, how about make it a client side option?
  14. Jesus Christ! Not a single paragraph, heck it's just one big sentence. When was the last time you learn grammar? 3rd grade?
  15. Combine

    Pentagon flash

    I note your sarcasm. But there is no heat marks, thus proving the 747 was either much higher or that the plane was drifting. And even if the lawn defied the laws of physics by not being burned even under extreme heat, I don't think it has to do with government conspiracy, as the flash suggests. And why all the fuss about the lawn? I was more interested in his idea behind the FBI confiscating the videos of nearby locations, or the way the building was damaged.
  16. Who says you have to tell people of this feature? It could be embedded into the program, then when an admin bans a player it just bans the code, but it wont announce to the administrator that so and so code has been banned.
  17. It's called a "LAN" newb. Go and get some friends.
  18. Combine

    Pentagon flash

    You guys are gullible idiots. First of all, the plane was incinerated. He was flying at 500+ miles per hour with a full tank of fuel! Second, he was aiming for the white house. So his "flying skills" for flying so low was that he missed and hit the pentagon. Chat between the terrorists and al qaeda show that they aimed for the white house. Why the hell would they attack the pentagon? THEY WANTED TO KILL BUSH!!! Third, cover ups are common. It would be a threat to national security to release all that information. Like giving the terrorists a freaking manual to release that info! All those videos would give information about plane attacks against buildings. Supporting the argument about the plane aiming for the white house, the pensyvania crash was the plane heading toward camp david, since they knew that bush would be in either place. The clean hole in the building? Planners and builders built the pentagon to sustain attacks against this building, like MISSILE attacks. So it obviously kept the explosion and fuel in one tier while the momentum of the wreckage, or parts of the building that was hit, cut a hole. Reviewing these facts, this is just propoganda and one big lie. EDIT: I forgot to mention the over 130 passengers aboard the plane calling on their cell phones to their relatives. Those people died, their bodies were recovered, and their relatives morned. Seems like this flash forgot an important part of the equation. EDIT 2: This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The plane didn't make skid marks across the lawn. Why? BECAUSE IT HIT THE BUILDING! It compares this crash to other crashes, showing debris trails. Well how many buildings do you see in the area where the plane crashed? I don't think I'll need to say that because a plane didn't skid across the ground means government conspiracy, it just means eye witness reports are not always valid.
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