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Last Edited : 04/26/2004


Here is the sound/video of MTA at the G4TV interview .

There are too Files :

1- Sound only (HIGH QUALITY)

2- Video with sound - Since my Video encoder was not working at the time , i videotaped my tv with my digital video camera .

I know the image is crappy . Hey at least you can see something .

If you want you can integrate the video and the hight quality file toguether and share it with us ...

Here is the link


"Only some servers are working "

You may post this were ever you want , but please give me and the people who helped me credit .


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lol I actually had my friend come over to see the like 3 mins in which they mentioned MTA. At first I thought they wouldn't show the players move as not to pass on that there is no char animation... lol it was cool though, and ironic. I just started watching G4 a couple weeks ago, and started playing MTA a couple days ago, then right after I start playing it's on my favorite channel. Anyway, congratulations to the MTA team, I would be really proud of making on to G4TV.

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I can let you upload the file, if it isn't encoded with divx or summit then do it.

Anyway, you can upload the vid to

Removed Now.

there is no password on this account

upload to incoming only... no download

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Good news guys!!

The G4TV VIDEO segment will be available for download in A FEW MINUTES! I helped dgtadude set up his ftp server and it all works. He is currently making a website for it. Unfortunately i can not give you the link yet, he will put it on his website! Congratulations dgtadude we did it. We worked on it for at least a few hours trying lots of different stuff but we managed :D .

The file is 79.4 mb.

Download it soon. The sooner, the faster your download speed will be.

Dgtadude will give you his America mirror link,

I will tell you my Europe mirror link, for faster downloading depending on your geographic location on Earth...

Get It Fast

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Dgtadude, thanks.... it's 80% complete for me with 15 mins remaining, i'm sure the rest of the team will appreciate what you've done

edit: ok... now it seems to have slowed right down and is doing about 100kb every 50 secs, thats over 2 hours left :|

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IM sorry about the connection problem .

Please . Anyone out there that can host the video . PLease contact me at [email protected]

im hosting the video right now FROM MY HOME COMPUTER .

And there is more than 80 people downloading at the same time so it is very slowwwwwwwww.

And also my pc will not be able ot hold on for much . I can barely use the internet and the Networkcard is overheating.

So please anyone out there .

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