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Server list spam


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Another one attempting to imitate DKR:


This server also features a selection of poorly cloned DKR resources, it seems they have a chip on their shoulder. Server IP is I'd appreciate its removal from the server browser list.

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Dear MTA community moderators,

the |FFS|Racing clan servers are being faked by an inofficial server called: |FFS|Racing Maps 24/7 |TRAINING|

It is not an official server which uses maps that have been stolen by the help of an exploit. The FFS clan would really appreciate any help. The IP is:


Help is appreciated.

Best regards,


Co-leader and representator of FFS Racing


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Yeah, I had a conversation with him today about "hosting a free server" ( of course I didn't want to host an server there, I was just checking what would happen ).

The only thing he wanted was: "first send me the resources then i'll make ftp account for you".

That's just sad.

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I had this happen a few times to me, like "Asylum Gaming" servers that wasn't mine. Nothing you can do though (not that I know of) except tell your members and hope people don't join the others thinking its yours (Happened many times to aG)

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Towncivilian told me to post my issue here:

Someone faked the name of the vio-reallife server with an incorrect version number:


They steel passwords from the users and login with them on their real accounts. I hope you can do something against it.

IP of the faked server:

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Server Name:


Server IP:

Server Port:



13/05/2012 at 19:50

Me, trying to connect to this server.

[19:42:11] FatalTerror: * Connected! [MTA:SA Server 1.3 [Windows]]

Server FPS limit: 60

Server AC info: [Allowed client files: None] [Disabled AC: None] [Enabled SD: None]

Currently playing: Race - [DM]Seexy -Vol3- The Next Dream

[MAP]: [DM]Seexy -Vol3- The Next Dream :]

[MAP]: Press 'M' to toggle the music On/Off.

[MAP]: Good Luck & Have Fun! :>

Toggle the music on/off with 'm'

Race version r652 07Nov10

Race addon: Traffic Sensor - Traffic Sensor addon for Race - by ccw - version [0.0.2] [r230 21Jun09]

AMG|FatalxD!: Server Ip? ._.

-|TG|-TulioTC: vvhy ?

-|TG|-APs: u vvant to hack us

* #ff8800-|TG|-APs died.

AMG|Fatal#333333xD! has been banned by #ff8800-|TG|-TulioTC.

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