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ohhhhhhhh We hate cops but 'crooked' cops now thats more like it us smugglers love crooked cops but as long as you dont 'walk on our grass' you'll have no probs from us, just the occasional 1 or 2 keys thrown your way as a mark of respect.

oh and we welcolm you to Vice City we hope to be making many dodgy deals with you in the future.

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Silly Rabbit - every clan STARTS with three members - The Guy Who Wanted To Make the Clan and His Two Pals, usually.

The Perpetrator Incapacitation Group roster has climbed to nine members, and we're capping membership at 20 or so. And then we gonna school you ragamuffins with shotguns and burning crackpipes.

We've already ruined any chance of allying with Yetika, and, as our ranks swell, we look forward to phucking with VCP...

Be warned, clan monkeys. We shall ruin you.

w w w . p i g f u c k e r . t k


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Perpetrator Incapacitation Group? LOL

Don't get too cocky :) we VCP are to top dawgs at the moment

i hate to risk the start of a flame war in between the gangs, but YOUR DAMN RIGHT ABOUT THAT :wink:

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Don't get too cocky


Confident, bro. Confident.

You VCP cats are gonna be pissing your kevlar before we've finished with you...

hmm since u put it like that i guess i have to write a reply :wink: we dont need kevlars :Oer were gonna be having LOTS of bacon to eat after this match, and i have a VERY good feeling that EVERYONE that played for our side is going to be alive to eat it. NOW THATS CONFIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!

lol ok now u happy :wink:

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Did I see a hint of the old PF gang from Interstate 82??!

what r u talking about?

I'm talking about an old Activision game called "Interstate 82" It had some online playability, but hackers wound up eventually ruining the whole thing.

I saw his graphic for http://www.pigfucker.tk and remembered and old gang from those days who's tag was "PF" for Pigfuckers. They made some very cool arenas and I was wondering if this might be an offshoot or a compilation of those old folks back into another cars with guns game or not.

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I was wondering if this might be an offshoot or a compilation of those old folks back into another cars with guns game or not.

We never played Interstate '82, youngster, but PiG has been around in various forms since we started back in 1987 as a Leisure Suit Larry clan. When MTA was released, we decided to transfer our remarkable spelling and dope-ass website-making skills to Vice City.

As you will soon understand, the Perpetrator Incapacitation Group will irreparably maim any challengers. We rock so muthafukking hard our noses bleed. We are PiG, you faggot-ass monkeys... Bring it ON.

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