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  1. It's back from the dead! DA BUMP LIVES!!! Now.. What do we have to tie you down to to be assured you're not going to run your little laggy arse off somewhere again?
  2. The scavenger hunt idea is a good idea, but people tend to shy away from it. In Twisted Metal Black: Online, they had such a game mode. Noone ever played it. And talk about a cars with guns game? Twisted Metal is the original (Or at least, the first decent) video game that met the mark when it came to my expectations of a cars with guns game =) Especially online
  3. While I was lying in bed, slowly coming to conciousness this morning, I was thinking about my progress in SA's Car Collector missions. I've finished up two chalkboards worth, working my way through the third. I got to thinking about that crane and it's uses. This Gamemode will take some Modding and a bit of coding, but if Blue is all we're told it's going to be, this should be a possibility. I've actually got several ideas this morning, but I didn't want to post three times. We'll start here Hangman Required players: 2-4 (Depending on how it's coded up) Vehicles: 2 at a time, up to 6 Weapon Restrictions: Driveby-capable weapons (Though others might be coded for use in a driveby) Gameplay: Two cranes on either side of a tall building, three cars each down on the street below. 1 Crane Operator per team, 1 "driver" (so to speak). Driver hops into a car and gets scooped up by the crane on each team. Crane operators swing their drivers around on the crane. Goal is to destroy the enemy's car, as they are trying to do the same to you. Best 3 out of 5 (Remember the 6 vechile thing?) or just straight up 1 on 1. Potential Drawbacks: Cars don't spin while attached to the magnet, they are always facing the same direction. Cranes don't move really fast. A small speed improvement to the crane would be able to give the car more of a 'whip' in movement, allowing for faster reaction to potential threats. May have to code in some sort of defensive measure for the Gas tank so you can't be one shotted off your crane? The whip and spin things above could make up for that, though. Deathtrack Number of players: Any (Though more then 2 could get ugly) Vehicles: Any (Though more lowrider/slippery cars would be preferred) Weapons: Any Weapon Modification: 1 Stinger per vehicle Gameplay Somewhere in Los Venturas, there is a semi-tall building with a wide roof around a central structure. I've been able to land a Dodo on it, so it's not too awful narrow (And anyone who's seen me fly a plane understands that's no small feat for me to land a plane ANYWHERE, let alone a building roof ). Racers are popped up on there and given the countdown. Laps around this extended roof, drivebys and such functional. One stinger per car (Stinger is the spike strip that the police used in VC, it's in one of the SA Missions after you get the gas station). Potential Drawbacks Having to click to drop a Stinger might make you unable to fire in a driveby, at least until you use up your Stinger anyway. Various cars. There's obviously very diferent speeds of cars, and it could make this a lopsided race. Perhaps have a standard car that's the same for everyone, like a Blade or a Super GT (Both are slidey). Variations: No weapons, no stingers, just a demolition derby of sorts.. Knock the opposition off the rooftop in any way, shape or form you can. Last man on the roof takes the win. Drawback of this however is we don't know how good vehicles are synched yet. Yes, we've seen a video, but we haven't actually TRIED it yet. Everyone is well aware of how odd it is to try and PIT someone in MTA:VC and MTA:GTAIII right now. Last Stand Number of players: Any Vehicles: Any Weapons: Any but Flamethrower (To keep wall-abusers away from temptation) Gameplay: A slight variation on the Hangman idea. Two teams get up on either side of a tall building, though this one should probably have more surface area. Each team would get 4 or 5 cars, perhaps some barriers of some kind (This is probably the most mod-needed game idea). Teams set up a base of sorts, setting up their barriers and cars and all that stuff in whatever fashion they desire, so long as it's on the roof and goes no further then 1/3 of the way out from the edge of the building. The goal is to destroy the other team's cars, all of them, any way possible. Bonus points if you shove the enemy vehicles off the side of the building instead of blowing them up outright. Comments? Feedback? --- Loendal
  4. Being an old school Roleplayer, I figured I'd pop a few words in here. While SA does have some RPG elements (Weapon Skills, Functional Skills, Stats and Missions), it's basically a huge shooting gallery, which tends to break any Roleplaying one can attempt to do into two routes, kill or get killed. Hack and Slash is NOT Roleplaying, and from what I've seen of the MTA community, it's not roleplaying-focused. It's all about the kills, who you kill, how often you kill and what you kill them with. To impliment a fully functional MMO style game (Which is what I see your ideas being) would be a huge undertaking and the mass mindset of the MTA community would have to shift. Your suggestions are nice, I can see you put alot of thought into balance and playability, but it all boils down to the same two routes in MTA; Killing or getting Killed. You respawn and go do it again. I've tried roleplaying on the so-called RPG servers before and I was kicked because I went to assassinate a specific individual who killed me recently. I was firing at only him amongst a crowd of people, being very specific about who I was shooting at and then suddenly "ding! You have been kicked from the server!". Anyone I spoke with from an in-character standpoint ignored me, and on yet another RPG server, I was threatened they would hack my ISP if I didn't stop fighting and instead left them alone to !sell cars and !buydrugs. MTA is an action based game, with very very minor RPG elements. Now I haven't been up to par on my MTA:SA research, but I don't think they'll be setting things up to where your character stats and outfits are saved on the server (Thus creating a continuous flow of improvement over time). I think it's more likely they'll just max out the skills and give people classes with weapons and a spawnpoint or spread pickups around the map. An MMORPG of Grand Theft Auto has been as much a dream of the gamers out there as a Multi-player version of Grand Theft Auto was, especially after they started finding leftover code for Multiplayer in GTA III. If there's going to be a massive server based MMO game, it's going to have to come from Rockstar themselves. Hosting a 12 man server on your machine at home doesn't compare to the hardware power you need to run a full fledged MMO. As a small gamemode, I can see your ideas working, but you need (from what I'm reading, and I could be misunderstanding some of the thoughts) lots of people in the server at the same time to actually put them to use. You need a driver to spawn a vehicle for you, you need a gunner to bring in the heavy weapons, you need another gang around to fight against or you need an admin to be there to start up some kind of antagonist against you. Otherwise you're left with the standard "Look, something moving over there, let's go kill it". Let's not forget, there won't be Peds and other NPC's in MTA; Blue or not. I like your ideas, it seems well balanced, I just don't see the MTA community being able to digest it. And any true Roleplayers that are on these forums already know what happens when D00ds and Roleplayers are in the same vicinity... It's not pretty. (Guenivere DAOC RP server, anyone?)
  5. Always interesting to see a post like this. Yes, the new controls take some adaptation (Especially the driving) but you get used to it after a bit. I find myself turning the mouse to keep the camera going with me properly in Vice City now. Doesn't hurt anything, keeps me in tune with SA. Why do you need an auto-aim anyway? Right click, point and shoot.. Run to the side and get out of the way or behind a barrier if you're being shot at. You're going to get hurt one way or another, it's very difficult to get into a fire fight and come out unscathed. Not being able to back up while fighting isn't that much of a problem, you just have to move differently and achive the same results. I think the right click to fire thing is great, and the car camera problem can be adapted to. I've had this discussion with Firefox before, why do you need a crosshair if you're not shooting at anything? One thing to try for those who can't seem to adapt to the car camera thing.. Try zooming the camera out a bit, see if that helps you. I just don't know what to tell you otherwise. Adapt and get over it. * shrugs and fades back into obscurity *
  6. Shouldn't that list be updated? Scribe is gone, LMDJ is gone, Dusty is gone, Heck; Myself, Firefox, You, Turbob and Marcel are the only ones I ever see anyway.
  7. alright. I will continue to keep this conversation free of spooky wares and I appreciate your feedback on which GTA I should buy. I always loved the city Liberty way better than Vice anyway. Hey, I have been wondering about this for a while and I just remembered it. Nothing against CJ, but not everyone is going to want to play as CJ, even if you can customize his clothes. Is it possible to change the skin of your character, while retaining the ability to change clothes? That way players could choose a skin, then customize their clothes, so in theory you could have an old lady with a do-rag and gangsta clothes. I'll say it before someone else does... "Wait for Blue, then you can mod to your heart's content"
  8. MTA 0.5.5 (87%) MTA:Blue (70%) So much for .5.1 And we're at 87%, nice =)
  9. Speed: "If the bus drops below 50, it will explode..." nuff said.. Rewards Individuals only, and up to 1 passenger. And I don't think it has a destination, only a timer. Grand Theft Auto: Steal a Rival Gang leader's car. You'll get radar blips of the other gang cars, go steal one and take it back to your drop off point (Which is different for each team). Rewards entire team (I think. Could have sworn I picked up after someone else stole one sucessfully) Ransack: (??? I don't know the name of it, don't play it much): Go to the warehouse which will be highlighted in blue on your map. Pick up as many crates as you can, avoid Flame, Dark Gas Clouds and other players. Use the white gas cloud to refresh your oxygen supply. Survive long enough for the timer to run out and you get paid. Game switches to top down mode. Rewards individuals only. Van Heist: (My personal favorite) Steal the Securicar from the Airport and drive it back to your drop off point and avoid it being damaged to the point of explosion. You'll see a damage meter. Rewards entire team. AND NO, MIKE, YOU MAY NOT SMOOSH MY SECURICAR WITH A DODO! P.S. These are only currently available in SSV games, they don't exist anywhere else. SSV is designed as a team-based game.
  10. * blinks * Where the hell you been hiding all this time!? I never see you anywhere since late .2 or .3!
  11. Nah, Cop Car handles like a dream in GTA III.. It's the one in Vice that's doesn't hold the road for squat
  12. Vice City: Admiral, Sentinal XL, Cuban Hermes (Ridin' in style!) GTA III: Stinger, Police Car, Columbian Cruiser
  13. Loendal

    MTA Cafe

    Neverwinter Nights
  14. I doubt that, simply because I've already lived through the initial inclusion of Portland GTA III and people still always used the shotgun, and the kill credit worked much better in .4. It still had issues, but not quite so many as .5's kill credit system. I'm thinking it's something to do with the GTA III Engine. I belive Kent mentioned it once when I caught him in a server. I'm hoping for a nice half-way point between what we saw in .4 and what we have in .5 SSV when .5.1 comes to light. The extra jump is good (Hinders those shotgun double kills and helps to avoid carkillers), the weapon selection at spawn is great, the team based gameplay and missions are superb; unfortunately, people seem to completely disregard this excellent addition to MTA because they're too busy bouncy around like ninnies near the punk noodles. And if I hear one more person calling me a "runner" because I fight from outside shotgun range, I'm going to scream.
  15. SSV is designed as Team Based Gameplay... But nobody bothers. Everyone spawns as Yakuza and bounces around with shotguns Team play is perfectly possible now, with or without a script, but it takes practice to make sure you and your teammates are actually WORKING as a team.
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