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  1. But why we must pay for download??? thats like a.... Swindle? loool.. Anyway i can wait one day more... But why don't you upload it now to a free link? won't you? If you get it from a free public server on FilePlanet you dont have to pay, you just have to wait a few minutes.
  2. =DA=Avenger use the edit button.
  3. taco bell (dances with a girl) dance like an egyptian snap your garters do the robot You're kinda creepy (gets way close to screen) sit down relax bang your head Are you lookin at me? Do you feel lucky, punk? Cry Show your chicken tenders (Moon) smoke a cigarette throw a tantrum stand on the couch clean the room hit yourself pillow fight kiss the pillow hit yourself with the pillow fight strip spin maybe yes hide behind couch pee on couch waddle die lie to me fly dance jump handstand spin around build a fort turn off the light watch tv fart moon me go crazy bows hokey pokey puke lol twist moonwalk play air guitar riverdance grab crotch rap sing get some dignity (angers chicken) hula somersault poop make a chicken sandwich lay an egg macarena clean up choke your chicken model ninja rock out breakdance shake it running man take a nap read a book smack your face bunny hop cartwheel search vomit lick your chicken toe no jumping jacks pat your head while rubbing your stomach Electric Slide Hump the chair Bows when told he's great! dance the ymca do a pushup do some karate Roll over peck flex hop on one foot stand on the couch get a book show some skin flap your wings stare at the camera shake your tailfeather go away strike a pose poke eye beg for mercy pray vogue use blanket kung fu shadow puppets scare surf play ball shoot baskets shake your booty shake your moneymaker yoga fence chicken sandwich cabbage patch moonwalk kneel (probably same as "beg") creep me out mask eat yourself self flagellate juggle ballet spit golf play baseball play football (American) play soccer tango make a picture shadow box disco dance do the splits bullfight thumbs up shrug the worm drink something chicken strip (different than strip) gay (does not like gays it seems) swim go fish do it doggy style headstand duck (walks around like a duck) mcdonalds (edited by pe) rock and roll (edited by pe) kiss off (edited by pe) head bang (edited by pe) line dance (edited by pe) get lost (edited by pe) be happy (edited by pe) take a hostage (edited by pe) show your teeth (edited by pe) look behind you (edited by pe) show your garder (2 different) (edited by pe) Bogusky (advertising firm that came up with this.) (edited by pe) Crispin (same as before - Crispin, Porter + Bogusky) (edited by pe) make love fire! do the monkey act scared Command list
  4. From what i heard the article from that mag is fake.
  5. Not sticky anymore since we know gta3:mta is comming
  6. Why should it give problems? SP1 didnt give problems so why would SP2
  7. I locked it first. Bastard
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