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  1. I can confirm that the guy used client files from Grafuroam 2013 version (when they were not protected).
  2. Grafu

    Server list spam

    Leeching server IP: mtasa://
  3. Grafu

    MTA sticks on startup

    Updating doesn't work. It says I have the manufacturer driver already installed. If I try unistalling it, Windows 10 automatically installs it back. Anyways, thank you for helping me. Will contact GTA SA customer support then.
  4. Grafu

    MTA sticks on startup

    My game doesn't seem to be modded in any way, but it's also sticking where it should show main menu and, unlikely MTA, I am not able to terminate GTA SA in any way (only restarting the PC helps). I tried deleting gta_sa.set , but it doesn't seem to have any effect - the new file doesn't get created (probably because I stick at the menu part, not at the gameplay start). https://pastebin.mtasa.com/442421690
  5. Grafu

    MTA sticks on startup

    I changed the setting to "Borderless window". Now I see only a black screen after the splash logo. It shows only a black frame where it should show GTA starting screen and MTA menu.
  6. Grafu

    MTA sticks on startup

    Happens everytime I start MTA. My MTA freezes, the cursor freezes too in the center of the screen, and the only solution to unfreeze is ctrl + alt + del.
  7. Grafu

    MTA sticks on startup

    Installed clean GTA and clean newest MTA nightly, but the problem is still occuring. All drivers seem to be up to date.
  8. Grafu

    MTA sticks on startup

    The screen sticks when I enter MTA after the splash screen. Any ideas how I could solve this?
  9. Grafu

    Server list spam

    Original Grafuroam IP: Server's, which has other servers' tags in it's name, IP:
  10. Does the downloadFile work, if you manually add download="false" tags onto the file nodes you want to download?
  11. Then there should be no problems opening those files.
  12. This script only sends the server a request for the mods list until the server has replied, but it doesn't do anything with files until the server has successfully loaded and checked all the mods and sends the response to the client. What are you saying?
  13. Grafu

    MTA freeze

    Maybe these are just the server files being loaded on your client. Have you tried waiting for a bit more?
  14. Grafu

    MTA Pastebin

    Get a more powerful PC.
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